Maternity DIY: Make A Wrap Dress

DIY Maternity Wrap Dress We're back with another super easy maternity DIY! This wrap dress is comfortable, size able and super easy to make at home. Here's how…11. You'll need four yards of jersey fabric in a color you love. Trim the selvage edges and two extra 1 inch strips of jersey (from the 4 yard long edge) and save them for the belt. First, wrap the jersey around your dress form (or yourself) from behind.23452. Pull the jersey from the right side up to the shoulder, creating one side of the dress. 3. Pin in place. 4. Pull the jersey from the left side over to the right shoulder, creating a second side to the front of the dress. 5. Cut your (1inch x 4 yard) strips of jersey in half. 66. When draping a dress, be sure to take time to create the perfect fit before adding straps. Make sure that the dress covers in all the right places and that the straps will be placed in the right spots. 77. Braid two long braids. 88. Stitch the ends of each braid to the tops of each shoulder. 99. Create a loop and attach it to the middle of the back of the dress, after the dress has been fitted. DIY Maternity Wrap Dress  DIY Maternity Wrap Dress  DIY Maternity Wrap Dress  As with most wrap dresses, this dress is flexible in it's size. It can fit a pretty big range of sizes, so it's perfect for a maternity piece! If you don't feel comfortable wearing a strapless bra, try layering a tank top under this dress or a cardigan on top! XO. elsie

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