Mustard Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Mustard Brussels SproutsAs you know (because I keep talking about it) I love me some Brussels sprouts. So of course I wanted to include a Brussels sprouts dish for Friendsiving. Do you want to know a secret?

My all time favorite way to prepare Brussels sprouts is extra crispy with just a little olive oil, sea salt and a fresh squeezed lemon juice. Simple. One of my favorite quick dinners.

But when cooking for others (especially friends or family) I also want to fancy it up a little. For these sprouts I added a little zing with a dijon mustard dressing. Here’s how to make your own:

Mustard Brussels Sprouts (via A Beautiful Mess)Mustard Brussels Sprouts, serves 8-12 as a side.

-3 cartons of sprouts (enough to fill a medium size casserole dish)
-4 tablespoons oil
-3 teaspoons dijon mustard
-1/4 cup white wine vinegar
-1/3 cup sunflower seeds and/or sesame seeds
-salt and pepper.

Rinse the sprouts. Slice the sprouts in half and place in bowl. Coat with the oil and a few sprinkles of salt and pepper. Bake at 350°F for 26-30 minutes.

In a small mason jar, combine the mustard and vinegar. Secure the lid and shake to combine. Once the sprouts are done pour on the dressing and stir to make sure all sprouts get evenly coated. Sprinkle on the nuts and serve hot.

I Love Brussels Sproutsxo. Emma

  • Hi Emma, I Just made this today for the 100th time. Thought you might like to know that the recipe has been a fave ever since you posted it:)

  • I tried this recipe last night and it was amazing !!! I had no vinegar at home so I used aged condensed balsamic vinegar and it was fantastic. thank you !!!

  • definitely need to make brussel sprouts today! Found your blog through blog-surfing. Can’t wait to see what other delicious foods you prepare. I love the colour of all the photos in this entry!!


  • Soounds delightful. I’m one of those odd people who actually likes brussel sprouts.

  • I love me some sprouts too! And I look forward to them at Christmas because they are probably the only thing in the supermarket that is still a little seasonal since they probably wouldn’t sell well during the rest of the year 😉 Love your Dijon dressing idea, I must try that out. I’m not sure my mum would want it on the actual Christmas dinner but I’m sure I’ll get the chance with the obligatory leftovers! I’m partial to a good mustard 🙂 Maybe sprinkling in some bacon bits wouldn’t go amiss either – although there’s not so much of that leftover usually 😛

  • I’m off to buy the ingredients tonight to put in the fridge until Thanksgiving morning. This is going to be my side dish offering at my mother’s Thanksgiving table. Thank you for the idea!

  • This looks soooo good! I’ll have to try it out! This is my favorite brussel sprout recipe so far:

  • Awesome! I love roasting or baking Brussels sprouts with potatoes and carrots and then adding mustard to them, it’s delicious!

  • YUM! My friend cooked me up a brussel sprout centeric meal yesterday, and I believe I’m a new convert to this brussel-craze! Love em

    I’ll be trying this soon

  • So lovely! I just love Brussels Sprouts and Mustard, so, those two putted together are surely a most! Cant wait to try it friday night!

    Olive xox

  • Hi Emma, could you write a post on how you prepare your favorite way of eating brussel sprouts? (crispy with olive oil, sea salt, and lemon juice.) it sounds so delicious. thanks!!

  • This was absolutely delicious, I just made it. I used white balsamic vinegar instead of white wine because I didn’t have it.

  • Yummy! A great alternative to just regular brussell sprouts, that’s such a fun way to spice it up!

  • Okay, this article has been starred. I’m going to make that with Christmas dinner this year and it is going to taste amazing!

  • I’ve only had brussel sprouts with a cheesy or buttery sauce. This way sounds yummy. I’ll have to try it sometime.

  • Also obsessed with brussel sprouts, but I get bored with my same method (similar to the one you described with lemon). I love this recipe though, getting so many great ideas for Thanksgiving this year!

    Strive to Thrive,

  • Im definetly going to give this a try. I love brussel sprouts but I never know just how to make them, and this looks delish.

