Makeover Story: Jen’s Effortless Maternity Look



Our newest Makeover Story has a fun twist! Jen, a friend of mine from high school, asked me to take some maternity photos of her. She wanted to experiment with vintage styles. What better way to experiment with new vintage styles than to be featured in Makeover Story! I'm so happy she loved the idea because we had a super fun afternoon together trying new looks!

If you aren't familiar with Makeover Story, it's a feature I started this year that introduces women to the vintage lifestyle! I look for different types of women with one thing in common: They love the idea of vintage but haven't yet incorporated it into their wardrobe. They get two outfits from Red Velvet to keep, a styling session and a photo shoot modeling their new looks. You can see my previous Makeover Stories Here,

Before the makeover, Jen was wearing a weekly rotation of repeat maternity outfits. She's a natural penny pincher and didn't want to spend a fortune on maternity clothing that she was only going to wear for a short time. One of the reasons that vintage appealed to her was that the dresses she wore were not actually maternity clothing and can still be worn post-pregnancy! Many 1970s styles, like maxi dresses, are naturally roomy and can be belted differently to make room for the baby bump. Since Jen is a bargain shopper, vintage is a great option for collecting a larger variety of dresses on a budget.


When we styled Look One, I wanted Jen to feel pretty and feminine. We made a daisy hair clip for her. Another important styling request was to create quick looks that she could style at home in 10 minutes. Since being pregnant, Jen treasures her extra sleep and doesn't want to wake up too early to get ready in the morning. We tried some simple hair styles with a little extra curl on the ends. 

During pregnancy stretchy belts are a great vintage piece to collect. We used one in each of Jen's looks. Belts worn high are the perfect accessory for expecting ladies. (I learned this from Rachel.) 


With this look, Jen is wearing an elemental ojo by Lune, available at Red Velvet



Look Two is breezy and light. Jen looked amazing in a peachy 70s vintage dress with layers of necklaces and a stretchy gold belt. My favorite thing about this look was the way the sheer pleats framed her baby bump. I also love this tiny journal necklace by Moorea Seal that she wore. I'm very fond of the peach and gold color combination this season! 

Jen told me that her makeover made her feel pretty and that she tried some things that she wouldn't have normally tried, and liked them! She was surprised that (non-maternity) vintage dresses could be such a perfect fit. I had such a wonderful time working on this story. It's amazing to see women fall in love with vintage! At 33 weeks, I have to say, Jen was absolutely glowing and beautiful! 


Thanks for taking a peek at our newest Makeover Story! Have a lovely day…. Elsie

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  • I looooove this! What great inspiration for both present and future preggos:) ps. your blog is just fantastic all around. Thankyou for sharing your beautiful creativity:)

  • What a great experience Lydia.. It really feels good when you know that you already belong to a community that was once foreign to you..

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I really needed a post like this! I’m 14 weeks and just got my first set of maternity clothes last weekend. They’re all very basic, which is good because I can wear them in different ways, but none of them are very exciting (though finally graduating into something besides knit cotton pants sure was exciting!).

  • For the first time in my life, I looked at a pregnant lady and felt a pang that I was never pregnant (too old now)! That’s just how attractive you made it look. Love your makeovers! Funny thing is, I remember being around for the originals of most of these! LOL!

  • Hi Elsie honey!

    You did an amazing makeover to Jen. I absolutely love it! She became more beautiful with those dresses, and it just brought out the best in her. =) Hope you could make me over, too! Hihi!



  • Photoshoot Makeover…these are awesome!! i was trying to find some outfits for our family to wear at a photo session taken .

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  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I really needed a post like this! I’m 14 weeks and just got my first set of maternity clothes last weekend. They’re all very basic, which is good because I can wear them in different ways, but none of them are very exciting (though finally graduating into something besides knit cotton pants sure was exciting!).

    As much as I love vintage clothes, I totally don’t think I’d have thought of it as a pregnancy option on my own because so many people have laughed as they reminisced about gaudy maternity clothes from days of yore. Suddenly realizing that there are options that will fit me even without technically being maternity is really exciting, especially since I can thrift and get them tons cheaper than a lot of new maternity clothes. I don’t wanna be a frump my entire pregnancy, but I, like Jen, don’t wanna spend a bunch of money if I can’t wear the stuff again. I also probably wouldn’t have thought of the belting…I’m ALL about showin’ off the belly but probably just wouldn’t have thought about belts.

    From one pregnant Jen to another, Jen, you look amazing and are one hot mama! Fabulous job, Elsie.

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  • So sweet! I love vintage dresses for maternity…I had a couple that were favorites of mine while pregnant (need to remake them for post-preggo!) Great makeover!

  • this is so fun. I would these dresses. If I ever have a baby, this is definitely giving me so ideas. And I can’t wait to share them with my friend, who just found out she is preggers.

  • Ohh my God Elsie… hello, my name is Greisy and I follow you from Spain; I love your makeover stories and I could go to Missouri just to participate in the makeover. I´m not really a vintage girl, but I really would like to try it!

    Thank you so much for these tips!!

