Make Your Own Tassel Scarf

Make Your Own Tassel ScarfI love a pop of color in my outfits! This tassel scarf is the perfect way to spice up a neutral outfit. I will wear this scarf with jeans, dresses and over light jackets. Here’s how you can make your own:

How To Make TasselsHow to Make Tassels: 1. Collect embroidery thread in colors you love. I chose a color scheme of rich autumn colors with some bright pinks mixed in!

2. Take one color of embroidery thread and tie a knot in the middle with a 4-inch piece of black embroidery thread.

3. Fold at the tie and cut the loops at each end.

4. Tie a piece of matching color thread around the top of your tassel, completing it. It’s so easy! You can whip up a huge pile of these in one sitting!

My scarf is a 24×24-inch square of lace fabric that has been hemmed around each side.

Attach tasselsNext, fold your scarf into a triangle and arrange the tassels on the edges. I left about 4 inches on the corners of two edges tassel free, so that it would be easier to tie. After you are pleased with your color placement, attach each tassel by simply tying it on with the black embroidery thread that is already attached to each tassel. Note: If you don’t you use lace, you may need to use a needle to attach each tassel.

DIY Tassel Scarf by A Beautiful MessDIY Tassel Scarf by A Beautiful MessEnjoy your colorful new accessory! I’m so happy it’s scarf season, aren’t you? xo. elsie

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