i had a wonderful weekend… my dad turned 52 and we had a great time with family!



i finally got to meet Chris Merritt, who is one of Jeremy’s and my very favorite songwriters. He is super cool and we are soooo happy because he is going to come and open up for Jeremy at his CD release show on Oct. 28th. If you life within driving distance I hope you will make plans to come to this show. It’s going to be extra cool since he is playing songs from his brand new album and we designed a ton of adorable merch. together (i can’t wait to show you!!). It’s going to be a fun night! Will post details soon (when I get the posters and stuff…)

I made a few new things for my little shop over the weekend… here are a few photos….




a new painting… the original sold super fast, but there are prints available now.






and some new stationery…. 🙂

I’ve been getting lots of requests for custom paintings for Christmas gifts ect. I haven’t been able to get into doing commissions yet, I think I am still just really in the stage where I want and need to create whatever is at the top of my mind. So, I have been working on some originals *just for fun* to add to the shop. I am going to do my regular “mini update” this wednesday (the 15th) at 9 pm CST…. this update will include nothing but original art paintings & collages (small ones & larger ones). If you’ve had your heart set on one, this will be a good opportunity!

Oh my goshhhhhhh….. ben folds. his new album is so great. I love it.

there are a few more things i want to share, but i have to run…. be back soon!

xo. elsie

  • i love your painting and new stationary!! my favorite song of his on the new album is… You Don’t Know Me!!

  • Super cute painting and stationery!! I covet . . .

    Me and the hubs just saw Ben Folds in concert Saturday night in Green Bay and he was AWESOME!!! Played lots of stuff from the new CD, too! He’s quite a performer!

  • oh god…(sigh)…I’m in lurve…


    Oh Aussie dollar please go back up. (Oh US economy please stabalize…)

  • Hi Elsie,

    I am totally diggin’ your stationery. I already have one set (the monkeys), but I might have to get more soon! Keep up the great work. You inspire me!

  • Happy birthday to your dad!! My dad is 52 as well. 🙂

    That last painting you did was fabulous, I love it! Congrats on the fast sale, that’s always great when that happens. I’ll look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to on your next update! I love the colors you used for the new stationary as well… cute!

    I’m really looking forward to the post for aspiring artists, I’m sure it’ll be chock full of valuable advice. Take care.. xo.

  • Since you like Ben Folds, you should check out Amanda Palmer. He produced her album. I think it’s really good and I know how you like to discover new music.

  • Oh my gosh, that stationary is tooo cute!! 🙂 🙂 Love the felt flower too. 🙂

    Jeremy’s album release show sounds like so much fun! If I’m feeling better I may have to drive up 🙂



  • One question: how do you do your prints? Do you paint them on the paper and then scan to Photoshop? I’d like to know this “secret” ;)))



  • I elsie….

    I think you are incredible…

    you ispire me so mutch and i love your painting…

    scrap again….I love your LO…

    kiss kiss


  • Elsie,

    you are a perfect artist!!!

    I love your painting…..

    To find Jeremy’s album to listen…how must I do?

    sorry for my english….



  • sup!! super cute stationery.

    hey..i challenge you to knit/crochet some winter wear. i’m starting tonight. hats, scarves(mainly) coz those are simple. im gonna throw em in my shop! yum.

    have a gooooood week elsie. ox

  • OMgOSh!! we’re seeing Ben Folds on the 22nd in KC, looks like it is is going to be a music induced state of euphoria this month. We’ll be there for Jeremy’s CD opening GaLa at Randy Bacons. That is my daughters 14th Birthday present. Nothing like a trip to Springfield!!..and of course shopping!!..~

  • Can you believe this ignorant man?


    his link:

    He wrote:

    “It’s strange how obsessed America has become with pasting little Polaroids and stickers into a book. Live your life, you don’t need to turn your life into a crappy montage to enjoy it!”

    I can’t quite comprehend the whole idea behind scrapbooking. I party hard, take pictures and when I don’t look that drunk on them I may put them online…but the idea of making a scrapbook is not my thing.

    Shizzz…I’m having a tough time finding free time to do more things that amuse me…I guess this is something you do when you are 60 or something, or maybe when you have no friends.

    It’s crazy in these days.

  • totally loving your stationary! I have to ask, are you printing it with a printer at home? Or is it done at a professional printer? The colors are fabulous! And as always, with total style and orignality. Love it!

  • OHhhhh my gosh I wish I wasn’t at work right now. I was just totally inspired to paint this very instant 🙂

    I love your painting, stationery, and I also love Ben Folds.

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