Makeover Story: Sarah’s Sixties Inspired Look



Our newest makeover story starts with a girl named Sarah. We met her while she was working at the coffee shop next door to Red Velvet. She's super pretty and sweet, but we had no idea that she'd be interested in the idea of a vintage styled makeover! One day, our intern, Mallory was grabbing a coffee and Sarah told her that she'd like to come shopping at the store because she wanted a new style. *Light Bulb!* Mallory told her about our Makeover Story feature and the rest was history. So, here's a little background info on our lovely makeover lady, Sarah… She is a successful college athlete and is getting ready to graduate this spring. When I asked her to describe her current style she didn't have much to say. Her daily wardrobe consisted of jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes and pony tails. (note: the 'before' photos are taken from Sarah's facebook) Sarah wanted a new look that was easy to wear and natural, but stylish! Oh, and she's really good at walking in heels… yay! Sarah told us that she's work so hard in soccer that she hasn't focused on her style and that she thinks of this makeover as a new beginning. We love her story because it's the story of so many women. We were super happy to help Sarah find a new style that she could develop and we hope that this feature inspires other women out there to take that same leap, just for fun! 




In Look One we styled a mod mini dress (Red Velvet) with a chic leather bow belt (Darlingtonia) and heels. She wore a vintage turquoise ring and black polish too (we love black nail polish here at Red Velvet!). Sarah said this outfit was comfortable and pretty without being too girly. She promised us she would wear this dress on her next date. 

For hair and makeup I stayed minimal with a more asymmetrical side part and peachy eye shadow and blush. I made sure not to cover her adorable freckles and introduced her to my favorite Burt's Bees lip tints and glosses. 



We turned up the volume in Sarah's second look with a teased hairdo and high waisted skirt. We spent some time chatting about the high waisted trends for spring and summer as well as how to add pops of color to outfits using accessories. Sarah is wearing a plaid pencil skirt from Red Velvet with a metallic belt for an interesting accent. She is also borrowing my favorite mustard yellow wedge heels (courtesy of ModCloth) for this look. 



Sarah told us that although this outfit wasn't something she would have picked off the rack that she felt really cute in it and would wear it in everyday life. The teased 1960s bump hairstyle is something she can wear with a pony tail or her hair down. She said she liked it because it added volume, while still staying simple. I love this look on her and was so proud to see her feeling confident and cute in vintage! 

Thanks so much, Sarah, for being a part of this month's Makeover Story. We adore you! XO, elsie 

If you're new to my blog, be sure to check out my previous makeover Stories, Emma's 1970s Inspired Look  and Kelsie's Vegan Friendly Look. The purpose of this feature is to inspired women to try new looks that include vintage pieces and to enjoy styling changes throughout the seasons! ♥ 

  • I NEED that mini dress. I would do ANYTHING for it. anything.
    Amber 🙂

  • Absolutely love this look, Sarah looks so pretty! And your shoes are gorgeous!

  • Wow! I will do makeover myself. I will follow the tips given. I never thought a simple change of dress and adding accessories will make a difference of how you look and feel.

  • She looks gorgeous in both outfits, especially the black mod dress. I too admire these looks and you style, Elsie, but like Sarah, I have no idea where to start or how to put outfits like this together.

    I went into Urban Outfitters yesterday to look around, and although I liked a lot of the clothes I saw, I couldn’t seem to put an outfit together. I really want to be more fashionable thought.

    BTW, these makeover posts are great. I really enjoy reading them. Maybe you could give more tips on how to put vintage pieces together to make a cohesive look.


  • I love this makeover!! Both looks are so different, but so awesome!! I think look two is my favorite with the fun colors and I’ve had a crush on those shoes for a while now:)

    The Cheeky Cafe

  • Yes, please show us how you did Sarah’s hair! I know exactly how Sarah feels because i’m a soccer player too and it’s hard to focus on style when you’re running around in shorts and cleats most of the time. 🙂 Makeover gives me hope!

    ♥♥♥ the blog!

  • You guys did a great job! She looks beautiful and it such a great model!

  • Outfit #2 is excellent. I love those yellow shoes! Great makeover story. 🙂

  • I would never think of putting the things together that you do, but they always look so awesome!

  • Wow, super cute! What a sweet seeming girl and how awesome that she wants to reinvent her style. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you do next, Elsie!


  • so perfect! You really do have the magical touch Elsie!! 🙂
    Oh how I wish I could come get a makeover!!

  • The mix of colours worked out fabulous. I adore those heels, they remind me of summer! So close, but so far *sigh

  • oh my!! love the second look – and no there isn’t an echo in here those mustard shoes are gorgeous!!

    love the hair – please could i request a ‘how to’ its super pretty x

  • Love these! Can you do a hair bump tutorial please?! haha… Sarah’s stunning 🙂

  • woah! both of these looks are gorgeous! i especially love look number two. sarah, you’re a hottie! 🙂

  • What a fabulous makeover!! She looks great… gorgeous is she?? And the best part? She would wear these items in everyday life..its something she can “live with”….great post!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Fab Free People Giveaway!!♥

  • Tiffany and Mandi,
    I have two plus sized makeovers scheduled in the coming season! Don’t worry. It’s actually not super difficult to find vintage in larger sizes (i find it all the time). I’m so excited to share tips for curvy ladies too!
    XO, elsie

  • How cute! Sarah looks great in both looks, but I am partial to the plaid skirt with the bumped up ‘do. I would love love love a hair tutorial for that one!

