Monkey Lamp Makeover

CB2 Monkey Lamp by A Beautiful Mess The folks over at CB2 sent us their adorable monkey lamp to try our hand at ReStyling! Monkeys (specifically, chimpanzees) are my absolute FAVORITE animal in the world, so when I saw this I got super excited. Here's what I did:Oil PastelsOil Pastel DIY by A Beautiful MessI used a white oil pastel to create a simple, messy scribble pattern in four rows all the way around the lampshade. I tried a couple other mediums first (paint pen and paint) and oil pastel was by far the best. You can really see the lines and it's easy (and fast) enough to mark with that you can create a pattern that feels truly random. I love how it turned out!CB2 Monkey Lamp by A Beautiful MessI knew that for my own home I would love to keep the monkey white, ranther than painting him a bright color. So to add some color I added a couple blooms, he makes a pretty cute little flower vase, don't you think? I love that these can be swapped out and matched to different seasons and themes! I think I will try a few air plants next.CB2 Monkey Lamp by A Beautiful Mess  When the lamp is illuminated you can barely even see the scribble lines, which I love. It has two completely different looks. 

I had so much fun with this challenge, and now my one last decision is which room our new monkey gets to live in. I'm thinking guest bedroom! Thanks so much CB2

Happy Monday everyone! xo. Elsie 

  • I love this! Pentel Arts have some of my favorite products. I especially liked when you used the fabric sticks on the pillow DIY project. Thank you for sharing!

  • This is so cute! Love that he’s holding flowers!

  • Cute! and so creative 🙂


  • I love how great it looks against the yellow chair – a fun little restyle 🙂

  • that lamp is so fun! i love it.


  • Looks great, but how durable do you think the pattern will be? I could imagine that dust might stick to it?

  • Oh I love it! I recently got a turquoise rabbit lamp: It has a polka dotted cover and it is so adorable 🙂 Also; my grandmother used to have a guest room that we called the ‘monkey room’ because it had a lot of monkeys in it (stuffed animals, paper ones, illustrations). That room was the best!

  • This is super cute and stylish – thanks for sharing!

    I love monkeys too and I designed a monkey bracelet:
    Wearing it reminds me of “monkey business” – taking things not too serious and having fun!

    Greetings from Hamburg, Sylvia

  • I don’t think my animal behaviorist husband would ever forgive me if I didn’t obnoxiously mention that a chimp is not a monkey, but an ape. Either way, the lamp is fantastic. Love the flowers.

  • There are so many interesting lamps on Etsy that would be great for this makeover! Thanks for an idea!

  • Love that monkey and the shade idea 🙂

  • I really like the look of the scribbles can’t believe it was achieved with a white oil pastel! Well done:)

  • LOVE IT! And if I ever meet you in person, I’ll do my Chimpanzee imitation for you… ooo-ooo-Ooo-Ooo-Eee-AH-AH!!!

  • That’s incredibly cute. The flowers are the best part.

    Carmen ☼

  • that monkey is too cute!
    also love doing art with pastels 🙂

    – Janine

  • Adorable! I love the grey, yellow and white together, it’s very fun and cute at the same time!

  • I hate to be “that girl” but Chimpanzees are not a kind of monkey. It’s like nails on a chalkboard, and also I thought you might want to know more about your favorite animals so here goes…

    Primates are a group made up of both Monkeys and Apes. Chimpanzees are within the subgroup of Apes. You can tell an ape because they never have tails whereas all monkeys do. Also there are tons of different species of Monkeys but only 5 Apes: Chimps, Bonobos, Gorillas, Gibbons, and Orangutans.

  • So cute! I have a monkey lamp that needs fixing (the wiring has gone all fizzy) and I LOVE him, but he’s been sitting in my closet forever. I think I’ll get it out and see if I can get it fixed! Monkeys are the best. 🙂

  • So, this might not get approved, but it is a pet peeve of mine (I hold a degree in anthropology).

    1) This is not a “monkey” lamp. This is a “chimpanzee” lamp. I don’t care what it says on the CB2 website.

    2) Chimpanzees are NOT monkeys. They are apes. There are many differences between the two.

    3) Both (along with humans and other groups) are primates.

    Just FYI.


  • Thats so adorable!

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  • That’s totally cute! Love it.

  • This is too darn adorable!

    Jillian –

  • I love what you did with him! The little touches you added really make this lamp pop. The pop of color in the flowers is just perfect.

  • Very cute, I want a monkey lamp!


  • I really love this blog and the effort put into most DIYs here, but this is just not a good solution for a lampshade- oil pastel is not permanent, especially on fabric. . You could have got a similar effect with a dry- brush painting technique. The whole thing seems rushed and not well thought out.

  • That is ADORABLE! I love how you painted him white and then added the flowers for a pop of color!


  • I never thought I would actually put a monkey lamp on my wish list, but this sure changed my mind! 🙂

  • LOVE the lamp and such an easy redo! :0


  • So cute! I’m glad you were able to resist the temptation to paint him-I would have painted him all crazy colors and then had to re-paint him white! 🙂

  • I love the grey of this lampshade against the yellow chair – it’s my favourite colour combination at the moment! I also had no idea that you could just use an oil crayon on fabric like that and it would stay – did you only have to do it once or did you need to go over the pattern?


  • Oh my goodness … that is one cute lamp! I love how you jazzed him up. I would keep him white in our place too.

  • SO COOL!

  • nice post 🙂
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  • Love this lamp! So weird but pretty! The flowers were a great idea 🙂 Here’s my DIY lamp I did recently:

    Hope you like!

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • I love that you added flowers! I used to love playing with oil pastels. What a cool way to change up the look of the lamp. Love it!

  • so cool! love it! 😉

  • Cute !

  • He would look so cute in my craft room when it is finished, but I am in the UK.


  • That’s the cutest! The flowers really bring it to life.

  • Sorry, I love this blog so much but this lamp, oh lordy do I disagree.

  • AWw this is really nice, I really like it!


  • What a cool piece. Thanks for sharing!
    The Smell of Summer – A Boutique Lifestyle Blog

  • Oh this lamp is very very cool !


  • Oh wow he’s gorgeous!!


  • I was thrilled to see CB2 do ship to the UK but a £90 lamp is a bit expensive!

  • This is so fun! I am scared of monkeys, but this lamp is cute! Great restyle!

    Juliette Laura

  • Teehee! That’s cute!

    xo Lisa

  • Oh my goodness, I am in love with this. The monkey, the colors, my favorite flowers…wish I had this on my desk 🙂 A little reminder to not take it all so seriously sometimes.


  • Oh my gosh, I love it! Super cute. Makes me want to paint my purple elephant white!

  • Love this! So simple and cute. Anything zig zag/chevron is a win in my house 😉 xx

  • Ah, I love monkeys! The white oil pastel was a neat idea – I would never have thought of that myself. The flowers are a perfect finishing touch.


  • hahah this is so cool 🙂
    i like monkey to stay white, but I dont think I could resist not to paint him

  • The flowers are a perfect touch! And sunflowers would look lovely in the fall~

    The Occasional Indulgence

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