Makeover Story: Emma’s 1970s Inspired Look


I'm so excited to introduce our brand new feature, Makeover Story by Red Velvet! Here's the concept… the Red Velvet team will occasionally hand pick a girl who is anxiously craving a vintage styled makeover. We will give them get a fresh new look, including hair and makeup! Plus I will help them choose two vintage inspired outfits (courtesy of Red Velvet) and style them in a fun photo shoot. The goal of this feature is to share inspiring makeovers that prove that vintage styling can look more modern than ever! 

Funny story… When I told Emma about the Makeover Story concept she begged me to be our first volunteer. It was super fun to style her and so without further ado, here's Emma's Makeover Story…


Emma: "I like to look pretty, who doesn't? But I've never really been that good at putting together and outfit, styling my hair, or doing my own makeup. I have always felt a little lost when it comes to all those girly things. So I wanted a look that was stylish, vintage and that I could pull off everyday without too much time (I'm busy!). My Before photo was a real outfit that I wore to work. My dad took this photo last week."


When I asked Emma what type of look she wanted she surprised me by saying she'd like to try a 1970s inspired look. She thought it would be an easy look to maintain on a daily basis because she could wear her hair down (and sometimes even messy!). In addition, a layered look is the easiest wardrobe to build on a budget because you can mix and match new pieces with things you already own. 

Hair: We chose platinum blonde with some natural looking toners for Emma's new hair color. We also had extra layers trimmed around her face so she can create a subtle Farrah Fawcett inspired look with a curling iron. 

Makeup: For Emma's first look we experimented with bronze, chocolate and camel tones and accented them with a little sparkle! This neutral palette was perfect for balancing her reddish skin tones. It's easy to apply and wear and looks great all day.


Outfit One: Emma's first look includes a vintage lace dress and Frye boots courtesy of Red Velvet, a thrifted long sweater, plum tights and a thrifted sparkly belt. She's also wearing 4+ mixed silver and gold necklaces including a few vintage pieces, a handmade piece by Elsie and a custom key necklace by MuchoMuchoBuenoBueno.



Outfit Two:
Emma's second look includes a vintage poncho and Frye boots courtesy of Red Velvet and skinny jeans by Jessica Simpson Collection. I pulled her hair halfway back for a simple, effortless look. Vintage ponchos, caplets and shawls are so much fun to wear and make getting ready a snap!

Great News… Emma came to work today with a similar, but different outfit that she styled herself based on our makeover. She told me she got ready in just 20 minutes this morning and looks absolutely adorable! A 1970s Styled makeover is perfect for women who like to mix casual with pretty, love layers and need something quick that fits with a fast paced lifestyle! Goal accomplished.♥ 


Thanks so much for taking a peek at our very first Makeover Story. I'm excited to share more throughout the year! And thanks so much to my little sister, Emma, for being our first makeover lady. 

Ps. Tomorrow I'll be sharing my first project ReStyle…. can't wait! 

  • I wish that I could have one of these makeovers. I am in highschool. I am always teased for being a “ginger”. If only I lived near Red Velvet…

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  • These are all very beautiful, I like very much

  • oh! pick me! i don’t even know where to start! so i just look like a jumbled mess all the time. she looks beautiful. her hair looks like my mom’s when she was young (which is a compliment. my mom was gorgeous. always. trust me;)

  • LOVE THIS!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I would have totally picked the 1970’s style too. I have waist length layered hair, and I am thinking adding a bit of this style to my wardrobe, thanks for the inspiration.

    Emma, you are lovely! The makeup is really pretty too.

    Wish I lived in your area, this would be so much fun.

  • Man I’d love to be a part of this! Too bad I live in Madison, WI. I love your blog!

  • Doesn’t Emma have a little Diane Kruger in her? 🙂 She looks amazing in the poncho!

  • The hair color is stunning! I wish to turn my dark locks blonde someday!

    This is such a fantastic feature too.


  • She looks so great and put together. The lighter hair makes her eyes POP! Also, can I volunteer?

