monday is gonna be a FUN*day….

because i'm having a blog party for 24 hours!!!

wait a minute…what does that mean? 
well, from 12:01 AM till midnight i am going to host a day full of challenges, ideas, RVA giveaways ect! It will be so much fun!! I really love my blog readers, so this is sort of a big thank you for all of the love, support & fun we've shared! XOXO. 
I am SO proud of Erin for shipping out a ZILLION huge orders this week… it was seriously magical to see our shipping area exploding all week long! we were super thankful and excited to have such a great update.  she worked every single night till midnight. LOVE her. 
and this kid was helping out too. <3 
i'm very proud of *team RVA* this week. :) 
RVA-shop next up.. more panda painting photos… 
she's  my favorite. 
XOXO. elsss
  • ooooohhh sounds like fun! I am in love with your blog, and your style, and your lifestyle! It inspires me on a regular basis! Thank you1!!!

  • blog party!! sounds fun 🙂

    i have monday off too so i will keep checking back for new updates




  • ohhh, YES for the Blog Party!
    YES for Panda-Girl! YES for Erin!
    I’ll be here on Monday!!

  • 24 hour blog party sounds wonderful. I’m so there. I like the panda girl. I adore Pandas.

  • Dear person leaving rude comments,

    I am flattered that you are spending so much time reading my blog. That’s sweet. If you have tons of free time it might be fun for you to start your own blog.

    As of right now, my comments are open to anyone so you can keep leaving them. Since my mom & grandma read this blog I will keep deleting the rude ones. It’s not a huge inconvenience. I would hate to take away the joy that you experience waking up everyday thinking of clever “one-liners” that would make any 13 year old proud.

    XO. elsie

  • ooooh great idea, sounds like fun!

    also sounds like i may have to call in sick that day so i can join in all the fun 🙂

    seriously, you have the most inspiring, cute, funnest blog EVER!

  • eeek! so excited! glad i’m off on mondays!!!:) thanks for doing this Elsie! should be sooo fun!

  • Oh!! This is going to be the perfect way to celebrate my exams being over!!! I am SO looking forward to Monday!!

    Plus the Panda Girl is cuuute!! 🙂

  • Elsie…

    I about peed my pants when I read what you are going to do Monday! I am so excited. This is going to make my work day so much more FUN. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide me on a daily basis. I can’t wait to visit the store in July! My fiance has promised that on our way home from our honeymoon we can stop!!

  • “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” –
    Joseph Campbell

  • Oooh Looking forward to the blog party Elsie….I too will be home. Just had my gallbladder surgery on Tues. so I’m thinking my days at home are going to be coming to an end after next week. We’ll see though…I go for the follow up on Wed. Have a beautiful weekend….a good job RVA team.

  • you’re such an inspiration to all of us! i love that you are soooo full of creativity and has a very good good goOd heart!

    i am in love.

    you deserve the best!

    ettey (from the philippines)

  • What a good idea! I’m excited to see what the 24 hour blog party is going to be like =) and the store looks great!

  • that is going to be so much fun! your store is simply fabolous, too bad it’s soo far away. but, that’s why we’ve got etsy..!

  • I love looking forward to things!! Thanks for making MOndays a brighter day! You are amazing Elsie girl!

  • Yay! I’m off work Monday so I’ll definitely be checking in lots for the blog party! You’re the best sweet Elsie 🙂



  • Sweet! Not exactly sure how it’s going to work..but I’ll definitely be checking it out! <3

  • Elsie! Thanks so much for your inspiration and creativity. I always look forward to seeing our mailman because of the possibility of a RVA delivery! I am happy your panda has a safe and loving home. 🙂 I saw a preview today for “Where the Wild Things Are” and instantly thought of you. It looks really amazing. I cannot wait until Monday! Thanks. XOXOXOXOXO

  • ohhhhhhhhh this is very exciting!!!! and it’s the day after my birthday! thought i’d share 🙂

  • mmm…i cant wait for this amazing idea!!! I love your art, Elsie! Its soooo cute and especial!

    Lots of kisses from Spain!!!

  • awesome. monday is a day to look forward to ….. eeeeek so exciting !!!!!

    i ADORE your blog !!!!!

  • Have no idea what a blog party is but will log on to check it out.

    Have to figure out what time 12:01am in U.S. is here in the outback of Australia. You certainly have a truely multicultural following.

  • what a great way to start the month of june! i’ll be sneaking peeks at your blog ALL day! i was so excited to see the pictures of the orders being sent; mine should be among them! i can’t wait to use the (THANKFULLY) reissued neverland kit to make a treasure for my little guy after taking him to this

    see you monday!

  • dear rude commenter,
    let me know how you get the free time to spread negativity! cause you really must have nothing to do with yourself that’s positive…which is…well…sad. anyway, you should google “hobbies” and find something more useful to do with yourself!!! it’ll work you wonders!

    dear elsie,

  • a- i loove parties.

    b- i loove blogs

    c- naturally then, i would double looove blog parties. so i’m super excited.


    oh, d- hahaha. at the response to our little rude commenter.

  • a blog party? that’s really cool! 😀 looking forward to it! 😉

  • I’m excited about the blog party too but not AS excited to have to get up at 6am which is your 12.01 but at least it’s a good reason eh. Outback Oz person, Elsie is 6 hrs behind Qld time if that helps! Lovin’ your work Elsie

  • seriously can NOT wait i made red velvet cupcakes for my BFF and i to munch all day while we scan your bloggity blog!!

  • I am so very excited for the 24 hour blog party!!! I can’t wait to see what ideas you will be sharing with us. Tuning into your blog always makes me feel creative and full of light!

    Keep being aH-mazing!!!

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