How to Make A Maternity Tunic

Maternity Tunic DIYCan you believe we made this tunic in ten minutes? We can't either! This is the quickest project in our maternity DIY series! It's as simple as choosing fabric and cutting. No sewing involved! Here's how we made it…

Tunic Steps1. You'll need 2 yards of jersey fabric. Use a dress form (or a human model) to drape the fabric. Drape it around the shoulders, kinda like a blanket. Make sure that the front is long enough to comfortably cover the belly when belted. 2. Cut arm holes. This is as simple as finding the placement of the holes on a dress form (or human model) and making a five inch slice on each side for the arms. 3. Remove and selvage from the fabric. This is the finished edge that comes on fabric. Just cut it off and make sure all the edges are cleanly cut. 4. Using a dress form or human model, trim the hemline. You can trim it straight or with a curve. We trimmed ours with a curve. That's it! This tunic is too easy and looks amazing with a belt… enjoy! 

DIY TunicHere's our finished tunic on the dress form. If you trim the back shorter it can be more of a top or a short dress. There are a lot of different ways to wear it too, but we love it bunched up in the front with a belt over the bump! 

Maternity Tunic DIY Maternity Tunic DIY Maternity Tunic DIY Stacy loved the tunic. She styled it with skinny jeans and a maternity tank top. She said she loves maternity clothes that are light and airy. Can't wait to share more…. XO. elsie

  • It says this pattern is free but I can’t find it. Can you tell me where to go or give a direct link to it please? TIA

  • I was just curious where do you buy your fabric? I’ve been looking around online for some affordable fabric.

  • Thanks for including me among this great company of bloggers.

  • absolutely gorgeous…and so smart! wish i had thought of this when i was pregnant!

  • What a lovely idea! Even though I’m not pregnant I’m thinking about trying it — would be great for travel.

    Where did you get your dress form?

  • simple but stunning! Stacy looks really beautiful ♥ hope everything goes well with the pregnancy! 😀

  • Very cute and versatile! I might make one for myself (and no, I’m not pregnant!)

  • Interesting post! I like the ideea!

  • Seriously so cute. she looks gorgeous.


  • Stacy Dupree is like an angel. She looks awesome, and this is SUCH a cute idea!

  • So damn cute I made it for myself last night!!!It took me a couple minutes longer than 10 since I serged the edges, but it looks awesome!!! Keep up the great posts, I’m 4 months pregnant and looking for DIY’s that aren’t tents!

  • Love this idea! And Stacy is absolutely gorgeous! She kind of has a Scarlett Johansson vibe going on 😉

  • My goodness, she is absolutely stunning and I love the tunic!

  • This is such a fantastic idea! I’m not pregnant but I may make one anyways!

    xoxo Sarah

  • Wow, it looks amazing! And so freaking easy. I’m nowhere near being pregnant but I’d still probably wear it, haha.

    Et tu, tutu?

  • Great tunic! 🙂

  • I love this! This actually looks like something I could do. Seriously so fun!


  • your friend is beautiful!

  • this is pretty amazing Elsie! I would wear this even thought I am not pregnant, and since I hope to be very soon, this DIY makes me even more excited. Thanks so much <3 Can’t wait to see the rest of the maternity DIY posts!

  • Wow! I never thought maternity clothes could be fashionable! This is so fantastic!

  • Im not even preggers but I would totally wear this! Love it.

  • Aw, she is soooo pretty. And this tunic? I will make one for myself. And I’m not even pregnant 😉

  • I’m going to make a non maternity version cause I love the style

  • Oi meninas adoro seu blog mas quando poder visita o meu bjosss

  • Adorable! Great pictures and tunic 🙂
    I’ll try it when I got so much fabric as leftover 😉

  • I would have loved this series a few months back it was difficult to find cute maternity clothes:( I would definitely come back next time I’m pregnant!

  • I’m loving these maternity posts! 😀 They will be saved as a bookmark so can actually try some of the maternity DIY’s in about 5 years or so!