  • wOAw!

    emma looks absolutely stunning with her new look! blue is an awesome color on her!

    i’m really excited for the makeover series. wish i could take a fun road trip to visit your shop, and get a makeover for myself!
    <3 mk

  • Awesome idea! I’ll be down to Springfield in two seconds if you’re looking for volunteers! I’ll give you your first “big” challenge – plus size.

  • I love the vintage poncho that Emma is wearing. Your sister is so pretty, that she needs a modeling career. <3

  • Her two looks are fabulous, but I really love her new hair, the brighter blonde really makes her shine!!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with Emma. Her hair is ravishing, and her skin looks like a porcelain doll’s. Oh, and I’m a HUGE boot lover, so of course I adore the Frye boots.

    And that dress in #1 shot is gorgeous!

    Can I be next! (haha) I wish you were in Nashville!

  • oh my gu’ness! Please please pleeeeease do a post on tips on how to do these kind of makeovers at home! Im so bored with my look sometimes but I have no idea where to start. And from the looks of how amazing you made your sister look, you know your stuff! Great job elsie! I also love the backgrounds for the pictures 🙂 You’re so talented!

  • Wow! You did an awesome job. Emma is always beautiful, and she definitely has some extra sparkle now!

  • Love this feature and Emma, you look smoking with that hair lady!

    Blue Skies

    Charlotte xo

  • Oh wow she looks amazing!! Love the makeover and the 70s look. What a great feature! I would love to be on it!

  • wow!! you look great emma and that blue poncho with your blue eyes is just AMAZING!! great job elsie and i look forward to more of these posts xo

  • How fun! Oh how I would love someone to swoop in make me over. Emma is always looking lovely, but I love her new hair color!

  • WOW. Emma looks A-mazing. What a beautiful transformation. I mean super smokin’ hot! Daaaang. Haha. For real, though!
    What a fun feature! I love makeover stories so much…I’ve always wanted one. If you need a local girl for a 60’s makeover, hit me up!

  • WoW!! Your ideas are ALWAYS great!!Emma looks so good with the outfit number one!! 😀 If I go someday to EEUU, i’ll visit Red Velvet shop!! Kisses from Spain!!

  • She looks great! I wish I knew someone with enough style to give me a makeover. Legit.

  • oh i need one of these and would looove it, but i am so far away in melbourne! BOO!

  • Oh my word she looks fantastic!!! I would wear that outfit and I’m not even really a fan of vintage clothes, it realy does look modern. The hair is gorgeous too! Great job and great feature!!!!!!

  • Great make over. She is so pretty and the lighter hair looks great. Very cute outfits.

    Love this new feature.

  • This is such a fun new feature! I love that you mix new with old. When I think of a makeover I generally don’t think of a vintage inspired makeover. I really love this! I would absolutely LOVE to be one of the lucky women you pick to have a makeover (and I live close by)!



  • This is so fab! I LOVE your new feature Elsie! Emma looks GORGEOUS! If I weren’t living in Australia I would beg to be your next make-over girl!! Happy New Year! xx

  • i keep looking at this! i love this new feature. =) can’t wait to see more make-overs!

  • What a lovely new feature! It’s going to be such amazing inspiration.

  • Wow! The bright blonde really suits Emma’s complexion and features! You look amazing lady!

  • I think this feature is amazing! I love watching TV shows where they give normal people make overs. I get excited and happy for those people, and I get jealous. I’ve always wanted to be on “How Do I Look?” My parents do not have a lot of money, so it is rare that I get new clothes. I pretty much ware the same jeans every day with a t-shirt. I’ve been begging my friend Brooke to take me on a vintage shopping spree, but I never have the money! Plus, being plus size makes things harder. It’s not always easy to find cute clothes in my size.
    Besides finding myself and graduating from high school this year, I really want to loose weight and show people that I do have style! As I loose weight I am going to go to a Good Will and buy my clothes. Hopefully I’ll find some cute vintage pieces. If not, I’ll just wait ’till I slim down to go vintage hunting. If you are ever in the FL area and want to give a girl who desperately needs a make over, I’m your girl! I’ve been shooting for a make over for way too long now.

    Love your blog, and of course your fashion sense! As soon as I get a job and save up some money, I’m shopping at your online store.


