mondays are always good ones… i think.

I have a few cute things to share tonight… first of all, Holly's new cashmere cuffs! these adorable crocheted bracelets have 2 buttons (so they can fit different sized wrists!)… 

and we discovered that when using the second button it can also be used a coffee cozy! 
how cute! Holly is adorable, warm and SO talented. I'm so glad she came for a visit. 
these cashmere cuffs in apple green & lilac will be available in our RVA next update on Thursday at 8PM (CST)! 
so much to share this week…it's gonna be a big update! i'll post peeks each day… here are a few cute ACEO girls.
I've been listening to David Bazan all evening…I love him. Also, working on a new playlist for you for the new season. We can all eat cherries and listen to the beautiful music together… like a big slumber party on the internet. Sounds like a plan.
XO. elsie 

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