My Favorite Essential Oils to Diffuse at Home

My favorite essential oils to diffuse at home Hey, guys! I have been diffusing essential oils at bedtime for about two years now, and I just realized I’ve never shared my favorites here with you!

I first started diffusing lavender oil a few years ago when I was having issues with insomnia. I don’t necessarily believe that the oils healed my sleeping issues (cutting way back on alcohol and cutting out using my computer in bed is what did it for me!), but I absolutely loved the routine of it. So I continued. I am a big believer in routines and triggers. Certain songs and scents have the ability to transport me to a happy place, provide nostalgia or reinforce daily routines. So, for me, diffusing oils every night is a thing that helps me get in the mood for sleep.

Here are my favorites, and I’ll share what I think they are good for as well!

Fresh & Happy. Lemon, Grapefruit, Wild Orange. I love these scents for daytime, not so much for sleeping. Although I do think citrus is nice mixed with lavender for sleeping… very summery! Lemon is one of my all-time favorite scents because it reminds me of my grandma. Out of these three, I’ve definitely used grapefruit the most.

Warm & Rustic. Clove, White Fir, Cassia. For that fall-winter mood (which for me kind of lasts all year long as far as which scents I naturally gravitate toward). For some reason I cannot use clove and cassia at night, but I love them during the day in place of a candle. Clove smells exactly like the spice and mixes well with any other warm, rustic scent. Cassia smells like cinnamon. White fir is my favorite oil ever. It smells the most like a good candle to me. It’s what I use for my laundry as well. It blends well with the neutral and clean scents.

Neutral & Clean. Purify, Bergamot, Eucalyptus. I would also include lavender and peppermint here – I just didn’t have them for a photo. Purify is not my favorite scent for sleeping, but it’s very clean and puts me in more of a spring cleaning mood. Bergamot and eucalyptus are my top two that I currently use at bedtime every night (mixed together). Lavender is the most well-known oil for sleep, it’s just not my personal preference. Peppermint is so refreshing and nice! I use a lot of skincare products that have peppermint oil in them, and I just love it.

My advice is to start small – collect a few oils and add to them over time. You definitely do not have to use the brand I am using. I chose it because they are food grade and even though I don’t use them for food, they are sometimes ingredients in things like toothpaste and oil pulling cubes that I have been experimenting with. Also, I just like the packaging.

You will also need a diffuser. Mine is pretty boring and ugly (the little plastic white box from DoTerra brand also), but it does the job! If I get another one (which I plan to for our living spaces or maybe my office), I think I would either get a woodgrain one or a pink one maybe?

Alright! I hope this has been helpful! I know many of you have far more experience with this topic than I do, so please chime in and share your favorite oils to diffuse as well. We’d love to hear! xx- Elsie

Credits//Author and Photography: Elsie Larson. 

  • My very very favorite is to mix equal parts lemon and wild citrus together in the diffuser while I make breakfast. Try it, you’ll love it I am sure!

  • Elsie!!
    Please check my website. This brand sells not only swiss natural essential oils, but also a bunch of products made with essential oils (such as bath foams, body butters, creams, bath salts, etc) they are simply AMAZING!!!!!!

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  • Thanks! I just got some from Amazon but since I never bought direct from doTERRA I don’t have anything to compare it to. Love all these essential oil and natural product posts you’ve been doing lately!

  • I buy mine from Amazon and they’re exactly the same as the ones I bought from my friend when she used to sell it. 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • I noticed you link to Amazon, is that where you buy your oils from? I know a doTERRA representative and she told me the people who sell their oils on Amazon are not legit and you might get a tampered product! What do you think about the quality you got?

  • It’s no coincidence that I read this email just now. I’ve been wanting to get more into oils. Loving these scent recommendations. Thank you for sharing.

  • I love using aniseed oil for sinus problems and has a warm cosy feeling to it when burning or put a few drops in the bath. Lemongrass essential oil is my fave for adding as a cleanser, a spray in the toilet, burner, soap, in the car 🙂

  • I started with doterra because of the packaging and stayed with doterra because of the superior quality. Great combos! One of my favorites is Doterra Citrus Bliss and Lemongrass together. So uplifting! Also a class of Wild Orange and Peppermint is always great. I am an essential oil educator with Doterra. If anyone has questions or is interested in getting started with essential oils, I’d be happy to help! email me at or simply text me 562-508-0435 🙂

  • That woodgrain defuser is 60% off! Snap it up!

