Making Colorful Pasta At Home

How to make colorful pasta at home!I'm still loving homemade pasta. You won't see me turn my nose up to any pasta, but homemade is so fresh and delicious! Plus, I love how you can spice it up to add your favorite flavors or colors.Homemade pesto ravioliI really love this colorful pasta that my sister used a few weeks ago. And it got me thinking that it might be fun to start experimenting with making my own multicolored noodles. I decided to make a simple pesto and cheese ravioli with half green noodles. 🙂Making colorful pasta at home is easyFirst I made two different pasta doughs, one regular and one green. Each batch was made with 3 eggs and 2 cups of flour. I added a little water as I kneaded the dough if it seemed too crumbly. For the green color, I added food dye to the eggs before mixing. You could also use vegetable juice for color, like I did hereMaking colorful pasta is easy!I used the attachments from my KitchenAid mixer to roll out the dough. To see a full tutorial on how to roll out pasta check here. Once you have both colors rolled out, cut each strip in half and mix the colors up. Press the edges together lightly and feed it through the attachment (or use a rolling pin) to smooth it out.Making homemade ravioliI used my new ravioli attachment to fill and shape the pasta. My filling was simply 1 cup ricotta cheese with 1 tablespoon pesto and 1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese mixed in. I'm still experimenting and working on my ravioli rolling skills. 🙂How to make ravioliNow we are ready to cook our pasta! Fill a pot with enough water so the ravioli can easily move around while they are cooking. Add a few teaspoons of salt to the water and bring to a boil. Cook the ravioli for 4-5 minutes. Remove one and cut through it to check if they are done.How to make homemade ravioliI served mine with a little more pesto and olive oil drizzled over them. I topped it with fresh bell peppers, Parmesan cheese and few marinated olivesHomemade cheese ravioliHave fun making your own colorful pastas! xo. Emma

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