Modern Friendship Bracelets DIY

Here's another great DIY tutorial that reminds me of middle school- I loved making little friendship bracelets with friends when I was younger so I was so excited when I saw that Chelsea had created a modern, more grown up version of these classic little accessories! How fun!


Hi all, it's Chelsea from Seablanket here to show you a fun, modern interpretation on Friendship Bracelets. These are all the rage for summer, and I've been seeing everyone from actress and singer Zooey Deschanel to style queen Garance Doré rocking stacks of friendship bracelets intermixed with other jewelry pieces. Grab some friends and create your own… here's how:



Things you’ll need: clasps, string, beads, scissors.


First, tie one end of your string to one end of the clasp. Work with about twelve inches of string, so you can have plenty of excess string to use in tying knots.


Next, add beads! There’s no “right” way to make a friendship bracelet, so have fun with it. Once you’ve added enough beads, tie on the other clasp and trim off the leftover string.



Thanks Chelsea for sharing this cute throw-back project with us!

  • Oh fun! I’m going to make some of these for all my female cousins for birthday gifts. I swear, my entire family was born in June. So strange.

  • Love this!! I’m always looking for cool DIY projects to do on days like today when the clouds refuse to let the sun in.

  • i loved friendship bracelets when i was younger and love this grown up version, thanks for sharing such a simple & fun tutorial!

  • i love these! PS~ i’m glad to see someone else rocking this suede fringe vest! i have the same one~forever21? and i love wearing it! it looks ferosh with the bracelets!

  • these seem like they would have more of a uniqueness then the friendship embroidery ones from when we were little.

  • I love Chelsea!! She has awesome DIY! I love trying out her different finger nail techniques! Please check out my blog for my latest giveaway! it’s for a $50 GC to Urban outfitters! I also have our lovely Elsie in my thoughts… I would kill to be at that wedding! I bet it’s AMAZING!

  • I LOVE these! I wish she would put a tutorial on how to make the leather bracelet. and where to get that skull bead?? I think i need it. (: CUTE!

  • Love it! Very cute. They’d make for an awesome impromptu/surprise gift or present for a special friend.

  • I love this idea. I used to be a friendship bracelet making fool — old school style. Kinda wish I remember how. I’d fill my arm w/ them now. Google-ing.

  • oh my gosh~ way to kick it old school,,, my first tie dye was at girl guide camp in the woods, and trust me, i did not think it was as cool as what katie has came up with! time to bring it back, ladies!!!!!

  • The skull bracelet looks cute. I’m not gonna be surprised if I saw a group of girls wearing them. And the timing is just perfect for me, since I was looking for ideas on what to give to my twin daughters, and these tips are just the answer to my problem.

  • This is cute! I love how it takes our ideas from the cheesy friendship bracelets to totally mod!

  • Make a macrame (knotted stinrg bracelet) bracelet! I’ve done macrame in art class before; it’s fun and easy.1) Choose the twine you want to use for your bracelet. You can use just about any type of twine, as long as it is not so slick that it will not hold a knot. You might consider yarn, hemp, embroidery thread or even thin leather stinrgs. Make your bracelet from a single color or multiple colors, depending on your personal tastes. You can also find stinrg at craft stores made specifically for macrame. 2) Find the end of the twine, and wrap the stinrg loosely around your wrist four times. Hold the twine where it meets the end on the fourth wrap, and unravel it from your wrist. Using the piece of twine that you are holding onto, double the twine, and cut so that you have one long piece of stinrg. Use this stinrg to measure another of equal length.3) Double the twine, and hold the center so that it forms two small loops. Slip the loops through a small metal ring, as sold with bracelet clasps. Place the ends of the twine through the loops and pull tight, securing your twine to the ring.4) Anchor the ring to your pant leg or another steady object by using a safety pin so that the twine is firmly held in place as you work on your macrame knots. (I usually tape the end of the twine to a table or step on it.)5) A half knot will create a spiral pattern, and a square knot will make a bracelet that is flat. To make a half knot, take the stinrg on the far right or left (but once you choose a side to start with, stay with that side) and overlap the two middle stinrgs to make what looks like a 4. Take the stinrg on the opposite side and put it under the two center stinrgs and through the 4 (the extreme opposite stinrg). Pull the two center stinrgs tight with your teeth or have someone pull them tight to remove the slack. Now tighten the two extreme opposite strands to make a knot. Repeat this exact process. A square knot is a similar process. Complete a half knot, but instead of repeating the exact process again, start with a different strand (you started with the far right stinrgs so you need to start by making a 4 with the far left stinrg). Two alternating half knots make a square knot, to put it simply.Note: Once you get the hang of just one type of knot for a bracelet, practice alternating between the half knot and the square knot (example: 5 half knots, then 5 square knots).There are other types of macrame. Another type I have done involves eight strands instead of four. It’s complicated, so you should practice with these first. 6) Add beads to your bracelet at anytime by slipping the bead over the two center stinrgs and forming the next knot below the bead. When your bracelet is your desired length, tie the four stinrgs onto the opposite end of a bracelet clasp, and trim the extra twine.

  • It turned out great!!! Love that you used snhmteiog other than a curb chain for this. The rhinestones on it are fabulous! Such a fun post to do with you girls. I hope we do it again soon!Trina recently posted..

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