Mini Pom Pom Pillow DIY

Do you ever want to add more interesting throw pillows to your space but need more than your budget would allow? Do you have the itch to sew your own but get sad over the fabric selections available in local chain stores? Enter the mini pom pom. I was inspired by these pillows at Anthropologie and got pretty swoony over that particular shade of yellow on a cream background! I decided to make something similar in the plum and pink tonal pillow and then decided to get experimental with patterned fabrics. The end result is three unique pillows that will surely go the distance in more than one room in our house.

Pom Pom Pillow DIY for I experimented with attaching my pom poms with felt glue as well as with individually stitched knots and both got a good shake to make sure things weren’t going to go flying off. I’m happy to report the felt glue seems to have worked better than I imagined as I literally tried to rip a pom pom off of a pillow and finally gave up. Using the correct adhesive can make or break your project, so don’t skimp and adhere these with that decade old bottle of Elmer’s glue in the back of your craft bin. I’m watching you!

-1/2 yard cotton fabric per pillow
-90-125 pom poms of one color per pillow for larger pillows and 25 small pom poms in a variety of colors for the abstract pom pom pillow
Poly-Fil stuffing
-12″ embroidery hoop
felt glue
-white cotton thread
-needle and thread
-straight pins

Step1Step One: Cut two of the same cuts of fabric down to the size pillow you’d like. I cut my plum fabric to 14″ x 14″. Measure out how far apart you want to space your poms and mark a grid with chalk on one of the cuts of fabric. It’ll dust off easily as you work and after you’re done. The larger your poms, the further apart you may want to space them.

Step2Step Two: To attach your pom poms to your fabric with stitches, place your marked fabric in your embroidery hoop and pull until it’s taut. This will keep your fabric steady while you stitch your pom poms on.

Step2AStep Three:  When stitching your pom poms, stitch through the thick center of the pom pom, not the fluffy edge. Tie the loose ends on the back side in a double knot.

Glue Poms Another option for adhering your pom poms to your fabric is by using felt glue. Add a generous amount to the back side of each pom pom and set it down on your grid. Allow to dry for 3-4 hours before handling it and stitching your pillow together. These will stay on well if the pillow isn’t getting tons of rough use. However, if your pillow is going in a child’s room, I suggest stitching your pom poms on to be safe.

Glue on your mini pom pomsTo make an abstract pillow, start with a cotton fabric with a subtle pattern in a soft color. This will give a layered look without being so busy that you can’t see the pom poms. I used the second smallest sized pom poms that were available for most of these. They were about 1/4″, or the size of a large pea. Play around with your composition before gluing things on, and then let it rest for the designated drying time.

Step2Step Four: Place your two cuts of the same fabric (top and bottom of pillow) together with right sides facing each other and pin around the perimeter. Leave a blank space that is about the width of your hand so you can stuff your pillow.

Step Five: Stitch around the perimeter of your pillow about 1/4″ from the edge. Start your stitching on one side of the blank space and end it on the other so that you can still fit your hand through. Remove your pins and trim off the corners of your pillow without getting too close to the stitch line.

Step4aStep Six: Turn your pillowcase right side out and poke your corners out so they’re sharp. Stuff with Poly-Fil and stitch closed with a blindstitch. Toss it on your couch and see how much more fun you are now!

Abstract mini pom pom pillow tutorialAbstract pillows are just begging for a little experimentation. Maybe you can create a heart-shape out of black poms or spell out a short sentiment such as ‘Love You’ or ‘Holla’.

Emerald pom pom I love how the emerald pom poms add so much more depth to this simple polka-dot fabric.

Plum pom pom pillowThis one is my favorite, though. Mostly, I love how the plum helps tone down the hot pink but they are a great pair for adding some color and texture to any corner.

Pom Pom Pillow DIY for As much as I can lean to the minimalist side of things these days, I do think pillows should feel individually special. I love how these pom poms provide just the right amount of interest and elevate these chain store fabrics to a whole new level. What pom pom colors would you use? –Rachel

Credits//Author and Photography: Rachel Denbow. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

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