Make Your Own Tassel Scarf

Make Your Own Tassel ScarfI love a pop of color in my outfits! This tassel scarf is the perfect way to spice up a neutral outfit. I will wear this scarf with jeans, dresses and over light jackets. Here’s how you can make your own:

How To Make TasselsHow to Make Tassels: 1. Collect embroidery thread in colors you love. I chose a color scheme of rich autumn colors with some bright pinks mixed in!

2. Take one color of embroidery thread and tie a knot in the middle with a 4-inch piece of black embroidery thread.

3. Fold at the tie and cut the loops at each end.

4. Tie a piece of matching color thread around the top of your tassel, completing it. It’s so easy! You can whip up a huge pile of these in one sitting!

My scarf is a 24×24-inch square of lace fabric that has been hemmed around each side.

Attach tasselsNext, fold your scarf into a triangle and arrange the tassels on the edges. I left about 4 inches on the corners of two edges tassel free, so that it would be easier to tie. After you are pleased with your color placement, attach each tassel by simply tying it on with the black embroidery thread that is already attached to each tassel. Note: If you don’t you use lace, you may need to use a needle to attach each tassel.

DIY Tassel Scarf by A Beautiful MessDIY Tassel Scarf by A Beautiful MessEnjoy your colorful new accessory! I’m so happy it’s scarf season, aren’t you? xo. elsie

  • Yasmine, this scarf would need to be hand washed! I wash delicate clothing by hand often, it’s really easy!
    XO. elsie

  • Love this! I wonder how the tassels would hold up to washing. Would it need to be hand washed or dry cleaned?

  • That’s so creative! I love how you guys decided to go for a multi-colored approach. It came out great 🙂

    xo, Adriana.

  • That looks extremely pretty on you. Al through you are pretty even without it on.

  • Love this scarf! What a perfect winter accessory! And it’s super fabulous with that stripy dress!

  • Oh, what a beautiful scarf!! thank you SO much for this inspiration!! Now I whant to do the same! 😀

  • Elsie is there any way you can do a how to on your hair?? I just cut my bangs straight like yours and I always try and rock them with a bin but I cannot get mine quite right. Yours is just too cute…help please!! 🙂

  • So cute & colourful!


  • So Cute! I have been waiting for another one of Elsie’s Fashion DIY’s and definitely wasn’t disappointed with this one 🙂

    Becky, K. xo

  • I wanna do it! you look great with it, so colourfull!

  • LOVE this!!! I wonder what else I could put tassels on? 😉

    Stephanie May*

  • How smart!! The tassels are almost ready to go when you buy the threa, love it! If you get a chance, I’d love you to stop by my blog! I just did a post on my latest thrifted finds (including fringe boots!) and I have a giveaway going!


  • Love the idea of making this a bit larger as a shawl for fall!

  • What a beautiful idea! It looks so cute. I totally adore this DIY and will do this tomorrow. And I really love your color scheme – it’s so fall-ish and cute!!


  • How many embroidery thread bunches would you recommend using for a 24×24 scarf?

  • Great idea! It inspires me to think what else I could add tassels to. Maybe a cloth purse or the the edges of my curtains. Excited to try!

  • I love scarves and have plenty of cotton thread waiting for this! Thanks for this great idea, I love it!

  • love it! I always learn something from your that keeps me coming back again to your blog…

  • I most definitely will try this out. This weekend to be precise!!! I have so many scarves that I’ve had for a while that could do with a make over!!!

  • So original and its so funny!! I will do it!! 🙂

  • What a cute idea, I didn’t realise tassels were so easy to make and now I’m pondering what I can add tassels to: cushions, blankets, scarves… the dog?Rx

  • Look awesome! Nice ideq! Like the colors!

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  • Such a cool scarf. I have tons of embroidery thread laying around and this is a perfect way to use ’em up. Thanks for the tutorial. <3

  • This is so cute! Love it, What a wonderful and fun project, I will definitely give it a try, Can’t wait to try this!!!

  • You guys are also so creative with every little things. I love this idea!! Can’t wait for upcoming DIY tutorials. Always bring me excitement and surprise 🙂

  • What an easy way to make tassels! I’ll definitely be using this tip!

  • Yes! Scarf season is the best. Your blog is such an inspiration to me Elsie (and the rest of the team! Yay!) and I love getting style ideas here. Maybe someday I’ll even make one of these crafty DIY projects!! 😉 Thanks for your tireless, creative & artful efforts here.


  • Haha! I hate those stupid thread things! I always get them tangled! This is the PERFECT thing to do with them! Such a cute scarf!

  • Oh that is so cute! I love it!


  • So adorable! I love the bright colours.


  • Looks awesome! I love the multi-colored idea. And it looks darling w/your striped dress.

  • oh love this. i was going to make a dichotomy but thought it needed something… tassels would be awesome and i love the idea of them being embroidery floss not yarn. if he scarf is neutral a southwestern palette of tassels might work perfectly!

  • I love this and such an easy DIY. Also you look so cute in that last photo elsie!

  • What a colorful and fun project I wish I was more crafty!

    Ali of aliandang

  • Very cute and simple! Now if it would only get cold enough to wear cute sweaters!
    xo Heather

  • I’ve been looking for some cool scarf DIY’s! This is so pretty!

  • So colorful & fun – I LOVE it!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • gosh! this is just lovely and also so simple, it’d be lovely fringing on a curtain too

  • This is an artist’s dream scarf! Thank you!!
    Catherine Denton

  • That’s actually really darling, Elsie! I like the contrast between the stripes and the bright colors of the tassels:)

  • How cute and fun. Might try this on a disposal bag

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  • Wow, such a smart idea. Love it, I will definitely give it a try. I think I’ll personally just use one color though. Regardless, so glad I saw this, can’t wait to make one myself 🙂
    I’ll blog about it then and give you credit 😉

  • I am loving the color combos. I too love fall and scarf weather but unfortunately in L.A. it is still very much summer!

  • Oh My Goodness!!! I can’t wait to make one! Scarves have to be my number one accessory for the fall/winter! I absolutely love it! Thanks for always inspiring!

    Ashley K.

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