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Makeup organizationn 3This morning I reorganized my makeup (which was previously scattered all over my bedroom dresser) in one of my dresser drawers. I used berry baskets, tea cups and small bowls to break up the space inside the drawer and then added all my makeup! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I think that this method will help me save space and clutter while keeping my daily makeup all in one place! 
BeforeHere's what my dresser top looked like before… yikes! 


Makeup organization 4
And here's what it looks like now! Much better. Mission accomplished. Happy Monday! Elsie
  • Love this! Wish I was more organized, I just never seem to be able to keep it neat and clean :'(


  • I have all my makeup in three makeup bags so it gets a little annoying to fish for stuff but this is a great idea! I’m going to build a shelf in the room and organize it and try to make it look like your space!

  • I defiantly need to do this and not just with my make-up

  • It would be really cool if you could show us all your makeup, you have some really nice stuff! x

  • Wow, I love your taste. It’s absolutely amazing! I was wondering if you could share with your readers the types of hair, makeup, and skincare products you use and/or recommend. Thanks!

  • i just discovered your blog and am totally in love with it! I got very inspired so thanks! I just organized my bureau top with my makeup in jars and my lotion/perfume on top of books and it looks wayy better! (inspired by this, your nail polish jars, and cake stand perfume)

  • Bowls & teacups? Whoa. I’ve been running to the store to find juuust the right plastic organizer, and of course, I never found it. Everything is in makeup bags (which takes forever to find anything). But this is such a cute idea! Thanks for posting 😀

  • great idea! although I don’t have that much makeup haha. I keep most of it in a 3 drawer compartment thing. ;P

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  • my god! i am drooling on my keyboard, so much yummy looking makeup! pleeeaaaasssseee do a segment on what makeup you and emma use 🙂

  • So weird – I have that exact same dresser, down to the formica top and perpendicular strips of veneer on the drawers!

  • Wow what a difference, I seriously need to do this! But not sure those containers would fir in my drawers? By the way i think i have that horse pic, its not a paint by numbers is it? Apologies if its not but i have one the same from years ago and i love it!

    Great blog! xxxx

  • Great blog! I’m currently researching different ways to efficient store my cosmetics!/Wotshernameagai

  • Definitely something I need to get started on, mines is all stuffed in my poor makeup bag!




  • Yay! That is usually how my makeup looks all over my dresser too! Every Sunday I take action and organize it.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  • love ecotools great brushes huh <3 your beauty picks:)

  • I keep my everyday makeup on my vanity in a little drawer unit, but I totally use a dresser drawer to store a ton of my products. Such a great way to hide all the clutter and keep things well organized.

    You have a lot of great make up!

  • wow you’re so organized…i always think about organizing and then I never do ^.^ oh well haha

    good job though..i just started following you

  • Oooooo pretty makeup drawer! I always find it interesting to see the makeup other girls use. Is that weird? hahaha, I hope not. And we have the same makeup brushes! Huzzah!

    I really love your daily life type posts. Your other posts are great too, but these are my favorite.

    <3 Bailey

  • Unbelievable! I have your EXACT dresser in my daughter’s nursery! I picked it up at a charity shop because it was the perfect midcentury changing table height piece. Love this idea and it’s always a treat to spot favorite vintage finds in other stylish ladies’ abodes 😉

  • Sooo need to do this for my makeup. Right now it’s in an organized chaos.

  • I always do that on weekends and 3 days later it looks again like in the “before” pictures.

  • I just keep my make up in a travel case, just in case I need to bring it with me to get ready some where else or I’m not going to make it home.

  • Looks so good! I have got inspiration from this!


  • I love to see a desk so similar to mine.. nothing like those beauty bloggers that need a whole room just for make up.. I also have a lil drawer of makeup and i like it clean and tidy like yours..

  • i need to do this so bad! I have this thing about wanting to keep everything i use alot “out” where i can always see it. but the clutter makes me feel like a slob. i definitely need to try this out

  • That is exactly what my bathroom countertop looks like! Makeup everywhere.. I finally just bought a bag and I threw everything in there!

