more Lola & Riley….

(are you kidding me? i'm pretty sure this is the cutest thing i have ever seen in my whole life!!!)

(she is pure fun. these are some of my fave layouts of hers! love the paint!)

(there is nobody else like kendra… her style reminds me of quilts and caramel apples all the way!)

(just a page about some of the things that make life SO fun. lately, i have to admit… my life has been a lot of FUN! just enjoying this season…. taking it all in!….oh how i love the colors in the *Riley* collection!)

i owe you some photos of my project from Scrapfest as well! :] 

tell me some of your favorite things to do in the fall……i am all about it! just got some little pumpkins and an orange hoodie… pretty sure i am all set for the best season ever!

  • Fall isn’t actually that much of a season here in Florida… it’s just not as hot as it is in the summer, and not as cold as it is in the winter.

    I do LOVE LOVE LOVE halloween though. And fall colors make me smile. They are days I’d like to do my whole house in fall colors 🙂

  • i love:

    *taking my girls to the pumpkin patch

    *decorating my house for autumn

    *pumpkin candles

    *leaves falling

    *making halloween costumes

    *spending time with family during this wonderful time of year.

  • In Indianapolis we go to Zoo Boo where there is a Haunted Train Ride and lots of cute trick or treaters. Also, gotta love going to the orchard and getting fresh cider. One of my favorite things this time of year though is going to all the craft fairs and bazaars. Fall is my favorite!

    Also, because my birthday is in October, too.

  • I love those pages! 🙂 I have a post on my blog from a few days ago about Fall (so excited about it this year!) but here are some of my favorites 🙂

    *Cinnamon scented candles

    *Hot cocoa

    *Pretty leaves

    *Playing board games with family

    *My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! 🙂

    Have a great day


  • OMG! That crown freakin’ rocks! So does fall. Although, in Alaska, fall isn’t really a season. Our 4 seasons consist of the beginning of winter, winter, the end of winter, and construction season! But, some random things I love about fall…

    *Pumpkins….anything pumpkin


    *Apple cider

    *Falling leaves

    *Cozy sweaters


  • Thanks to your post last year, I’m addicted to Caramel Apple Ciders from Starbucks. Also, I love going up on the mountain here in Chattanooga and enjoying the brisk air. Oh, and going on hayrides and having bonfires 🙂

  • I love:

    *the crisp fall air


    *College Football

    *Raking leaves and letting my kids start jumping (with the camera in hand)

    So excited that I finally made it over to Hobby Lobby & picked up some new Lola & Riley product. Can’t wait to get going!


  • My favorite thing about the fall is going out and picking some pumpkins and just everything that has to do with halloween. Love all the Lo’s

  • I love the fact that it gets cold and I can wear long sleeves and sweaters…. and jeans… and fun shoes (i just about wear only flip flops in the hot months). Oooh and I love the fact that Christmas is just around the courner and that means I can then start decorating 😀

  • My absolutly fav. thing for this season is the beautifull colours you find on clothes..

    Where I live in norway It’s raining all day and night right now..not fun at all but more cozy time inside the house!!

  • I just (as in 30 minutes ago) picked up the Riley line, and can not wait to use it on picture of my little Mitchell… Love the ideas and I see a birthday crown in the near future.

  • ~ Going to the pumpkin Patch with the boyfriend

    ~ making “fall” cupcakes (all those cool colors!)

    ~ Watching Girl Movies while drinking apple cider

    ~ baking, baking, baking

    ~ taking a drive in the vineyards and looking at all the changing colors

  • That crown is AWESOME!! Anyway, this is the first “real” fall I’ve had in 6 years (moved to Iowa from AZ), so I’m looking forward to going full-on with pumpkin of all shapes and colors!

    Also…love Lola and Riley, I’m teaching a class (layout on canvas) using them at my local Hobby Lobby in Oct.

  • Things I love about fall:

    Having a warm scarf around my neck in the brisk air

    The beautiful changing trees

    Our annual fall gathering of our friends at the winery..the grape vines are BEAutiful!!

    Warm drinks

  • Apple Picking

    Homemade Apple Sauce & Crisp


    Halloween Parades for the kids

    Campfires & S’mores

    Slow Cooking

    Yankee Candle- the flagship store in MA

    Brown sugared squash


    Oatmeal Cookies

    Late night or early morning walks

    Twinkling lights

    LOVE you, ELSE!

    An everyday reader for sooo very long,

    Tammy Mellish


  • Outdoors: Taking my little girl to the pumpkin patch and letting her pick the best pumpkin there.

    Indoors: Getting all cozy, watching an old movie/reading a good book, and looking out at the overcast skies.

