Milkmaid Twists

Milkmaid-12When my hair was longer, milkmaid braids were my go-to style. They keep your neck cool in the summer, keep the wind out of your face on a blustery day, and when you have the hang of them, only take a couple of minutes to do. My hair is still a bit too short to pull my signature style off, but I’m getting closer to that look by doing a couple of rope braids instead of traditional braids. This style will also work if you have longer hair and is a great technique for anyone who struggles with braids. Rope braids are made simply by twisting two sections of hair—that’s it. So if you have two left thumbs when it comes to braiding, then this might be your way to get a cool look with half the effort.Easy milkmaid twists (click-through for the full tutorial)Step One: Divide your hair into two sections as if you were making pigtails.

Step Two: Take one side and split it in half. Twist both halves in the same direction; I twisted mine towards my face.

Step Three: Take both sections and twist them together, but twisting them towards the back of your head this time. Another way to look at this is: twist two sections individually clockwise, then twist them together counter-clockwise. This makes a basic rope braid. Tie it off with an elastic.

Step Four: Repeat on the opposite side. Split your section in two and twist both in the same direction. Then twist/cross them together in the opposite direction. Again, I twisted towards the front of my face and crossed towards the back.

Step Five: Take both rope braid pigtails and pin them on top of your hair with a few bobby pins. Clean up any loose/too short hairs with a few extra bobby pins, and you’re done.

Milkmaid-8That’s it! It’s a fun twist on the milkmaid braids look (pun intended) and so easy! When I was first learning to braid my hair, rope braids were one of the styles that helped get me into braiding. Unlike so many cool styles I liked on other girls and tried and failed to achieve with my own hair, rope braided styles worked for me every time. You can make one big rope braid if your hair is long, or use this technique to make a small face-framing braid, or just mix this texture in a big messy textured look. Definitely a good technique to learn if you’re just starting to play around with your hair. Cheers, Rebecca.

Credits//Author and Photography: Rebecca Stice. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess Presets for Lightroom

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