My Christmas Wishlist (For The Whole Family!)

How many shopping days are left until Christmas?? While I did start shopping a little earlier than usual this year, I’m definitely still completing my holiday wishlist for the whole family. I thought I’d share some of my most favorite items in case they turn out to be a favorite of yours as well! This year, I partnered with Bed Bath and Beyond to create a list of holiday goodies that are perfect for family shopping, as they have so many categories and items to choose from at all different price points—and they’ve made holiday shopping easy this year with options like in-store pickup and curbside service. It’s free and you can get your items brought out to your car within two hours or less!. Hurray for easy! Here are my top five picks for each member of our family …

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I was so excited to find this portable essential oil diffuser, as it’s perfect for travel but also for keeping on my desk to plug into my computer while I work—it’s so tiny and cute! I’m totally the person who is always cold in winter, so I like to spend most of my time under a cozy blanket when off duty and this blanket is amazing! It’s like a fluffy cloud on your lap, I swear. I always love a good cheese board for entertaining (and it’s nice to have a mix of small and big ones) and the gold monogram letter is a nice personalized touch.

I’ve had the same white noise/alarm clock for over 10 years now and it’s also kind of giant on our nightstand, so I’ve been wanting something a little sleeker and smaller now that that technology has gotten better. I found this light therapy clock that has sounds as well, and it’s perfect! You can set it to wake up to certain lights and sounds which is great for a more “gentle” waking experience, so I’m excited to try out that option as well. And last but not least, I’ve been dying to get my own espresso machine for like a decade now and it’s finally happening!! I remember seeing an espresso maker just like this one at someone’s house and I loved that it ground the beans for you right on the spot so you always have super fresh coffee to use for your latte. I’m going to be making one heck of a lot of coffee on Christmas morning and I can’t wait!! Love this speckled mug as well …

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I love shopping for kids—it’s so fun! The first thing on my list isn’t exactly a toy (since you wouldn’t want a kid to use it by themselves) but this mini waffle iron is so cute and it’s a great way to get kids interested in making weekend brunch with you when they get to help make tiny waffles that are just the perfect size for them! I love these little reusable sticker books—they are great for keeping kids busy in the car and the stickers can be used over and over again, which makes them last for a while. I also love this wall hanging from the Marmalade line to add to a bedroom or playroom—always yes to rainbows and tassels!

Lola just played with her first remote controlled car and she was SO into it! I found these bumper cars so two people can play, and when they bump into each other hard enough the drivers eject from their seats, which she will think is hilarious! Play food is huge around here as Lola is super into playing restaurant and cooking in her play kitchen. I love this felt pizza set and it has lots of layers and toppings so she can create them differently each time she makes one!

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Todd has been obsessed with robot vacuums ever since he had one when they first came out like 12-15 years ago. He keeps saying at least twice a year that he wants another one, so maybe this is finally the year he gets his wish? We have a lot of great trees in our yard at our new house, so talks of hammocks have been flying and I think this one would be perfect. Todd’s always into a “multi tool” and he picked this one out since it can measure, saw, and hammer, so it’s great for an outdoorsy person who wants to be prepared. Todd loves a good slipper, but he’s always trying to wear his “indoor only” slippers outside—I figured these indoor/outdoor slippers would be great for him so he can get the mail or whatever he wants while still staying cozy. And speaking of cozy, Todd loves a good tub soak more than any other person I know, so I thought he should finally have a tub caddy where he can have a drink, read a book, or an iPad to watch a show while he relaxes in the tub. He’s basically a champion relaxer and we could all learn a thing or two from him on that front.

So there you have it! Our family holiday shopping wishlist is complete, so now I just need to get to wrapping and decorating to make our new home feel as cozy and warm as I can during the holiday season (I know we could all use some extra cheer this year for certain). Hope you’re feeling the holiday spirit as well! xo Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

  • I own that espresso machine, and it’s easily in the top 5 of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’ve used it at least 1000 times and it works like a dream. We rarely go out for coffee since we can make such great drinks at home.

  • That robot vacuum would change the game! We have 3 large dogs that shed with every step they take ?

  • I got that exact espresso machine a few months back and I LOVE it! Game changer!

  • I love the blanket and I know a couple kids who would go crazy for those bumper cars!

  • That espresso machine is dreams! Also, totally understand the indoor/outdoor need for slippers.

  • Love the light therapy clock! I’ve never tried one but I’ve heard great things for helping with a healthier sleep cycle ?

  • A light therapy clock sounds cool. I usually wake up to a toddler jumping on me! The blanket looks awesome too.

  • I would definitely get the white, fuzzy blanket. I already have too many, but it looks SO soft I can’t resist.

  • Such great holiday picks! For me I would hands down jump up and down for that espresso machine! ?

  • Light therapy clock for my husband, bumper cars for the kiddos and the multi-tool for me!

    • The light clock would be so great for my boyfriend! He insists on using a giant box fan for white noise when we sleep ?

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