  • letting the kids play outside.

    blue skies.

    eating anything pumpkin or cinammon

    having a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

    cool walks in the morning with my dd.

    collecting fun colored leaves.

    going to a pumpkin patch or fall festival.

    football games.

    just being outside.

    my birthday.

    i love the fall 🙂

  • Hi! I love to see that you came back to post your beautiful work. The pages are awsome.

    I have a post in my blog about what I like to do in fall, so please feel free to visit it and know a little bit more about me. Thanks, Paola

  • Fall is definitely what I miss most about living up North. Down here in Florida I pray that summer doesn’t extend into fall, I love when it’s cool here! But my favorite things about fall up North are sweatshirts, Halloween, football games, colors, camping (I love camping when it’s chilly out, something about snuggling with friends around a fire!) AND my favorite thing to do in the fall at home in NW Indiana was to go to The Dunes Ntl. Park and walk through the forest. Oh geez, now I’m all teary eyed!

  • I know

    I know

    I KNOW that you’ve mentioned before what white pens you use to write on your photos..can you share AGAIN?! I’ve tried the signo but the three I’ve tried haven’t been successful- the ink doesn’t flow AT ALL.

    As for the love of this season…

    * Apples straight from the orchard

    * Wearing scarves again

    * The crunch of leaves underfoot

    * Crisp air, sunny skies

    * Chocolate Zucchinni cake

    * i always feel a sense of thankfulness and calm this time of year!!



  • things i love about fall:

    ~the sound of leaves crunching

    ~autumn colors: brown, orange & purple


    ~apple cinnamon candles

  • elsie, I promise you and I are so connected! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall! My friends make fun of me cause ive been talking about it non stop since july-august. lol. Anyway…Some fall favorites(random order)


    *Pumpkin anything!(i got picked to go to the mid-south fair this monday to compete with my pumpkin spice bread with a caramel glaze, woo-hoo!)if you want the recipe let me know. 🙂

    * dressing up for halloween. 🙂 So what if Im 17?!

    *taking in all of nature in the fall. God really is the best artist, isn’t he?

    *Layering clothes

    *Fall Fashion



    *the cool chill in the air


    *football games

    *hot apple cider

    *starbuck’s pumpkin spice lattes

    *At church, we have a fall festival and do trunk-r-treating for the kids. I always do up a space or trunk. SO fun and whimsical!

    *for some reason baking is always fun in the fall for me. ELSIE, BAKE BAKE BAKE THIS FALL!!!!! go ahead, indulge in great, warm spices like CLOVES(essential spice for pumpkin), CINAMONN, NUTMEG,etc…

    Love the lo’s, btw.

  • We take our boys to one of those BIG pumpkin patches and roam around looking for their perfect pumpkins.

    I also love this season because I love to bake and, to me, Fall is the time of year to bake, bake, bake!

    I also love making my boys costumes and getting them ready for Halloween. This time of year just makes me happy and it puts me in the Holiday spirit for the whole upcoming Holiday season.

  • Fall

    bright blue skies

    crisp cool mountain air

    fresh snow capped mountains

    falling leaves blowing in the wind

    reds, yellows, orange, green tundra

    the amount of sunshine vs darkness

    yummy soups and pies


    roasting marshmallows


    the sounds of neighborhood children playing outside late in the afternoon after school


  • My favorite season is fall. I love the weather. Hoodie weather I call it. Traditions we have:

    pumpkin patch and carving

    apple orchard

    going down to Red Wing for the color changes.

    Great prompt for your blog!

  • Too cute!! All of it! Love the fall-ish colors! Because fall is my favorite season, there are lots i love, but I’ll name a few:

    *burning my pumpkin pie candle

    *all the beautiful trees


    *the “cripness” in the air!!

  • I know I already posted to you today BUT all of this talk about fall has made me miss being back home so much. Reading through everyone’s favorite things makes me remember all of the amazing fall days and nights I had growing up and being with friends. We are so isolated here in Florida and really don’t have any really great friends our age (all of mine live back in NW IN or WI) and I’m so freakin allergic to mosquitoes who are STILL out this time of year (yuck)! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for reminding me about one of my favorites things about life and for prompting me to call up all of my friends just to tell them no matter how far away we are or for how much longer I love and cherish them so much. Fall to me is really all about friends & family! Thanks Els!

  • I love to look at the leaves. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. I’m in Kentucky, so we do get the change of the seasons and I love it. We like to go to the local orchard and pick apples and pumpkins. I love to bake cookies when the weather starts to cool down.

    Love the new stuff. I wish I had your creativity.

  • What I love about fall:

    Taking the kids to a pumpkin farm and taking pics with them sitting on the pumpkins.