  • I’m not a huge fan of sprouts but this looks delicious! xx

  • My man friend hates brussels sprouts but I love them! The only way I can get him to eat them is by peeling all the little leaves apart and hiding them in a salad. Haha. I sound like I have a two year old…

  • These are my favorite vegetable I am going to have to try this! Shop Dresses Online at CopperEtiquette and Refer A Friend And Win

  • Ive never tried Brussel Sprouts before…but all these posts from Emma are making me want to give it a try! Thanks 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

  • I love brussel sprouts!! I’ve never tried them with mustard…


  • Yum! I’ve never made brussel sprouts before but I may have to give this recipe a try!!

  • I always get a tad bit hungry when I visit this blog. Like you, I am in love with these great, little green sprouts. I’ve only ever had them in a butter sauce. I’ll definitely have to try them like this!

  • Haha, you do keep on talking about it! You almost have me believing that brussel sprouts can be tasty… almost…

  • i m from brussels and i hate this so much but yours look so delicious!

  • This looks delicious! 🙂 I wanted to thank you for creating the blog desing e-course, I enrolled a couple of days ago and now my blog looks just the way I wanted it to, such a sweet deal. Thank you so much guys, I recommend your e-course to everyone who is interested in how I’ve designed and coded my blog.

    Ilsie xxx

  • Wow, I thought brussels sprouts were boring, but you proved me wrong! I have some in my fridge at the moment, so I’m going to try this one!

  • We keep our roasted brussels sprouts pretty routine because they come out so perfectly (fig balsamic and salt), but one day I’ll have to give this a shot. Sounds like there’d be a nice kick ‘n’ crunch with the mustard and seeds. 🙂

  • It looks really healthy and yummy. Perfect like always.

  • Never had Brussel sprouts with mustard before, can’t wait to try them!

  • mmmmmmm!these look so yummy!im about to send this link to my mum, since we are the only two people who eat Brussels sprouts in our family!yum!

  • Interesting recipe! I will try this with my sprouts I’m growing in my allotment 🙂

  • Thanks so much for this recipe! I bought brussels sprouts (because of you) yesterday and already made the amazing chips, but this recipe sounds perfect to use up the rest of them! (:

  • I am also a brussels sprouts fiend, only to be rivaled by my fiancée. We usually go the olive oil, sea salt and lemon route, but I am definitely going to have to try this!

  • I’m really excited to try this!! I often roast brussels sprouts but I’m excited to try the addition of mustard dressing and sunflower seeds!! thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  • Well, this looks amazing!

    I just wanted to let you know that I bought your Blog love e-course last night (and stayed up until 3am to read every bit of it!) and I’ve never been so inspired to blog! I’m already eyeing up the dream job e-course!

    So I guess I just want to thank you for consistently sharing and creating really amazing things.


  • hmm, this looks lovely! one of my favorite ways to prepare brussel sprouts is with a little butter and almonds 🙂 now i think i might go and make something with brussel sprouts tomorrow 😀
    xo, cheyenne

  • These looks delicious!
    Do you know if this would work with frozen brussel sprouts or would they become mush? Here in Australia fresh sprouts are over $10.00 a kg

    Thanks, Becky

  • I love baked Brussels sprouts! I usually put some bacon in with them. I love the addition of the seseame and sunflower seeds!

  • Yumm… Perfect holiday side dish. Xo Inna


  • I love brussel sprouts and I am always trying to find new ways to prepare them. I will have to try this with the brand new batch that I just bought at the store. Thanks for posting this!!

  • Beautiful! I tried to grow brussel sprouts in my garden but I’m a novice and planted them in the wrong season. Next year though, I’ll be ready!


  • I love me some brussels too 🙂 This looks really good! Got some growing in the garden, should be ready by Christmas…I’ll bookmark this recipe ’til then!

  • Love brussels sprouts! Definitely going to give this recipe a try. Looking forward to more Friendsgiving recipes!

  • I was waiting for this recipe! I adore Brussel sprouts! And whole mustard? Even better!

  • This recipe looks amazing! I am becoming a brussels addict and I forever hated them. I mean…I cried, literally cried, when my mom used to make me eat them. She really knew what was up :).

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