Mini Magazine Notebook DIY

Mini magazine journal 1I always keep at least two or three notebooks in my purse. I jot lists on them, keep ideas safe and tear pages out to leave notes for my friends. Today I want to share a quick (and budget friendly) way to make your own pretty journals. You can whip up a batch in an afternoon and use them for months. Enjoy! 

Mini journal how-toSupplies Needed: Pretty magazine pages, paper (graph, lined or plain), embroidery thread and a needle, scissors and washi tape. 1. Trim pages to the size of your choosing (remember they will be folded in half) Add as many or as few pages as you wish. 2. Cut a magazine page to size (slightly larger than pages) to create a cover. 3. Fold and stitch through the center of pages to bind them together and attach the spine. 4. Add a piece of pretty washi tape to decorate your cute tiny journal!  

Mini magazine journal 2These notebooks make great gifts and are perfect for carrying in your purse! xoxo, elsie ps. thank you, Kinsey, for helping me create this DIY!

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  • how do you keep the magazine from getting ripped with it being in your purse?

  • I Love this project! I made my own and posted about it at my blog, I linked back to you for my inspiration. Thanks!

  • There are so many amazing things and ideas in this place. I would like to say thank you to its creators and people who work hard to provide us with such great ideas!

  • So pretty and they would make great gifts. Thanks for sharing Elsie!

  • Lovely! Thanks for the awesome (and super easy) tips and how-to’s! 🙂

  • Elsie and Kinsey, these are so much fun to make! I made a bunch with old sheet music inside, and my friend and I put our polaroids in them. Such a great idea, thank you!

  • This is such a cute gift for my besties!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Love, Sari

  • So pretty and useful – I carry around notebooks all the time!

  • I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been home sick for two days now and I’ve been amusing myself making these. Great timing!

  • I LOVE IT! very cute idea…


  • I have a question really quick! – What is that black paper with the white stripes? Is that magazine paper or something else?

  • I started my Spring art journal this week, and now I want to start one of these! 🙂 Haha, I love the ideas you ladies have! You never fail to inspire me.

  • Your DIYs are always so incredible! SO incredibly jealous!!!


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  • Great DIY. I want to make these with my photographs.

    ♥ sécia

  • You’re blog is so so cute!!!!

  • Super cute. I always have to have a journal in my purse for scathingly brilliant ideas.

  • Wow, this is a lovely idea, and I’ve got everything I need at home too! <3
    Thank you for this post! 😀

  • I have notebooks on my bag, this is a nice idea…
    but i need time for collage and drawing and diy projects
    your blog make me not to forget it!

  • SO cute! This would make a great little gift 🙂

  • Great idea guys!
    I’m going to send this to my friend, she’s a highschool teacher.It would be a perfect project with her students.


  • These are adorable – and I also carry little notebooks around with me everywhere. So I need these!

  • Such a cute idea!!! I usually use fashion magazines as wrapping paper for female friends/families presents, with bright ribbon 🙂

  • LOVE this!!! I would love to make one! Thanks so much. I love all those posts lately about art journals and scrapbooks and now these… 🙂

  • These are so unique. I can’t wait to make one.


  • Such a beautiful and simple idea! I will definitely be making a few of these!

  • I always love you diy tips. Especially the ones you never though of making yourself 🙂

  • that’s so funny! i just did a DIY notebook project too. love the idea of using magazines!

  • I love all your stationary DIYs.

    xoxo –

  • Nice idea. Carrying around notebooks to jot down notes in is a very smart thing. I hadn’t thought of making my own though.

  • I’ve done something so similar on my blog with New Yorker covers, scrap paper, and staples. I love the washi tape idea…just an excuse to buy more:) xo.

  • Like everyone else, I LOVE this! And it seems like something I could actually just sit down and do.

  • Very cute idea, I always carry a note book with me. I love the Paperchase ones which have a little zip pocket in them so I can keep all my receipts in them for expenses etc.

  • so cute! great one by Kinsey 🙂
    Enter my giveaway!!!

  • so cute!! i am now really really wishing i had kept my massive pile of magazines. i kept them for years because i knew i could do something with them. i never figured out what that was so i finally got rid of them a few weeks ago. *sigh* time to start a new pile! 🙂 i really do love these little notebooks!

  • LOVE THIS! i’m building a little collection of empty notebooks so my kids will have plenty to do when i go into labor with baby #4. these will be added to the collection this afternoon.

  • Another smart and adorable idea. I also keep notebooks on me for jotting things down (so much more personal and inspiring than just putting it in a phone!) Love this.

  • too cute! love the graph paper idea!

  • Cute and handy! I like the idea of taping over your stitching down the spine.


  • I am loving how you are taking found, reclaimed paper pieces and giving them new life in journals, scrapbooks, etc.
    I am going to run with it! I have been wanting to create art portfolios for my kiddos, I think this idea would be BRILL for that!
    Thanks, Elsie!
    xo Jay on wilbur road

  • What a nice cheap thrill of a craft. I always have multiple notbooks with me too. You gotta write those ideas down then they hit ya. And I always have a hard time finding cute journals, so this fits the bill for me.

  • this couldn’t come at a better time because I wanted to make my first notebooks today!


  • I LOVE this! Such a cute idea. I love projects like this where you can just use stuff lying around the house. So fun!

  • I love all your little booklet ideas you’ve been posting. I have so many scraps and tid-bits stored around my studio ( who am I kidding, it’s the art room!) that today is the final day you’ve inspired me to make my own! Thanks for sharing your idea & wish me luck in not creating too much of a mess!

  • I love this idea! I can make this with things I already have lying around! (BEST kind of projects!) Thanks, Elsie!! Have a great week!!

  • I love your blog! It’s one of my favorites! Also, I have a black and white polka-dotted roll of tape too from K&Company’s *Smash line.

  • I love this so much. Personalized journals are my favorite, and it totally helps that this is probably the easiest DIY in existence. So cute.

  • these are so pretty and a you’ve given me a great idea for my mom & sister’s easter baskets!

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