Makeup for a beautiful cause!

Radiant cosmetics 1

Radiant cosmetics 2We're extremely honored to partner with Radiant Cosmetics this month. Radiant is a company that focuses on fighting against human trafficking. They offered to send us some of their makeup to play with for a little photo shoot. We had fun…

Radiant cosmetics 3Emma picked out Classic Coral lipstick. It's such a pretty shade and perfect with her skintone. 

Radiant cosmetics 4Radiant cosmetics 5I love Berry Jam. I'm a sucker for lipsticks in shades of plum, especially during the winter! 

Radiant cosmetics 6Radiant cosmetics 7We both love liquid eyeliner, so we wanted to try this gel eyeliner. We love it for cat eyes and smokey eyes too. 

Radiant cosmetics 8I wear lipgloss every day. I love sheer, pale colors for gloss. So I picked out Radiant's blush gloss… it's my favorite!

Radiant cosmetics 9I also tried out matte lipstick in Winter Red. Hope you had a lovely day today! xo. elsie

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