    Walking through the woods when the leaves turn color.

    Oktober Fests.

    Caramel Apples.

    Dressing the kids up for Halloween.

    Sleeping with the windows open…I love it cold!

    Harvest Veggies.

    Adn yes, that is the cutest hat!

  • I luv my sister’s fall parties. This year, she will have had her whole house remodeled and it’ll be more like a housewarming–even more yumminess. My birthday is Oct 15, so my dh always takes me to a show or jazz concert. We’ve seen Dave Brubeck, and that was awesome. I luv pumpkins and the seeds and driving to dog shows and seeing the leaves change and yard sales in the country. Oh, so much in fall. 🙂

  • I really like the writing on the picture. What did you use? Is it a certain brand of pen? (I especially like the white ink!)

  • I love wearing my peacoat, walking through leaves, smelling fires burning, getting ready for Christmas 🙂 I like to start early!

  • Fall has got to be my most favorite time of year….I love, love, love it! It doesn’t hurt that I have a fall birthday. To top it off I get to spend a few days in Ozarks soaking up the fall colors (sadly there isn’t much autumn in South Texas)….might even have to spend some time exploring Springfield.

  • Hey..

    i just love ALL of your stuff.

    it always makes me feel happy. i crave your creativity. but i was wondering if you think its weird to look at things and be like that is what i did? like stickers and be like. thats my handwriting?

  • I will admit, I’m more of a spring girl, but I do enjoy:

    1. White mochas with caramel drizzle

    2. Sleeping when it’s raining

    3. Uggs!

    4. Wearing leggings under dresses

    5. Snuggling up under a blanket and watching a movie

    6. Apple Hill (a magical place with apple-picking, pony rides, pumpkin patches and petting zoos!)

    7. Candy Corn 🙂

    8. Re-connecting with family and old friends

    9. The wonderful, decadent holiday meals!

    10. Taking lots of pictures along the way!

    Stay fabulous Elsie!

  • hi sweetie,

    wow how great to see a lo by you again! What fall is about here? Well I love the cold mornings! It smells so fresh! Or a walk in the woods and smell fall! Being inside where it’s nice and cosy, light candles (preferable scented ones) write a lot, I really want to create things like paintings and poetry (while I suck at it!), warm sweaters and warm thick socks! Hot chocolate is allowed again, home made apple pie, Oh I love fall, the colors of the leaves, time to harvest, and I can go on and on and on and on!!!


  • Fall is my absolute favorite season too. I love to sit out on my porch swing with a good home decorating magazine and a vanilla latte…that’s pretty much heaven to me. 🙂 I also love fall festivals and trips to the orchard. Fall makes just about anything more fun in my book. 🙂

  • Love your page, Elsie!!! I, too, LOVE the colors in the Riley collection!!

    And Fall is my favorite season! I love making a yummy, fall-like breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays in the fall! I don’t have the time during the week to make a good, fancy breakfast for my family. So the weekends, I scour my cookbooks and come up with some really fun, fall comfort food!! :o)

  • Fall..Autumn…definately my FAVORITE season of all!!!

    * taking the kiddos to the pumpkin patch

    * apple orchard

    * Tim Horton’s Hot Apple Ciders

    * Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice coffee

    * Halloween

    * gourds, squash and pumpkins

    * Sweet & Spice pumpkin seed recipe

    * yum….everything about Fall!!!!

  • Hey girlie! I love to go to bon fires… roast marshmellows, rake leaves and jump in the big pile and wear warm cozy clothes! Oh, I have a LOLA layout on my blog Come see!

  • Love the layouts… Fall is…. Pumpkin Patches * picking apples * baking * candles * Art Fairs * making my fall/ Halloween/ Christmas decorations * making my son’s Halloween Costume (this year: an easy button) * making Christmas gifts* kind of a busy time, now that I think about it 🙂

  • My favorite things include putting up all my fall/halloween decor…and walking through parks with E while the leaves fall…and taking her trick-or-treating at the mall…and wearing sweatshirts with hoods.

  • My kids LOVE Halloween in the fall and here in Nevada it snowed and they went trick or treating in the snow and just HAD A BLAST!


  • Fall is awesome…It comes a bit later in SC than many parts, but it does come. I love the beginning of football season, which is in full swing now…and its still 90 degrees.

    I love going pumpkin patches, apple orchards, corn “maizes”, etc.

    I love getting to dress in fall clothes (eventually), which is almost like having a new wardrobe after wearing summer clothing for soooo long.

    I love decorating my house for fall, planting some fall flowers.

    Taking drives to look at the leaves changing colors.

    Just a fantastic time of year with so much to do!

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