  • This is such a fun feature! I *love* Emma’s new hair ‘do! Sooo cute! Great work, you guys! 🙂



  • Emma is absolutely stunning! Gorgeous sisters 🙂 Looking forward to more of this feature!

  • Emma is absolutely gorgeous! I’m LOVING this feature. I’m hanging out to see more more more!

  • I’m so excited about this feature. I love the makeover process, it’s so much fun to see the results.

  • Emma is always gorgeous! But this makeover is wonderful!
    I am totally feeling the 70s vibe from her in the photo where she is standing in the doorway.

    Well done Elsie!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see more Makeover Stories.

  • wow emma you look AMAZING! platinum truly looks stunning on you!
    and the outfits are gorgeous too! good job elsie!:)

  • How awesome!!! She looks sooo groovy. 🙂 I love this feature…thanks! 🙂 Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • oh those frye boots…..
    i love this and your daily outfits posts to see outfits pulled together that i would never think of.
    …….(still thinking about the boots)

  • This feature might be the greatest thing ever! I can’t wait to see more in the future. Emma looks absolutely amazing! From the amazing clothes to her beautiful hair color, it’s just…beautiful! I can’t think of a better word! A makeover like this would be a dream come true!

  • Emma’s makeover is so pretty! She looks FANTASTIC! Similar to her, I always feel lost when it comes to the “girly” things- I am absolutely horrible at incorporating pieces I love into cute outfits. Or sifting through tons of clothes to find pieces that look good on me. I would totally drive down from Iowa for a makeover if you ever need volunteers. 😉

  • Well, she’s beautiful to begin with but the makeover is awesome. Holy gorgeous! I want a makeover now 🙂

    Is this local only? or does the West Coast get some love?

    PS. Love the poncho.

  • wow! thanks for all the kind words!
    we have a few local friends who are on our makeover list, but if we ever need volunteers i’ll totally post it here!
    even though we can’t give everyone a literal makeover, i hope that the tips in these articles will be super helpful and inspiring!

  • oh my goodness! i would love if you let your readers send in pictures and for you to give us ideas on how to better our appearances! i have no idea what to do with my hair >_<

  • emma looked beautiful before but wow, she looks absolutely amazing in those photos. what a great job you guys did!! who did the hair and makeup, sarah? i love this feature and can’t wait to see more. wish i lived in the area (or country, for that matter) so i could be in one!

  • Fun – I love reading about makeovers! This is a great idea and I can’t wait to see how it evolves for you!

  • What a cute feature!! I love the makeover; can’t wait to see more!

  • i really love the poncho. great feature!


  • This turned out adorable! I especially love the hair styles. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this feature 🙂

  • Holy crap, gorgeous!! Huge transformation. <3


  • Love this new Makeover thing you got started! Emma looks stunning in the blue poncho!! Can’t wait too see more!!!

  • Awesome! What a fabulous feature! I’m just up the road in KC if you’re looking for more volunteers! 😉

  • Great new feature! Makes me wish I lived somewhere close to your store… Guess I’ll have to try this on my own and pull some inspiration from your makeovers! Thanks!

  • She’s so beautiful! I LOVE the poncho with the skinny jeans and boots. I love ponchos full stop 😉 Great work, can’t wait to see some more.

  • i so need a makeover. emma looks amazing!

    i LOVE the lighter colored boots…i think i need a pair 🙂

  • This is the best feature ever!! I’m so excited for more. Emma looks beautiful & I love how she chose the 70s as inspiration!

  • OMG! Emma has always been a star but she looks fantastic in this feature!!! My turn next!!!!!!!
    Emma, officially jealous of your look. 😉

  • what a great idea!
    she looked great before but no she looks even better 😀

  • oh red velvet you make me happy! What a cool idea 🙂 Emma looks wonderful!!

  • What a lovely new feature! She looks really pretty.
    I’m excited for your Project ReStyle post too, I haven’t done one yet I haven’t found the time so I’m looking forward to some inspiration.

  • Beautiful! I love the hair and make-up. I’d like to try something similar myself 🙂

  • thanks for all the sweet comments!
    yes, her hair was professionally colored by Phillip at Blue Skies Salon.


