moving week

1hello friends. i am splitting my days between work and packing right now. next week i will be settling into a new loft and by later in the week this blog will probably become very very full of photos of my new home!

i like packing because i always find things that i forgot about (a cute dress, a handmade something, an old journal…) it's really fun. and i also really love throwing things away and cleaning out! anyone else love that feeling? out with the old!

oh! yesterday i painted a very jim houser inspired scalloped trim on one of my new walls…. here is a pic from one of his installations,

do you want to hear a sad sad story…. i was carrying a big bag of anthropologie glassware into my new loft and one of the handles on the bag broke and glass broke everywhere…. sadness!

oooh.. and some cute japanese fabric i found on etsy….

and my favorite new fabrics from heather ross. i LOVE mermaids!

back to packing… have a lovely day! elsie

  • oh wow that mermaid fabric is gggreat!!

    I’ve moved all too often in my little life time, but yeah I love the feeling of starting fresh, and feeling organized.

    I’m love loving the scallops idea, your place is going to be the b-o-m-b, no doubt.

    Have fun!!!

    xo holly

  • Looking forward to seeing the new loft pics…that scalloped paint treatment sounds so cute! So sad about your Anthro glasses…I would have definitely cried. 🙁

  • Hi Elsie!

    I sorry to hear about the broken glass! Things like that happen when you’re moving.

    I’m packing too right now. Bit a sad story cuz my boyfriend and I decided to split up after 13 years.

    And I dont have a new house yet, so I move in with my parents. But that’s not to bad cuz I have my own living room and bedroom. I only have to share the bathroom with them. So from there I will try to find my new own place. But maybe I will do some traveling first. I would love to visit your country. Making plans for that.

    But besides all the bad things right now, I feel it’s good to do a big cleanup in my closets. And I cant wait to start my new life!

    And I’m totally happy today cuz I bought a very cute car!!!

    Well… good luck with packing and enjoy your new place! Cant wait to see the pics!!!



  • Yeah, when you move and pack all your stuff is soo exciting! I like this feeling. I love also cleaning (throwing away) the things I don’t and won’t use – sometimes I ask my friends if they are interested to take the stuff. It’s like you’re cleaing your soul too, you begin something new!

    I’m sorry for the glassware – it’s one of the jokes of our life ;))



  • So excited about your move. I love seeing how you fill a space and decorate it.

    Shame about the glass I hate it when I break beautiful things I find it hard to throw them away!!!

    Talking about mermaids my friend made these *gorgeous* mermaid tails for her girls to where at the beach…how cool is that! 🙂 I will send you a photo when I have one bc I know that you would love them

  • #1. that is SO sad about the anthropologie glass! Boo!

    #2. I’m sorry that i don’t share your same love for packing, but i as well LOVE to clean things OUT and get rid of the old.

    #3. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with the walls in your new loft and such.


    #4. I ADORE mermaids as well! that fabric is…beautiful!

  • My 8 year old was googling the other day, trying to find out if mermaids were real. Gotta love that.

    Sorry ’bout your glass! Looking forward to pics of the new place, though!

  • i lo-ove the mermaid fabric! and super sad about your Anthro glasses… sniffles :o(

    out with the old… in with the new! what a great feeling! and going back to one mans trash is another mans treasure… anything worth keeping in your old pile could come to montana!!! ;o) hint hint!

    cannot wait to see your new space! fun and inspiring as always! good luck with the rest of packing and we’ll be waiting to see pics!


  • ooohhhhh my favorite… mermaids!!! love love love the new fabric, i’m curious, do you have any plans for the mermaid fabric??? can’t wait to see pics of your new loft, to the sounds of it it will be a very colorful place!!!

  • That scallop trim wall is going to be so cute!!! 🙂 🙂

    P.S. Getting rid of old things & clutter is definitely a great feeling…very freeing! 😉

  • That Halloween fabric is so super cute!

    I love this time of year and Halloween is just an added bonus amongst all the other things that make Autumn amazing!

    Do you mind sharing where on Etsy you found the Halloween fabric?

    Best wishes on your new adventure!

  • That is so sad about your glasses. :[

    My husband, my little children and I just moved from Perth to Melbourne and it was tiring but so much fun.

    Having a cleanout is wonderful. It almost feels like you are cleaning out your mind or something…..

    Plus, you get to do things in your new home that you didn’t do in your last. It’s a great feeling and you feel invigorated.

    I love your material and I am so looking forward to seeing what you are doing in your new love shack.


  • Good luck with the move, love the wall and the fabrics. So sad about the glassware, I would have cried. Can’t wait for the pictures.

  • Oh, Elsie… I just had to leave a comment for you today because you are my favorite blogger and I don’t think I’ve ever told you! I’m always hoping to see a new post from you on my google reader page! Just thought you should know…

    ps tell your sis to start a blog of her own!!! I need her inspiration on a regular basis!

  • Moving is not my favourite thing in the world but finding stuff I had forgotton about… I love.

    Good luck with the move and since visiting your blog over the past few weeks I have become a fan of fabric. I even made a little book for my daughter, I did sew, which my mother is still in shock about, and she loves the book. It is a celebration of her turning “10” so thanks heaps for the inspiration.

