Meg’s Colorful & Confident Makeover Story



Our newest makeover story is about a sweetheart named Meg. I met Meg recently through Red Velvet. She's an encouraging and supportive spirit. When I learned that she was collecting vintage dresses, but not brave enough to wear them out I invited her over for a fun makeover day! Like many readers, Meg is a mom of three with a new addition. She lives in a small town and is a little bit nervous to change her style for fear of getting comments from people she sees daily. 

I really empathize with Meg's feelings and wanted to help her gain some confidence with a fun styling day and by teaching her tons of little tips for wearing vintage. So, without further ado, here is Meg's Colorful and Confident Makeover Story


In Look One Meg is wearing a vintage housedress with a sparkly gold belt and gold heels. She's also wearing a bow and flower ring from Red Velvet. She told me that these were colors that she wouldn't normally wear, so that was fun! With each new season it's a cool opportunity to try something new. 


Meg's look is 1960s inspired! It's fun and cute. She told me that Rachel is one of her style icons, so there's a teeny bit of Rachel in there too. 


I thought Meg was so pretty in her first look. The thing that struck me is that she looked confident and happy! Feeling comfortable and pretty in whatever you wear is essential to confidence. 



In Look Two Meg wore a vintage embroidered dress from Red Velvet with a few colorful accessories. This outfit was more in her comfort zone so we played with a fun 50s inspired scarf styling! This is an easy look that could be put together in thirty minutes at home. Both outfits would be appropriate to wear on a date or to a shower or even to a picnic when paired with flats. 

After the makeover photoshoot we sat down for cupcakes and talked about styling goals. Since Meg seemed to need (and want) a "reason" to wear vintage in her daily life I gave her a fun challenge! I hope some of you will take the challenge too! I challenged Meg to wear one vintage outfit each week and take a photo for her blog. I assured her that not every piece in her outfit needed to be vintage, just one piece! She was excited to try some new styles. Thanks so much, Meg, for being a part of Makeover Story this month! 

In response to this story, I'll be posting tips for wearing vintage later this week! 

Check out our previous makeover stories too! EmmaKelsieSarah ♥ and guess what…. i photographed our first ever Maternity Makeover Story yesterday! It will be up later this month. So fun! 

  • this is a nice addition to have on your blog and i love your confidence to go out and help people come out of their shell. it takes a strong person to do that. plus, she looks amazing. a true turn around. really stunning.

  • This article is very interesting, I like it. I will always come to visit after.I would recommend to friends more.

  • What a cute makeover! Meg looks so sweet in those dresses. I can totally relate to her story & am excited to add vintage to my wardrobe and actually wear it out & about! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Meg looks absolutely darling! She can definately pull off the vintage look, love it!

  • meg! you are adorable! not only will you lift your own spirits by dressing in clothes that make you feel happy and pretty, you will also lift the spirits of those who see you!!

    elsie- what fun it must be to see someone’s potential and true self, and help give them a boost!

  • I love this makeover! I’m like Meg, I have looks that I love but I don’t really wear them out because it’s not what people usually see me in. I’ve wanted to change my style, but for some stupid reason I’m worried about the reaction of others. No clue why, since I normally don’t care what others think.

    Meg’s story has really inspired me. Once things have calmed down in my house (getting married in a few weeks), I think I’m going to start re-working items in my wardrobe and start trying looks that I dream about.

    Thanks for posting this! You did an amazing makeover, and Meg looks gorgeous in her new looks.

  • She looks amazing, great makeover story 🙂 I love how you styled her in the second outfit, that dress is darling on her!

  • Beautiful makeover story.
    I’m not crazy about the wicker jewelry storage. It seems to lose the jewelry which could make it harder to decide in a quick minute. It would look nicer if it was painted a black or ivory tone. Would make things pop better.

  • gorgeous. i love your makeover’s! you really know how to show off each personality. Meg looks fantastic.

  • I love this makeover! She is so pretty! I love these makeovers you guys do! What a great idea!

  • This is such a terrific makeover story! Meg that hair colour is perfect on you. Seriously, WOW! I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable changing your style. I’m taking slow steps to update my look. I find doing outfit posts help a lot. They’re an easy blog post, plus it’s a nice way to get feedback on your styling choices. It all gets easier if you push yourself towards consistently dressing up. Once it becomes parts of your routine your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds!