  • She is gorgeous, both before and after! You did a great job with her makeover.

  • Emma is rocking that 70’s look. I wish you was in NYC, so I get a vintage makeover myself. Great new series, Elsie.

  • love love love!!! i would love to volunteer 😉 course i’m preggers so… haha!!

    this is sooo much fun! i so can’t wait to see more makeovers! i love them!!


  • Great idea and great way to inspire us all. It sometimes just needs someone else to step in for us when we are looking to transform our selves. That way the leap into glamour isn’t so painful! Emma looks so glam and her hair rocks!

  • What a great Idea.
    I love that 1st photo of Emma in the second look.
    She looks so beautiful

  • She looks amazing! Love the hair color and that super cute poncho.


  • Emma looks BEAUTIFUL!! I really like this new feature- can’t wait to see more!!

  • Was Emma’s hair professionally colored or did you use a box dye? I’d love to know the shade, it is gorgeous!

  • This is such a great new feature, I love it! Emma looks Gorgeous! Not that she didnt already but a refresh is fun for everyone.

  • oh my goodness! this is the coolest! i looove makeovers. emma’s new look is fantastic. i love her hair.

  • Emma is always beautiful, but this makeover is an awesome fun new look! I really look forward to seeing more of these! Great work! You two rock! 🙂


  • holy amazing!!
    i love this new feature 🙂
    emma is gorgeous (before and after) … but the makeover is fantastic. i drooool for this look and am so excited to see other new looks. id LOVE to be a part of it…but i live in canada (toronto) and dont forsee a visit to your neck of the woods anytime soon…sad face.

    ive just started my own blog…have been a follower of yours for a while.

    thanks for being such an inspiration!

  • wow SO GORGEOUS!!! I so wish you could do a makeover for me – I am dying to learn how to wear vintage (most my house is decorated in vintage) I am intimidated as a mommy of three to wear it though, I might look like I am trying too hard..

    great job girls you look so beautiful Emma!

  • What a great new feature. It looks like it could be in the pages of a magazine.

  • You have the BEST ideas. I want to take a vacation in your brain!

    Emma looks AMAZING!

  • Wow, what an amazing concept. Love the after looks, do you do makeovers in Ireland? 😀 it’s so hard to nail the vintage look in Dublin 🙁
    Love the blog x

  • Oh my goodness I want to be your second one!!
    This is such a great feature!!


  • wow! i am blown away by her makeover. i always thought emma was pretty, but now she’s like superstar status.
    i want nexties. 😀

  • How nice to see genuinely lovely results in a makeover. To feel envious and happy for the recipient rather than pity is quite rare. I look forward to seeing more.


  • That is so much fun! I think I would choose the 60s. I love the cute dresses they wore every day!

  • What a great feature! Emma looks fabulous. I wish a million wishes that I could get a makeover from you Elsie.

  • This is my first visit to your blog and I love it! I love your style and am so excited about the new Make Over feature! I would love to be apart of that somehow!!!

    Jasmine Sinclair

  • o.m.g. so pretty. 🙂

    are you accepting applicants? 🙂 I would totally drive to springfield……a 20-something mama would love to be given a fresh look. 😉

  • Emma is already adorably but i love love the newly platinum blonde on her!!!

  • This feature is amazing. I’m so excited to see more. What does a girl gotta do to be a part of this? Beautiful, really just beautiful.

  • Emma is so beautiful. I adored getting to talk to her at our little dinner in San Fran <3

  • Wow, Emma good choice with the 70’s look… you have a real 70’s beauty about you.

    Great new feature Elsie, Emma & Red Velvet! Really impressed with this first one and can’t wait to see more 🙂

    Aoife x

  • Emma is always drop-dead GORGEOUS! I’m loving the platinum locks…what a bombshell! *does wolf whistle* I want a makeover from you Elsie! Haha 🙂 Great new feature…can’t wait to see more makeovers!

  • woah, emma! yowza! 🙂

    you’re always beautiful, but i’m loving the platinum blonde!!!

    this is an awesome concept. can’t wait to see more. i wouldn’t mind being a candidate some day… 😉

  • i love the first outfit but i absolutely ADORE the second one. it looks SO great!!!! eeeek!