  • Lokk great! Love the no hassle no sew projects 🙂

  • This is so nice! There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman.

  • That is AMAZING! We are trying to get pregnant, so I will mentally bookmark this.

    I that Scarlett (in the tummy)?


  • What a very clever idea! It’s so simple yet beautiful. Great post.

  • This is TOO CUTE!! My sister just found out she’s pregnant with her second, and I can’t wait to make her this! I know she will LOVE something like this, this time around. Thank you!!

  • Completely stunning and has me looking FORWARD to maternity wear, not shunning!

  • What a great piece! Perfect for a preggo mama!

    Have a beautiful day!

    Savannah Marie

  • Ahhh this is so cute! Definitely something to remember when my mister and I finally have littles!
    xo Heather

  • Brilliant!! I’m super excited about this because I don’t sew.

  • Stacy Is seriously so gorgeous! Love how easy this tunic is to make. Thank you for posting!

  • Wow she sure is beautiful! Perfect face to match her beautiful voice

  • I love simple projects. Can’t wait to make one myself.

  • Incredible that it only takes ten minutes! looks like a ton of fun to make

  • You girls are just genius!! Sooo simple, elegant and cute. I really want to try to make this even tho i’m not pregnant. I’m thinking that i can make the top/short dress version. Thank you Elsie and emma!!

    Best of luck!


  • First of all, Stacy looks beautiful. Just stunning. And second, where did you get that great black-and-white striped jersey fabric!??!

  • So simple and great!
    Love it!

  • Oh my gosh, I love how effortless this is! Would look great on non-pregnant ladies too! I just put my latest outfit post up on my blog, and it features the same Swedish Hasbeens you have! You inspired me to get them!!

  • Amazing idea! I think I will make several with my next pregnancy!

  • Again, another great tutorial! Love it!


  • This is pretty adorable, I don’t often see maternity diy’s so props to you guys.

  • Emily + Kate- yes, this DIY will definitely be cute whether you are pregnant or not. 🙂 Kinsey said she wanted to make one while we were working on them. XO!

  • What a cute idea! I’ll def have to do this whenever I start having kids (think “several years from now” lol!)

  • I love this. I’m not pregnant, but I’m still going to try it…it should look cute either way, right? 🙂

  • So brilliant! I think I might make one for myself without being a “maternity” tunic!

    Talia Christine

  • Hehe, super cute! I might make a version for me who is not pregnant.

  • How cute is this! I would wear that and I’m not even pregnant! LOL

  • Ok, this almost makes me want to be pregnant haha. So super easy and cute! I need to remember this for perhaps.. one day 😉

  • This is just so adorable. Even though I don’t plan on having kids anytime soon, these are still amazing ideas. 🙂


  • Looks as pie and looks amazing! This is right up my alley. Too bad I’m not preggers and don’t know anyone who is. Still encouraging to attempt to make pieces for my own wardrobe though!

  • Guys, this is going to be your next book! Maternity wear!

  • Super cute! I’ll have to make one of these for my dear (and very pregnant) girl friend!

  • holy cow this is so cool! What a great idea, very pretty too. I think it would be even better if you just took a few more minutes and finished it with some sewing. I’m going to share this with a few friends.

    Angel’s Point of View

  • nevermind, just read the previous post- that’s sweet that you are coming up with all these cool idea’s for your friend! and you can utilize them when it’s your turn 🙂

  • Oh my goodness I think I cuold even do this (says the non-DIY-er)! It seems sooooo easy and it’s adorable!!


  • this adorable. a definite must do the next time i am preggers. speaking of, which one of you has babies on the brain? is there something you aren’t telling us?!

  • wow, she is absolutely gorgeous. Lovin’ this maternity series. Both of my best friends are pregnant, it’s like the universe wants me to make them stuff ;). Thanks for the inspiration guys!

  • everything about this is marvelous! thanks for sharing 🙂

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