  • doTerra has my favorite packaging for oils as well! A+ to whoever designed it.

  • It’s wonderful that you divided them into mood groups, I think I have to get some as well (if they weren’t so expensive)!

    • There is the initial investment in essential oils but what is wonderful is how little it takes to have a big impact. One drop of Peppermint EO is only 8 cents…and Wild Orange is only 2 cents. Plus you earn points back just like airplane miles…lots of great ways to save money on amazing oils! 🙂

  • Hi Elsie, really fantastic post on your choice of essential oils. I gave it a try at the weekend and found it very therapeutic.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I was wondering if you, or anyone else, had experience with the diffuser(s) from Muji and what you think.

  • Thanks for sharing! I am a certified aromatherpist and wanted to share that one of the best ways to get the most out of the citrus is to combine it with Spearmint! My favorite diffuser blend for during the day is Grapefruit, Basil and Spearmint! It’s Divine!

  • Great post Elsie!! I love the recommendations you have give , I have a bunch of essential oils I use in skin care that I want to start using around the home so you have inspired me.

    May I ask what kind of diffuser you use? I’ve looked online and have seen there are different types of diffusers, I am unsure which type is best/which one to get

    Thank you!

  • Love using essential oils in everything from beauty to household cleaning! Something random but a while ago I created a natural linen spray using lavender and it not only works really well but smells so good! Never used a diffuser though. Do you like them better than a candle? Or are they just different? I imagine it would be a little stronger of a smell..

  • I love diffusing oils! It makes my home feel so happy!


  • I just googled oil pulling and I’m so interested in trying it! Thanks for sharing how you do it. Have you noticed a difference since you started oil pulling?


  • Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  • Ah, you’ve convinced to give this a try. I ended up buying the starter kit and the wood grain diffuser. Can’t wait to give it a try especially since the diffuser acts as a humidifier as well. Thank you.

  • I am crazy about oils ! Love it .

    Jillian –

  • Yay for diffusing essential oils!! I think they are so helpful for setting your morning and winding down at night. I look forward to using it every day!!


  • Love this! Ill try them out! Wouldn’t have thought of those combos myself 🙂 I’m in love with a mixture of Lavender and Frankincense in my diffuser. 🙂

  • Greenair makes some pretty sleek and modern diffusers…you should check them out! We carry a few (and we are based in Nashville). If you’re interested in one, let me know and we can hook you up! ?

  • Great combinations =o) I really enjoy lavender when I am exhausted and want to enjoy a good nights sleep or eucalyptus in the winter time to help with sinus congestion from colds

  • I love those oils, I went a little crazy and bought quite a few and love experimenting with different combos in the diffusers. I bought one for the bedroom and one for the living room 🙂

  • gotta have that doTERRA! Purify and Bergamot are my go-to’s! love it!

  • I love this post! I have just recently brought a diffuser and I am really loving it so its great to read different recipes I can use, especially liking the sound of the fresh and happy one! x

  • Essential oils always remind me of when I was a kid! Whenever we were ill or had a cold, my mum would always bring up an oil diffuser to our rooms. I need to get myself a little collection! I can imagine I’d especially love the citrusy ones!
    xo April | April Everyday

  • So glad it’s helpful Anne!
    Have a great weekend!
    xx- Elsie

  • Yep! What you do is heat the oil just enough so that it melts (not cooking it or boiling it) and then add a few drops of peppermint oil (for flavor) and myrrh oil if you want (supposed to be healthy for teeth) and then put 1 tablespoon into each little ice cube mold (I use the smaller silicon square molds like I use for cocktail ice cubes. Then stick them in the fridge until they get hard. Then put them all into a plastic bag and every morning just pull one cube out to use and it melts in your mouth.
    XX- elsie

  • More christmassy I guess. Like a really good winter candle.
    xx- Elsie

  • I’ve been planning to incorporate essential oils into my room to give it that extra detail and personality. How timely! Thanks for this post guys!

  • I’m a trained Aromatherapist, so I love a good oil myself. Happy weekend.

  • Hi Elsie, thanks for the great post on essential oils! I too have been recently using them for various things around the house. Could you explain how you use the oils in oil pulling cubes? I’ve tried oil pulling a couple of times and would love to know if essential oils make it any more bearable.

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the post – I’ve been wanting to get into aromatherapy! Does white fir smell like a christmas tree or is it just more woodsy in general?

  • I am a great fan of tea tree oil – both its smell and beauty products that contain it!

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