Maternity DIY: Make A Tunic

Maternity Tunic DIYCan you believe we made this tunic in ten minutes? We can't either! This is the quickest project in our maternity DIY series! It's as simple as choosing fabric and cutting. No sewing involved! Here's how we made it…

Tunic Steps1. You'll need 2 yards of jersey fabric. Use a dress form (or a human model) to drape the fabric. Drape it around the shoulders, kinda like a blanket. Make sure that the front is long enough to comfortably cover the belly when belted. 2. Cut arm holes. This is as simple as finding the placement of the holes on a dress form (or human model) and making a five inch slice on each side for the arms. 3. Remove and selvage from the fabric. This is the finished edge that comes on fabric. Just cut it off and make sure all the edges are cleanly cut. 4. Using a dress form or human model, trim the hemline. You can trim it straight or with a curve. We trimmed ours with a curve. That's it! This tunic is too easy and looks amazing with a belt… enjoy! 

DIY TunicHere's our finished tunic on the dress form. If you trim the back shorter it can be more of a top or a short dress. There are a lot of different ways to wear it too, but we love it bunched up in the front with a belt over the bump! 

Maternity Tunic DIY Maternity Tunic DIY Maternity Tunic DIY Stacy loved the tunic. She styled it with skinny jeans and a maternity tank top. She said she loves maternity clothes that are light and airy. Can't wait to share more…. XO. elsie

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