  • I have to agree with everyone that Emma your new 70s look is amazing, your such a beautiful girl but now you sparkle even more. Im so excited for this new feature and so so excited to see more makeovers.

  • Oh, Elsie!

    Your sister is sooo sweet!

    I’m going to be at USA on June. I would LOVE if you can to a complete makeover on me.

    Please, can we make this appointment?


  • She totally rocked that look!! I love this new bit. I wish I lived close so I could be made over and play with the Red Velvet crew.

  • Are you looking for volunteers? I am in mad need of a makeover. I am a new Momma to a beautiful little girl, and I am in a major style rut. I try to go thrifting and to incorporate my finds into my wardrobe, but I am so self conscious, I usually throw on a black top and black pants (the slimming effect.) We live in KC, MO, and I WOULD LOVE TO VOLUNTEER! I used to “feel” pretty, and now I just feel like a worn out mom!

  • Emma looks absolutely gorgeous! You really showed her natural beauty. Great job Elsie, you’re a goddess 🙂
    Love and Turtledoves,

  • But Emma was so pretty before, too! Can we get a makeover on someone who’s really struggling…? Or maybe someone who’s not stick-thin and made for vintage clothing? I’d like to see something surprising.

  • OH my gosh! Such a good idea, she looks beautiful. The blonde looks amazing 🙂

  • wow – she looks really great! love the first outfit especially. (:

    i just found your blog and i think i’m in love – such great posts! if you should, by any chance, be interested in exchanging links, please leave a comment on my blog.

    all the best,


    oh, and i’m taking part in project restyle – definitely.

  • Emma looks STUNNING! I want a makeover! I’m guessing I live too far away, though 🙁

  • Looks like it’s straight out of a magazine! She looks gorgeous, I love the blue outfit on her!

  • Emma looks so beautiful. Love the makeover. Wish I was in Springfield, I’d love to participate. You both are very inspiring. Keep up the wonderful inspiration and creativity.

  • This is fabulous, Elsie! And Emma, you look beautiful! (But you looked beautiful before too. hehe)

  • Emma looks stunning in her new retro look! I especially love her denim blues outfit 🙂 If this is your first edition – I can’t wait to see what future makeovers reveal! You have true talent for this – well done team RVA 😀

  • Wow! She is already a gorgeous girl but this makeover made her even more beautiful!! So pretty! I love her outfits. I am wish her on the hard to out stuff together part. Especially having little ones and a full-time job. Want to come to Texas? 🙂

  • totally fab emma!! im in love with that poncho…if you ever find a crochet pattern for something similar please please share it!!

  • She’s so beautiful! And you’re so talented. Keep up the good work 🙂 xoxo

  • oh my gosh how cute is she! Beautiful work, although she was already beautiful 🙂

    Awesome new feature indeed! Can’t wait to see more.

  • ok, very beautiful!! she looks like a blonde elsie (or maybe elsie is a red-headed emma? ;P)

    Emma you look like a whole different person. That color of hair looks GREAT on you.

  • i love this feature, elsie!!
    emma: you look beautiful!! [always have, always will! :)]
    thanks, ladies!

  • Love this! The first is folk singeresque and I am sooo drawn to that. The second outfit reminds me of a 70’s country star…Tammy Wynette-ish and it rocks! This segment is fantastic! Keep it up! xoxo – e

  • Love this! I never thought about a decade like this for a makeover but I absolutely love it and It think it would be a good fit for me as well. Definitely not the bell bottoms that you usually associate with the 70’s. 🙂

  • I know I’ll love this new makeover series. Too bad I’m not nearby to volunteer, I work in an office daily and I’m a rut. (This series will inspire, though!)

    Beautiful photo styling, I love warm purple and gold glam of the first look (complimentary colors!) it looks cozy and elegant.

  • I love this feature! Emma looks so pretty! I want a little makeover… want to come up to ohio? haha

  • Oh I wish I as nearby to be a part of something like this! I need a makeover lol.

    Emma is drop dead gorgeous. Must run in the family 😉

  • aww she looks BEAUTIFUL! can’t wait to see more makeovers! what a kickass new feature! :]

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