  • A fantastic makeover!

    Isn’t it sad that people fear dressing how they want because of how they think people will judge them though? It just seems unfair to let other people dictate how you should express yourself like that

  • Meg looks gorgeous, I love both dresses! And I think it is so super sweet of you to do makeovers 🙂 x

  • What a fun post and I LOVE both looks! I’ve felt like you have to be 90 lbs to look cute in vintage, so seeing that a beautiful normal sized girl can pull it off and look adorable makes me happy.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  • meg looks really great. i think the vintage dresses compliment her figure really well!

  • What a tremendous makeover! I love what you’ve done!


  • she is absolutely adorable! and so natural, like she’s always worn cute dresses (vintage or not). forget the jeans, honey, you rock those skirts/dresses instead!!

  • Wow! I already knew Meg was beautiful but her beauty just radiates through these looks. Great job Elsie and Meg 🙂

  • she looks so great! I read her blog and the comment she left! it is so sweet that ya’ll did this make over for her! I love the first look!!

    I can’t wait to see the Maternity Makeover! Just what I need to see!!!

  • She is SO adorable! She looks so natural in those vintage dresses I would think she dressed like that everyday!

  • meg is truly one of the sweetest girls out there. so full of support and love! im so happy she got this opportunity because i know first hand she does not know how beautiful she really is. i hope this gave her a lasting impression of that, because she really is inside and out. i love love love the first look so much! those colors are perfect for her! go meg, so proud hun!

  • What a gorgeous makeover!

    Can anybody tell me where to find those lovely black open-toed wedges in makeover #2?

  • I’m so inspired by Meg! She looks amazing! I am momma as well & I love love love the looks she is rocking! Meg, you have tempted me to break out of my “mom clothes” shell & try something new! Thank You!

  • she looks fab! love the second look the most. keep ’em coming, elsie! one of my favorite features from you, for sure. <3

  • So beautiful! I met Meg during Style School last year and she’s such a sweetie. Her makeover is absolutely fantastic!!

  • I love how you tied the scarf in her hair. I have nothing vintage at all, and would like to start incorporating some of that style into my daily wear. Is there anyway you can show me how you did that with the scarf? I know it should seem so easy, but I have no idea.

  • I’m so inspired! I feel the same as Meg about changing my style for fear of other people’s comments. She looks amazing and gorgeous and I’m ready to take the change-of-style-plunge too! 🙂

  • She is looking so confident in her after photos! Can’t wait to see more looks on her blog. Nice job to all!

  • awww i wish people didn’t fear the magic of vintage!


  • This is so lovely!! And I can totally relate! 🙂 It takes courage to do something new for the first time!

  • Meg you look amazing! Believe it! And, you can “rock that vintage girl”!

  • Meg! You look adorable! I love the vintage dresses on you! I’m looking forward to seeing how you dress now on your blog! I need help with style & I wish I knew how to pull off vintage!

    Elsie did a great job!

  • Meg, you look absolutely amazing! So beautiful! What a great experience – congrats on getting to do this!

  • she looks so pretty! love the accessories and her dresses!

  • wow,
    Meg looks amazing! I think all those looks are really pretty and I can totally see her wearing this while taking care of her kids! what a nice makeover. I would love to be part of it, sadly I live too far away! Ever thought of online support/advice for your readers overseas?!

  • Really cute! I totally understand the idea behind not being quite confident enough to wear vintage or more funky items…it is totally my style but my location along with my job make me nervous at times to do so. Thanks for the awesome post!

  • meg is so sweet, she really does look confident and happy in these outfits! i love it!
    a few weeks ago i did a post with some tips on wearing things that put you outside of your comfort zone. i shared a few secrets that i use. just in case you want to take a peek 🙂

    again, great makeover!

  • Meg looks absolutely stunning! I hope this challenge will help her come out of style-shell because she really does look lovely. 🙂

  • Eep! She looks so fabulously feminine and adorable! It doesn’t even look like she’s wearing “vintage”, just that she’s wearing pretty, well-fitting clothes that flatter her body rather than hide it. Rock it, girl!