  • That is a definite imporvement. I scatter my beauty products too, in the hope my boyfriend will not notie just how many I have, given ho many I use (like three).

  • I just stumbled upon your blog today (from Honestly … WTF’s blogroll), and I absolutely love it! I just started my own blog, so I’m constantly looking for inspiration. I love the way you’ve laid everything out, it’s so visually stimulating! All your buttons are so personalized and extra cute. You seem like a totally fun chick!

  • I love the fruit baskets. So cute. Makes me excited for summer!

  • This reminds me that I should also do some organisation for my makeup and jewelry! I have been putting them off for the longest time. Maybe I will start by popping by thrift shops and look for pretty baskets and teacups! Thanx for the idea!
    Fang Ting

  • I would probably just end up leaving the drawer open… but I agree it looks great!

  • Wow that is neat work! Here’s a cute way to organize accessories etc: LBD style! Maybe you can make a DIY?

  • Looks great! I do the very same thing, every now and then I just need to organize things a different way 🙂

  • I totally re-organised my make up last night too! I was amazed when i logged in and saw you’d been doing the same thing 🙂 Great minds!

  • Beautiful! I’m obsessed with having all make-up and beauty items well organised, beauty product should live in a beautiful place in anyones home. I store all my brushes etc in thrifted jam jars.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • There is something so inspiring and motivating about seeing someone else organise their clutter! Now off to rearrange my makeup stash. Thanks for the push! x

  • I really need to get my makeup organized, I have noticed that I keep doing it but maybe I need to build in the use of pots and cups as you have, thank you for the inspiration!!

    Esther xx

  • This post just reminds me that I HAVE to organize my things too. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • Phew! I’m so glad i’m not the only one who let’s my make up dresser get like your before picture! You’ve inspired me to get it sorted once and for all!! 🙂 x

  • Fabulous post! I definitely have my eye on a few of the beauty products you have there!

    On the topic of beauty, I’d be so grateful if you’d do a post on your hair. I have dark brown hair but I’m thinking of dyeing it a similar shade of red to you – I’d love to know which dye you use, if you go to a hairdresser to have it done, how high-maintenance the color is and which products you use. Your hair is amazing and always looks lovely!

  • Great job. I really need to do this too (as my husband will also tell you!). Currently my make up is scattered around every room of our apartment.

  • I do not have much make up
    but it is completely a mess
    i must do something like you!
    great job!

  • that’s cute!! love your make up collection!! I am just unable to keep it so irganiced. xx Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  • Good job! I’m envious of your large amounts of products:)

    Stephanie May*

  • great job!! looks so much bigger now that you cleaned the dresser off 🙂

  • is that benetint?? i love that stuff for blush and liptint. its so subtle, but makes such a difference!

  • Oh my goodness!!!!! I MUST do this! I’m obsessed with the berry bins for nail polish! Thank you for sharing!

    “Love who you are”

  • Mission very accomplished, can you come to my house?

  • oh my god that is an amazing cleanup! :O
    it was so so great! and the colors are so pretty and fun!


  • What great organization. You have so much fun make-up! Lucky girl. xo, rv

  • oh!! I have the same old school yellow makeup case on my bathroom counter. That used to belong to my grandmother. Lovely!

  • i’ve been needing to do this! i keep my daily basics in a cute clear box on the bathroom counter, but the rest is in the caboodle i’ve had since i was a teenager . . . my husband is always making fun of it and i would love to have access to the rest of my stuff daily.

  • i love your makeup kit! hopefully soon i’ll get the will to do this with my messy zones… 😛


  • I so need to do this but I lack a drawer! Such is apartment life. However, it looks nice and I’m glad it came out as you wanted!


  • I’ve never thought of using egg crates to organize before, but I think it’s so creative *and* eco-friendly! My sister will love that – I’ll have to recommend it to her. 🙂

    ~ Christina

  • Very much inspired to do the same thing! Also see you share my love for benefit – good choice! 😉


  • If I only was this organized! I don’t really have much in the way of makeup (I like to keep things simple!) but cute organization is always a nice thing to have!