    Hugs and kisses from Madrid

  • So adorable! I’m growing my hair out and turning into the girl who always has a ponytail…you always inspire me to try new things! Thanks for sharing.

  • oh my gosh! look 2 makes me want to get pregnant so I can look like her 😉

  • Adorable. I even think her “before” picture was cute. Being a mom of two who felt unattractive through the end months of both pregnancies, I understand how tough it is to feel cute. The only thing I would suggest for any future maternity makeovers: try an outfit that ISN’T a dress. During the last few months of pregnancy I HATED dresses. Unless you’re going to walk around all day pulling the dress tight under your belly, you feel like a giant tent walking around. Skirts with an elastic waist and paired with a tighter shirt are perfect!

  • I loooove the peach dress that she has on 🙂 I totally almost bought it from the online shop! She looks amazing and beautiful!

  • Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!!

    Thumbs up

  • So gorgeous. I just love reading each and every makeover story! xx Shelley

  • I love these posts they are such fun to see, she looks so lovely… do they all 🙂

    Zoe xx

  • All of these makeover posts are so wonderful! I love to see how happy and confident these ladies look after their restyle.

  • This is a wonderful makeover. I will show it to my good friend, who is also pregnant. Maybe we can do something similar for her!

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • I absolutely love look 2! It is so effortless and fun. It’s the perfect look for her. Great job!

  • Amazing idea, and photos!! I love the dresses! This is such a beautiful thing you’re doing! 🙂

  • Great shots and she looks fabulous! I love the vintage look.

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  • Sure are gorgeous aunt jen! This made me think of our little “makeover” pics at the mall, years ago!

    I’m so overly excited for you & shawn both!
    It’s going to be a beautiful thing 🙂

  • Oh my goodness! Small world! I know Jen fom college! She’s one of my favorite people! What great photos!:)

  • I love the peach and gold dress. It is such a lovely color palette on her!

  • love this feature so much. Jen looks totally refeshed – so much better than standard maternity wear!

  • wow, she really looks great! I hope you tell her all the wonderful comments she gets from this post! 🙂 it should make her feel more confident to know she looks fabulous!


  • I <3 <3 <3 your makeover stories! (wish i lived even remotely close so I could put my hand up for one!) Jen looks gorgeous, I love the peach dress especially…wants me want to be pregnant again (vintage style lol). Tatum xx

  • I think it’s very very cool you did this with her that far along! It was interesting to see the transformation, for sure!

    My fave is the first dress, absolutely adorable with that dark brown belt. 🙂


  • Absolutely beautiful! It’s so nice to see someone not only maintaining their style during pregnancy, but continuing to develop it.

    I’m totally in love with the peach/gold combo too – it’s so warm and pretty for spring!

  • Such pretty dresses! She looks great!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  • I love the makeover! The looks are so fresh and romantic on her and the colors complement her pregnancy perfectly.

  • totally cute Elsie 🙂

    I loved seeing my book necklace with that adorable peach dress! My favorite accent color for spring is peach and I’m obsessed with gold bling 🙂

    xo Moorea

  • This is a wonderful makeover story! I hope I can look as good when I’m expecting.

  • Hey Girls, Jen is really wonderfull! Its delicious to see a pregnent woman so charming like that! Congrats 🙂

  • Eee!! I LOVE THIS! Being 33 weeks pregnant, it can be hard to dress up but I find it a fun challenge (when I’m not at home in my pajamas). I regularly have dress up sessions and re-think all the pre-pregnancy clothes in my closet. Vintage dresses and belts are the way to go and it’s SO QUICK!

    Love love love this makeover story.

    Talia Christine

  • These outfits look SO great on her!! The high belts really highlight the pregnant tummy in a positive way. They just all say “I’m pregnant and proud!” =) She looks beautiful x

  • Absolutely stunning! Such great looks! You are a talented stylist!

    Have you ever considered doing a makeover for a college girl? I mean, not myself of course…haha…just a suggestion. 😉 I’ve always wanted to incorporate vintage into my wardrobe, but I don’t really know where to begin. I also need to start making an “adult” wardrobe for when I graduate. I’ll just keep checking out these posts for inspiration I guess! 🙂

  • i think it’s really great that you’re doing this and I think it’s even GREATER that you’re doing it for pregnant women! when i try stuff on at thrift stores and they don’t fit i always think “but this would look perfect if i was pregnant!” 🙂

  • Love, love this one Elsie…she looks absolutely gorgeous! She’s all tummy, what a lucky girl! You definitely know how to make someone feel pretty and confident…i know you did that for me and inspire me every weekend when i’m chosing my outfits! You did an amazing job!

  • Janna, that’s hilarious… one of my funniest blog comments ever!

    Thanks everyone!! We had so much fun! XO, elsie

  • Jen looks beautiful! the colour of the second look really suits her. very pretty post x

  • She looks fabulous!! I love these makeover stories so much! They are so inspiring! xx

  • I loooove these makeover posts you do! I’d love to do one with you…and make you over into a goth! I think you’de be an awesome gothic lady for a day :). Hearts, Janna Lynn

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