  • She looks gorgeous! Absolutely perfect cinching in her waist like that. Hot mama! 🙂

  • I love both of these outfits! It’s really inspiring to see other girls step out of their comfort zones. I want to wear bandanas in my hair like that everyday!


  • Love both looks!! Be brave and try new things! Advice I am trying to take myself.

    Tough/impossible to find plus-size vintage in my size … but am finding some vintage-inspired stuff I love.

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration!!

  • Meg, you look so beautiful! This makeover story is very inspiring, as I too find myself worrying about people’s reactions to changing my style. Thank you for sharing your story!

  • she looks great! i hope she keeps it up, she looks so cute in vintage!

  • Such a great make over, Meg looks gorgeous. such great outfits.

    Zoe x x

  • You look wonderful Meg! How brave to make such a change, a how stunning. Good job ladies you all are inspiration.

  • I love everything about this makeover! As a mother of 2 (BOYS!), I am often finding myself feeling the same about my body. I empathize wholly. This is very inspiring!

  • oh my god. amazing. a feminine dress and fitted belt can do wonders for anyone!

  • Amazing legs, Meg! I would kill for those slender ankles! You’d get nothing but compliments, and ignore the backhanded ones – haters gonna hate, and they usually ramp it up when someone is looking hot and happy!

  • I love seeing a mom with a real body in a makeover story! SO inspiring! Meg looks so incredibly gorgeous and cute in those looks. Thank you for sharing these awesome looks!

  • This is SO great! Meg look fabulous and this is such a wonderful thing to do. I have some vintage pieces I love wearing, but some I feel like I’m not quite brave enough to wear. This inspires me!! ♥♥♥ Thank you thank you!

  • What an inspiring makeover post, Elsie! I am thinking about what comfort zone I need to step out of using your once a week concept. What a great idea!

    Meg~ you look beautiful! As the mother of three children, you have already done the thing that frightens many women the most. Embracing your new look will be a piece of cake in comparison. Good luck!

    xoxo, a.

  • Great makeover! Both the dresses are gorgeous and I love the headscarf 😀

  • She looks amazing!! This is my favorite makeover story so far, I feel like I can really relate to Meg. I can’t wait to read your tips for wearing vintage because I REALLY want to start incorporating vintage pieces into my wardrobe. Great job girls! xx

  • She looks SO gorgeous!! Love the little details of outfit one. What a great transformation =) x

  • Well Miss Me, you look absolutely WONDERFUL and should rock your collection of vintage dresses every single day if that’s what you feel!

    Elsie, this makeover series is so so neat 🙂

  • Meg looks so gorgeous, confident and happy in this shoot. Every outfit is beautiful–well done!

  • i love when you do these! i think she should be confident in the vintage clothing because she looks GREAT in it!!! i love that bow in her hair, and both outfits are just so charming, especially for a mommy. shes cute as a button!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Meg you look so pretty in vintage! I always look forward to the makeover posts, they are my favorite! I’m just starting my vintage clothing collection (a house dress, couple cardigans, and some jewelry so far), so these posts are great for idea gathering 🙂

  • Meg, you look so beautiful and confident! Going to borrow a bit of your bravery and challenge myself to move a bit more out of my comfort zone, too.

    Thank you for sharing this experience – I find myself being proud of you and I don’t even know you.

  • This is my favorite feature! Meg looks gorgeous. Both looks are wonderful but I think the first is my favorite! I just adore the colors in that dress.

  • what a lovely transformation! meg definitely looks more alive + exudes a more youthful vibe in the fun outfits. kudos 🙂

  • Meg looks so vibrant in her pretty dresses! You do such a fab job of inspiring people. 🙂

  • Super cute! One question, any tips for getting scarves to stay on (as pictured in the second look). I find a lot of scarves and headbands slip out of place in my hair…I suppose it might be my head-shape or hair texture but any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  • I love this makeover!! Meg is so beautiful and I love the outfits!! How inspiring!!

  • aw she looks so great!! i love the dress. and i love the photo shoot and the colourful walls behind her!

  • She looks so beautiful and confident! You guys did a great job! =)

  • Super cute outfits, Meg! I feel the same way about wanting to change my wardrobe but worried about how people will react – so this is very inspiring!

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