Molly’s Modern + Casual Makeover Story

Makeover storyWhen Molly decided to volunteer to be our next Makeover Story participant I was stoked! Molly is a social worker based in Portland. She has been working with youth and families for over eight years. You should hear her stories—so inspiring. When she's not working, she stays busy hanging out with friends and her boyfriend, hiking, rock climbing and enjoying everything that Portland has to offer. One thing I admire about Molly is how much of her life is focused on others. She's such a wonderful lady, so I was excited to spend some extra time with her developing her Makeover Story.

When I asked Molly what her goals were for this project she said, "Change is a huge part of who I am, but when it comes to style I felt that mine had stayed the same since college." Molly was looking to update her look, keeping her modern lifestyle in mind. Here's her before look…Molly's makeover story beforeOne of our goals for Molly's Makeover Story was to find looks that suited her body type without making her look younger. Molly is a (beautiful) petite lady. She mentioned that she sometimes gets mistaken for being a teenager at her job (where she works with youth), so she wanted to find looks that felt modern and grown up, without being old. Molly's Look 1Molly's Makeover7FThe first thing Molly did was choose new glasses and get her hair cut, adding bangs. These small changes made a huge impact on her overall look, framing and showing off her pretty facial features. Bangs and a few layers ended up being a great option for Molly, because they look cute without losing any of her current hair length. She can easily put her hair up in a quick ponytail if she's headed out for a run, or she can style her hair down for a causual evening out.Molly's full lookMolly's Makeover9Molly's CoatFor Molly's first look I choose items that could be layered without feeling bulky. I love this coat on Molly because the short hemline helps to lengthen her frame. This stripe dress is super chic but still casual enough to wear almost anywhere. We paired this look with tights and boots to give her a slightly more dressed up look—for a date night or an evening out with friends. Molly's Look 2Molly's Favorite OutfitIn look two I choose an oversized sweater with a bold black and white pattern, paired with black leggings and geometric patterned shoes. Molly said she felt like she could wear this outfit anywhere. It's super comfy but still really pretty with all the bold patterns. I also added this cute green purse to give her a pop of color in her outfits.Molly's Makeover4Helping Molly update her style was way fun! Thank you so much Molly, you're awesome. xo. Emma

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Molly's Outfit details- Look One: coat c/o Ruche, dress/H&M, tights/Target, shoes c/o ShoeMint, necklace c/o JewelMint, purse c/o August Wrinkle, glasses c/o BonLook. Look Two: sweater/H&M, leggings/Target, shoes c/o ShoeMint, purse c/o August Wrinkle, glasses c/o BonLook.

  • These looks are great. Definitely a change! I think she looks younger than you first started.

  • fantastic styling- really simple chic looks. I personally think Molly looks much better without the fringe, although she’s so gorgeous she can rock both.

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  • I really need a makeover like woahhh buddy yeahhh 😉 haha fo serious though. someday! how does one get a makeover from you? I’d probably have to live in your town, huh? lol

  • I love everything about this makeover. I would happily live in both of these looks. In fact I own the striped dress in black and white!


  • That’s fantastic! Beautiful make over!!!

  • She was super cute before, but I love the final looks 🙂 Those glasses are perfect for her
    xo Jac

  • WOW! She looks amazing! I think the secound is the best :)! And her hair and the new glasses! LOVE IT!
    Well done!

  • She’s really cute. I like a lot of the makeover pieces, but in general I like when things are a little less put together so I’d mess her up a bit or change up/remove on or two things in most of them, less dramatic glasses maybe, but that’s my taste haha. I love that sweater with the plus signs : )

  • This is great! I’m petite and Asian and get mistaken for being 5-10 years younger than I look! So far, I’ve found few tops that actually make me look my age and it’s great because most of them are the type you can dress up or dress down! Now I have few more ideas to add to my closet! 🙂

  • The bangs look really good on her! Love the first look, great job!

  • She looks beautiful and sweet! 🙂 such a good change!