    XXX Tracey 🙂

  • That’s a sad story about your glass! When I moved last I dropped a box and broke half my dinner plates. Now I have a hodgepodge of various plates and like it better anyway! 🙂

  • –Where did you find all of that mermaid fabric? I can’t decide which pattern I love the most :D!

    –The Japanese fabric is too cute.

    –I go through the same thing when I’m cleaning. It’s easy to get side-tracked when you find something you forgot you had.

  • Love, LOVE the new wall decor, you totally ROCK!!!

    So sorry about the glassware though, such a bummer when you break things that are so meaningful!!

  • I follow your blog every day and am excited to see your new space! Bummer about the glasses. I hate when that happens. Oh, and I feel the same way about purging as you … love finding great deals on new stuff but send the “new to someone else” things down the road. Spread the joy is what I say!

  • I follow your blog every day and am excited to see your new space! Bummer about the glasses. I hate when that happens. Oh, and I feel the same way about purging as you … love finding great deals on new stuff but send the “new to someone else” things down the road. Spread the joy is what I say!

  • I follow your blog every day and am excited to see your new space! Bummer about the glasses. I hate when that happens. Oh, and I feel the same way about purging as you … love finding great deals on new stuff but send the “new to someone else” things down the road. Spread the joy is what I say!

  • Sometimes finding things you forgot you had is like an early Cristmas. Or at my age (48) a reminder of how adle-brainned I’m getting. 🙂

    Sorry you had broken glass to pick up. Thses things can and will happen while moving.

    That wall is so creative and inspirational. I can just imagine what you have done with yours (can’t wait to see if my imagination is right or not).

    The fabrice are just lovely. My granddaughter would adore that stack of mermaid fabrics.

    Do take care and I’ll be looking forward to the wonderful photos of your new loft.


  • Broken Anthropologie…eeks! Sorry! Fabric is freakn amazingly cute & colorful, and the inspiration?? That sight is so awesome! I think I’m going to join! Are you a member?? You should be! I have put together several outfits inspired by you, thinking in my brain, “This is very Elsie”!! I have also found quite a few thrifted pieces, boots included, thinking the same thing…you are just so darn cute! And I am a 35 year old mother of 4!

  • love the fabrics, especially how the pinks, yellows, and lime greens go together so well!

    so sad about the glassware. anthropologie has some nice housewares. wish i could afford them.

  • so sad about the anthropologie glasswares.

    love the fabrics, especially how the pinks, yellows, and lime greens go so well together. plus, mermaids are awesome!

  • Love your blog,

    you are such an inspiration!

    Good luck with the moving,

    it’s all worth it when you’r settled in!

    Got an award for you in my blog!!!

  • I totally love the feeling of a clean, fresh start- whenever I clean out something, I always find old birthday money. I can’t wait until I get to see pics of your new place. Happy packing!

  • hey everyone!

    if you just use the search engine on etsy (choose “supplies”) and search for heather ross OR japanese fabric you will find these prints and much more. i don’t buy from any one fabric shop on etsy, but i’ve had great experiences with lots of them!!! 😀

  • hye Elsie…ive always loved ur blog and always follow ur updates for ur latest artwork….and im pleased to give u an award. Check it out at our blog…. i’ve given u the “i love ur blog” award

  • Hey Elsie!! Hope you are having fun moving into your new home. I always love seeing how all my stuff fits into a new space (being a military family we do it more than we should…:)) Anyway, I have a question for you. I bought your Peter Pan kit to do a book for my son (one half of boy-girl twins). I missed the boat on the Alice in Wonderland kit. I would love to do his sister a mini book with your Alice in Wodnerland kit…are you going to make more of them? Thanks.


    Omaha, NE

  • Elsie,

    It sounds like these glasses were new no? If so, I would perhaps do one or both of the following if they pertain and you are up for it (i’m kind feisty about things like this so it’s the thing I would do) #1 If you happened to pay for your glasses with an American Express card or some type of preferred Visa/Mastercard you could call the credit card company. They will ofter cover you for a loss like this. Also, I might call the manager or even better go to see him/her face to face at the store of the Anthroplogie location, after all it sound like they overstuffed the bag beyond it’s capacity. Perhaps they will make you some offer for a discount or replacement. That would be the least they could do, just my two cents…

  • Hey Elsie!

    I have to know if anymore of that fabric is for sale on etsy!! My daughter’s birthday party is going to be mermaids and this would be soooo perfect. How cute would that fabric be for goodie bags and then all the little girls can keep them!! email me the seller and I’ll search etsy for it.



  • i love the halloween fabric, and even more, i LOVE purging before a move!!! it’s a great chance to tackle reorganization and to be inspired to “shake things up” at a new space instead of assigning a permanent spot for every item in your house- that vase MUST go in the dining room, that chair HAS TO go in the bedroom, etc. I love to just pack it up and unpack it at random! Still all the same things you love but possibly in a more appealing format!

  • Ahh shame about the glass! I broke my favourite tea mug but I got a new favourite one now 🙂

    Love the fabric!

    I love clearing out too, I take loads of stuff to the charity shop and they are always happy to have it. And I am happy to get rid of it!

  • I love moving… well, the purging and organizing part especially. Setting up a studio space is much more fun than setting up the bathroom and kitchen.

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