Modern Bottle Opener DIY

DIY bottle openers (via bottle openers (from I’ve been obsessed with plexiglass ever since I tackled this terrarium side table DIY. I think it’s a super fun material to work with and I like how it can make final projects feel really “polished” if that makes any sense.

If it doesn’t, then just ignore me. 🙂

I made a couple of plexiglass bottle openers that I wanted to share with you all. One is for me (and Trey) and has already been put to good use in our kitchen. The other I made as a handmade gift for a friend. Tis the season and all. 🙂 If you plan to make one of these, either for yourself or as a gift, you’ll be happy to know it’s SUPER quick and easy. You can also customize this SO many different ways.

DIY bottle openers (from As you can see, I installed ours right next to the trash can, which makes it easy to toss your bottle cap away after using the opener. I like the little pop of pattern it adds to our kitchen corner there too.

These are seriously so easy to make! The hardest part is simply getting your supplies together.

Supplies for DIY bottle openers Supplies:
-two 8×10 in. sheets of plexiglass
-two bottle opener hardware sets (bought mine on Amazon, often sold at hardware stores too)
-electric drill and drill bit
-craft paint and brush
-electrical tape (pictured is painter’s tape—because I’m a genius)
-two transparency sheets (optional)

Plexiglass is sold in a number of different size options, 8×10 in. being one that is pretty standard. That being said, you could easily make this project with a smaller or different size piece of plexiglass. You just want it to at least be a similar size to a bottle so it makes sense visually while in use (just my two cents—feel free to be creative though and change it up if you like).

Also, you’ll note that my supply list is for making TWO bottle openers. If you want to just make one, then adjust the supplies.

Step One: Find the center of your plexiglass sheet and place your bottle opener there. Mark where the holes (for the screws) fall. Use a drill and drill bit to create holes where you will need for later. I like to do this before adding my design so I know where the hardware is going to be.

Plexiglass comes with a thin layer of plastic wrap on the front and back. Leave this on as you work until you absolutely need to peel it off. This helps to protect the plexi from scuffs or scratches.

Add pilot holes Step Two: Add your design in paint to the back of the plexiglass. This means that once your bottle opener is displayed, the design will actually be behind the plexiglass so bottles won’t scuff the paint as you use it. I used electrical tape to help create the stripes design while the other one I simply free-handed. If you choose to add lettering, remember how it will be displayed so that you don’t paint your letters on backward.

Paint the backgrounds Step Three: Once the paint has dried, you’re ready to assemble and use your new bottle opener. It’s that easy! If you want to add a sheet of transparency between the paint and your wall (or for me, my kitchen counter), you can, just for added protection against any paint rubbing off over time. Up to you.

If you choose to make this as a gift, you won’t need to screw the hardware onto the plexiglass before gifting. This is done once you (or whoever you give this to) decides where to display it.

DIY bottle openers (from Before you attach your bottle opener to a wall or cabinet, check to make sure that the screws you will be using will not be too long or poke into anything you don’t want them too. My cabinets are quite thick, so this spot worked well for me. But it’s good to just keep this in mind before you start drilling holes just any old place. 🙂 Cheers! xo. Emma

Credits // Author and Photography: Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions

  • I noticed the little confetti string there did make that or purchased it? If you did purchased it where can I get one?

  • Super quick and easy bottle opener. It is the best way to use in kitchen. It can be sticked on the cabinet. Thus, it is very helpful.

  • I loved this idea. Besides useful, it gives more color to the kitchen.
    But question, is it easy to use? The beer doesn’t not fall out of the bottle a little?

  • What a great idea! I know some people who would love this as a gift. Maybe time to get crafting?!

  • This is such a cute idea! Definitely gonna try making these for my dad. He’s always been the crafty/handy one in the family, but I’m gonna show him!

  • I love these! This is probably one of my favourite things that you guys have made. So many bottle openers are so industrial looking and these ones are both beautiful and functional. I don’t really have a good spot for this in my house but if I did I’d totally try making one myself.

  • Love it! It looks so great in your new kitchen. Just wanted to comment that metal bottle caps are recyclable! They don’t have to go right in the trash. You can make it even easier for the recycling sorting center by corraling them in an aluminum can until recycling day. Here’s a some more about that:

  • Excellent idea!!!

  • You know, I’m not sure. It was at the studio house when I cleaned it out and I saved it bc it’s awesome. 🙂 But I don’t know where it was originally purchased from.


  • Good thought! We just got recycling at our house (the pick it up on trash day, you just have to keep them in separate containers) so I’ve been meaning to get another “trash” can or bin that can sit by our kitchen trash to fill up until we’re ready to take it outside to the recycle bin. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet…. I think the holidays are making me a bit more scattered brain than usual. 🙂


  • This looks really nice (and men are hard to craft for).
    One question: where did you get that fantastic spool of confetti dots in the photo? Thanks for another great post!

  • Great project though I have to say I am dying to know more about those awesome yellow bar stools!!

  • This project is pretty amazing. I already loved your terrarium side table, and a bottle opener would be perfect for my kitchen! Gotta hit the hardware store soon!

  • Hi Emma – random question here! I noticed you have an electric stove, and as someone who cooks quite often I would have thought you’d prefer gas. Is there a major reason you chose electric over gas in your new house? My hubs and I are looking for a new stove, so I’d love your input 🙂 Thanks! <3

  • Hi Nell,

    The main reason is because this is the stove that my house came with. I’m sure you can have an electric stove converted over to gas but as we’ve had lots of little (and a few big) things to update in our home already (plus moving is expensive!) it’s not on my priority list. I’ve cooked on both electric and gas stoves and I don’t have a huge preference honestly. If I were building a brand new house and had to pick one I’d probably pick gas, but as this wasn’t the case for this house I don’t really have a big problem with electric—it’s easier to clean at least. 🙂


  • I love this, Its such a great idea and you will never loose it!

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