    Also, ditto on the request for a plus size/vintage makeover! It’s difficult for rounder ladies to find clothes at vintage/thrift stores so getting some tips on how to incorporate new styles and looks would be fantabulous.

  • New to the blog, but definatley loving it
    espcially the first dress with the bow

  • she’s beautiful i love the teased do and she looks great in those mary janes. I wish I could pull this off but I’m big chested and things never look cute on me 🙁

  • Love the teased hair! I never seem to get it right, I always just end up with a rats nest and a broken comb. Could you show us how you did it if you get some time??


    I love your blog btw.

  • Yes, she really is pretty! With a figure like that she should wear dresses more often – it suits her sooo unbelivabely well!!
    Wonderful story!

  • Really adorable. I was so surprised and pleased to find out that the belt was not one what was part of the dress but was a leather Darlingtonia belt! Yay!! loveeeee!

  • I love the makeover stories! So fun! I’m new to your blog, and I’m pretty much obsessed with it 🙂 (in a non-creepy way).

  • This is so great! So many women have this same problem with making the way they look low priority. I love both looks, but I really like the mustard wedge heels, and the leather bow belt. Great job!

  • Look number two is a favorite!! That pencil skirt takes her from soccer star to vintage darling. Nice Job, Elsie!!

  • I love the look with the plaid skirt! That’s an outfit I would definitely wear!

  • SO beautiful! The hair and makeup are perfect for her.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  • Love the second look…..very Spring welcoming and adorbs for everyday!

  • What fantastic work you do in passing along fun, original style and approachability. Bravo, Red Velvet!

    Fearlessly Female (clickity-click!)

  • These makeovers are so inspirational to read! Everyone looks absolutely amazing! Great job. 🙂

  • Gosh, I am such a sucker for mustard yellow!

    Such sweet looks! The black nail polish is so unexpected and edgy, but Sarah still looks like such a sweetheart! Perfect!

  • beautiful. i especially love the hair do and high waisted skirt. great work, as usual.

  • this is very sweet that you did this for her. lucky gal to be working next door to you all!

  • amazing she is so gorgeous and looks great with her new look!!!!

    <3 steffy

  • What a lovely young woman! Elsie, you did a terrific job enhancing her inherent beauty.

  • totally getting a pencil skirt tomorrow!! I love how effortless it looks!!

  • Holy gorgeous!! Sarah, you look amazing 🙂 Love the styling of both these outfits!!

  • Ah what a great story! I feel like her story is so common among women! (including me)

    Sarah, you look great with your new style! Brave girl for branching out! My favorite is Look 2. You look so feminine and confident while staying simple at the same time.

    I love it.

    Talia Christine

  • I love the makeover stories! They are so fun and sweet. It makes me wish I had someone to makeover. The 60’s inspired looks are spectacular. Also on a side-note I have been coveting those yellow wedges from modcloth for ages. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  • I absolutely adore that second look. It is something that I would never in a million years put together myself, but that’s because I seem very fashion in efficient. I think I’ll try and find something for myself like this. Her hair looks great! Very nice makeover.

  • I love this makeover story, you preserved her natural beauty while giving her style and sophistication. Love the pencil skirt outfit. great job!

  • Gorgeous!! I LOVE the second look. This feature is so fun!

  • She is gorgeous! I don’t know which outfit I like more. They are both so pretty! She would be great as an RVA model. Just stunning.

  • Oh wow, she’s looks amazing!! This series is so inspirational! I love the little pops of color added to the vintage pieces, very cute. You girls should totally do a plus size makeover! I really want to incorporate vintage pieces/accessories into my wardrobe but am unsure what would be flattering for my figure. If you do a plus size makeover story I think it would be really inspirational for us curvy girls. *wink*

  • i literally cannot get enough of those wedges. i wish you’d post a new picture of them everyday so i could live vicariously through your blog & pretend they were mine. 🙂

  • She is super adorable! I love these styles! Great job! 🙂
    Wish I lived closer!

  • I appreciate the hard work you put into these makeover stories. I blog by night and work as a writer by day, it’s tricky to experiment and make new styles when you’re so busy.

    🙂 Although these posts do make we want to break my “no new clothes for 2011” vow!

  • Ah she seems like such a sweetie! I think this is my fave so far too!

    I also adore those mustard heels – i would so dearly love a pair!

  • She is gorgeous! Favourite makeover yet!

    Love love love the second look (especially the shoes!). ♥

  • I just love this look! You style those yellow heels so well. I’ve been debating getting myself a pair.

    I’d love a style makeover too!

  • Oh I so wish I could have a makeover! I love them so much. I’m sad I live so far away! Keep them up ladies, I’ll have to make do with reading all about them xxx

  • She is just stunning! What an amazing makeover Elsie! I love the second outfit, highwaisted skirts are becoming what i look for when i’m shopping! I hope you are having a lovely day!

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