  • I love these makeovers!! Molly looks so comfy yet chic in her new styles!! Any way I could get a makeover? 🙂

  • You guys did an AMAZING job! That haircut is perfect on her, as well as the outfits. Loveeee.

  • You did a great job!I like both outfits,although number 2 is a little bit more my style!
    I adore the black & white sweater,the green bag and the sneakers!Awesome Look!


  • wow! two amazingly cute looks,im in love with the glasses as suits her well

  • gorgeous! and her cheekbones are amaaaazing.

    – caroline @

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  • wow!! great makeover!! love both looks!! she looks fab with bangs!! I adore he geen purse!

  • I love when you guys do makeover stories! This one is especially awesome, because I’m studying to be a social worker as well, so her quote about change is so true.


  • She looks so much more professional, and you hit the nail on the head: older but not grandma older;) just sophisticated! Gorgeous job!

  • this is a fabulous post! i love the makeover! also i would wear this and I love the inspiration.

  • As a long time reader of AMB and a social work student, I love this feature! Way to recognize someone who does so much work for others through the nature of the profession. Thanks for the great style inspiration and for featuring an inspiring woman as well!!

  • Those glasses are beautiful! + She looks stunning in those outfits. What an amazing makeover!

  • What I would give for a makeover like hers! I am also petite and work with children. My daughter is 3 and I get mistaken as her sister all the time. I’m definitely taking these tips and going shopping!

  • wowzers!!! great job with the beautiful mess team!! pretty girl before and after!! love the bangs.

  • Molly, I LOVE your new look! Congrats, and props to you Emma for making this happen.

  • Oh my gosh, Molly is just too, too cute. She looks super in the outfits you guys came up with!

  • She looks super cute! The striped dress and glasses are adorable. I’d love to see her in some red lipstick; I think it’d go great with the black and white colour combo she’s got going on!


  • Great haircut choice! Loved the first look and her glasses are great, she totally rocks them! Amazing makeover!! Congrats!

  • That is amazeballs, Molly looks so gorgeous! I’m so happy for her! You guys did a great job! xx

  • I am in love with both of these looks but especially the first one; that coat is perfect. Molly is gorgeous!
    Catherine Denton

  • I love that you guys are giving back to some very noble people.

    Keep up all that great work 🙂

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  • Wow! What a transformation!!! That striped dress outfit looks SO good on her, the new hairdo and glasses are definitely working in her favor 🙂

  • Aww…This is pretty cool!! I think she looks great!! My favorite TV shows are makeover ones…She is rocking that stripes dress!! =)

  • I love this make over story! She is super cute.

  • This is so fun and sweet! She looks really awesome in that first look, those glasses made a surprising difference (not that she wasn’t already beautiful). Definitely a great modern update without being super trendy.

    Strive to Thrive,

  • OMG I love those black ShoeMint boots so much I just immediately went to the website and bought them!! Merry Christmas to me! 🙂

  • I love this story! I love the boots in look 1!


  • Wow, what an amazing makeover! I love the second look the best. Her hair change totally made a huge difference. It’s amazing what a few changes can do! She seems like a lovely lady. 🙂

    <3 Samantha

  • Such a lovely makeover ! Love so much the final result ! Well done !

    XX Luba

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  • Love the glasses and haircut, it is amazing how simple changes can make such a difference!


  • What a transformation without changing her too much. Its amazing how just a couple of items really changed up her look without taking away her natural beauty!
    Nice job!!

  • I love her first outfit – so sophisticated! I need a makeover – I look like a bad stereotype for my profession (librarian). LOL

  • I think Molly looks more beautiful and sophisticated (without trying so hard) in the “before” picture … She looks like a natural beauty …

  • This is great! I LOVED your every day makeup routines(I like Sarah’s), do you think you could do a special occasion/Christmas series? A little holiday glam!!!

  • I LOVE the second look. Love how you mixed prints with the sweater and shoes. She is adorable.

  • Whoa! Amazing. She’s so beautiful to begin with, and you guys did a wonderful job!

  • How fun! She looks great. The bangs/glasses combo totally changed her face.

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