Making Holiday Vignettes

Holiday VignettesIn my mind there are really just two categories of DIY: useful and fun. Useful is when you save $500 on a new dresser by hacking an inexpensive Ikea piece. Fun is, well, the stuff that makes you feel good and RELAXED after a long day…the kind of projects you can combine with a little Netflix and wine if you so desire.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to share today! A feel good craft.

Holiday Vignettes Supplies:
glass domes or bell jars
-whatever fun holiday items you want! I got mini paper houses that light up, bottle brush trees, glittery snow, white sequins, and most importantly, these awesome LED fairy lights.

Holiday Vignettes I used a piece of white card stock to cover the bottom of the wood base. This is how I “measured” it, and then I just cut the circle out with scissors and glued all the trees and snowflakes to the card stock. SUPER simple. And when the holidays are over, it will be easy to clean and remove this stuff and throw it in a bag for next year. Then you can still use these bell jars around the house for other seasons!

Holiday Vignettes Adding the LED lights is the best and prettiest part! I love how the fine wires almost disappear visually. They look even prettier in the low light at night.

Holiday Vignettes I put my jars in the center of my breakfast table. I really love how they add a little holiday cheer to our (very) lightly decorated space.

The whole project took me less than an hour. So if you’re in need of a fun holiday craft that doesn’t take too much time or too many supplies, try this one. 🙂 Next stop, Christmas cookies! xx- Elsie

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop


  • Beauriful.
    I definetaly have to do one of these 🙂
    Thank you for inspiration

  • These look sooo pretty, cute and festive!!!
    I love how dainty they are.

    My friend and I have just started a blog and we would love it if you guys wanted to check it out it’s

    Cat and Frankie xx

  • Oh gosh, how adorable! I love these as a table center. I have a trip to the craft store planned for tomorrow night. Got to get crafting!

    Julie @

  • These are so sweet and make a gorgeous centrepiece! Im completely obsessed with the rainbow glassware too- beautiful x

  • Where did you find the trees and tiny houses? I would love to do these with my girls!

  • Hi Veronica! I’m really sorry about that. Contact our customer support team here: and they would be happy to sort that out for you! -Jacki

  • Did you use 10foot strand of fairy lights in your dome? That seems like a lot.
    Thank you!

  • Really adorable 🙂

  • These are so cute! I’m already brainstorming how to use them for other holidays!

  • Hi Caitlin!×10/14636872.html 🙂 -Jacki

  • You can also nab those fairy lights in the Target dollar bin!!! They are $3! And battery-operated!

  • Those are so beautiful, I love how you create little scenes!

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  • Hi Elsie,
    Love these sweet vignettes!
    Have you thought about painting the brackets that are holding up the shelves with your beautiful glass collection white?


  • I love these! Could you share a link for the glass domes? I can’t seem to find them without a little handle on top, and I love how clean and simple yours look!

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