  • I love it! How do you always know exactly what I want to read about? 🙂 Fun!

  • You motivate me to organize my cluttered make-up kit!Thanks Great post!

  • You motivate me to organize my make-up!Thanks!

  • That looks lovely. I’d get so excited every time I opened that drawer if it was mine 🙂
    I keep all of my make-up in a huge purple French Connection make-up bag at the moment, but its fairly hard to see much of it and it takes forever to root around in. Maybe its time I did a little re-organising of mine too! xx

  • Very great job:) Your make-up selection is very good. I would expect something from a fantastic beauty blogger.


  • Sigh…I need to do that too– hope you celebrated the accomplishment with a nice cocoa!

  • I love that use all those little dishes and trays to separate everything. What a cute idea!

  • I’m glad to see that you’re not OCD as me when it comes to organize cosmetics…

  • Such a pretty setup! I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder / junkie myself, so I love some good makeup organization inspiration. I might have to pick up a few more vintage teacups to add onto my growing collection and store my lipsticks. 🙂

    – Samantha

  • I wish my make up drawer was this organized!


  • I did this with my vanity a few months back, it has made my makeup routine a MILLION times faster, and I don’t have to clean everything off as often since they’re neatly placed in their homes and protective covering (they always got dusty! :S)
    Yours looks nice :3 I kind of wish mine looked a little prettier like this does.

  • WOW, what a difference! It always feels good to organize! I love the end result, So chic!! XOXO,

  • I’ve found that when you burn all the way through a candle that comes in a glass container, that washing them out and storing stuff in them is great also! That’s what I keep all my lipsticks, brushes, etc. in!

    I only wish I had a drawer to put it all into so that my vanity/desk stayed clear.

  • keep seeing similar posts to this and think ‘Yes! I need to do this!’ I’m off work for half-term next week so it’s going on my to-do list. Rx

  • I have kept my make-up in a Art Bin for years!! People have teased me that it looks like a tackle box, but it’s so functional 🙂 Congrats on your project!! xo

  • Wow look at the difference, I love the tea cup idea, very innovative 🙂


  • Looks great! You have quite a collection.

    A jewelry blog.

  • Very nice! I am in the middle of re-doing my room and looking to get a vanity to clear up the same problem!

  • Hi,
    I’m a new follower and just wanted to say, I absolutely love your blog 🙂

  • I just recently started following you and I Love your blog and this! Now I need to go do a little organizing 🙂

  • it all looks so pretty in your drawer, i would be useless and keep the draw open so i could look at all, creating more mess!

  • ah! This is exactly what I need to do to my dresser… and my bathroom and my closet and my bedroom floor and the list goes on!

  • I would never have thought of berry baskets or tea cups! Genius! And it looks so pretty 🙂


  • I love this! I’m planning on working on organizing mine and Jen’s make-up drawers/counter space soon, eep!

  • Looks much better haha. You have so much makeup! I love it. I reorganized my whole room this week! 😀

  • Awesome 🙂 thanks for sharing. I keep mine in a vera bradley bag with tons of zippers that rolls out, but yours is much more fun to look at!

  • Looks great Elsie! I love organizing.
    P.S. love your vintage travel case! I have the same one in pink.

  • nice! i need to do something like that with all of my make up. thanks for the ideas 🙂

  • great idea!my make up is all over the house,and in my handbag.It’s high time i do this too! thank you 🙂

  • I saw your instagram post this afternoon and fell in love! I officially have a reason to buy those adorable egg crates from anthro that I’ve been eyeing – my husband will be writing a sternly worded email to you soon, I would think 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

  • So pretty! I stared for quite a few minutes, haha.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • SO MUCH BETTER! Good job, Elsie! I use a decorative book box from Michaels for my make-up.

  • Wish I could find cute berry cartons like that instead of the boring green plastic ones! Looks wonderful. If you can see it, and it’s organized, it’s less likely to go unused!

  • You are so organized! Wish I could be a little more..


  • oh my goodness. I’d love to have like a third of your makeup supply. Lucky girl.

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