My Favorite Halloween D.I.Y. Projects!


In honor of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to gather up a list of some of my very favorite spooky projects from our archives! This Rag Doll Costume Tutorial kinda took the cake for me this year. So sweet!


What about these adorable cupcake toppers? They are a free download! I love them so much, especially the girl with the cat ears. Danny Brito made them for A Beautiful Mess last Halloween.


Painted Pumpkins. I made these little guys back in 2009…♥


I will forever love the Lady Bird Costume. Readers have sent me some adorable photos of their own costumes made with this D.I.Y. This one was done last Autumn by Chelsea of Seablanket.


I adoreee these wicked witch lemon honey lollipops! It's a yummy recipe and a cool technique! This special treat was shared here last Autumn by Katie.


and a snapshot from our first halloween together… just for fun! I hope you all have a very wicked weekend…. xo. elsie

  • I love this! My mom made me a Raggedy Ann costume when I was about seven, which would have been 1978. Eek! It was so cute. She made the whole thing and my tights were white with red duct tape (or something similar) stripes. Thanks for the memory!

  • The ragdoll costumes are soooo adorable! Love it! And that picture of you and your hubby is great. You guys are as cute as cupcakes 🙂

  • what cute picks! I love the painted pumpkin you did! happy halloween and thanks for the inspiration as always!

  • such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing. You’ve inspired me to get crafty with my costume next year xx

  • I actually used the ladybird costume as an inspiration for my own Halloween look this year! I wrote a post about it on my little blog:

    Thanks for the idea!

  • Halloween is such a fun occasion to be creative with makeup and outfits! Hey Elsie, what are you going to be this Halloween? Do share photos with us!

    Fang Ting

  • i LOVE the skeleton shirts and the ragdoll costume!

  • So fun! I can’t wait to share photos of my costume this year. I’m Olive Oyl!


  • I think I should try at least the lollipops, but I must confess I would love to have this dress for everyday not only for Halloween!

  • My favorite Halloween DIY this year was definitely CharlaVail’s skeleton sweater (

    She even sold a few and raised $3,000 for Multiple Sclerosis! Amazing.

  • Awesome DIY!

    I absolutely adore the bone shirts. It makes me wanna watch Donnie Darko pronto! I also love the lady bird costume. Need to learn to sew though!

  • you two are so stinking adorable! love your hair in that bottom pic. and those painted pumpkins are dreamy. xo

  • now i really can’t wait for halloween!

  • Really cute! I’m actually going to be using that ragdoll tutorial!

    I’ll post photos on my blog and put a link under the tutorial so you guys can see how it turned out!

  • haha I like seeing old pictures of you two!


  • What a wonderful surprise you to know “Emilia”, the rag doll!!! This is a story created by the great brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato. I grew up reading his books and watching the series Sítio do Picapau amarelo (The Ranch of Yellow Woodpecker), where born smart rag doll. What a beautiful curtsy. I’m feeling flattered. I believe in the name of Brazilian literature thank you! Have a good time, Kisses.

  • What a wonderful round up!! I love the photo of you + Jeremy from when you first started dating!! You two are SO cute!!!

  • I love the lady bird costume! Hmmm…wondering if my husband will do a theme costume next year. Lady and Lord birds with a baby bird?

    Also, what is the name of you comment system. I like the layout 🙂


  • Mmm that lemon lollypop looks so good. Anything lemony, and I’m there. Love the photo of you guys on your first Halloween together!

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  • Love the Lady bird costume and I so have to try those Lollipops!

    When I was a kid I used to Love halloween, and I was upset every year because nobody here in germany celebrates halloween. Now years and years later, I can’t stand the fact that everybody here started celebrating halloween.

    It’s a weird thing, how Germany adopts so many things from the states and forgets about their own traditions and customs. I find it sad.


  • I don’t care about Halloween (I’m Europe luckily) but your projects are always very nice!

    The Life After

  • I love all the DIY’s ! They’re just adorable!
    really cute
    Thank you for sharing ^^

    xx, Mri

  • You gave me an idea for my daughters costume this Halloween. Thanks for posting and have a nice weekend. Happy Halloween!

  • dress from fourth photo is just BREATHTAKING! I adore it. Thank you for this post ;*

    with love,
    please take part in my huge GIVEAWAY with romwe!

    DIY mermaid tail (baby costume).
    I love the doll hair wigs. I’m assuming you made those. I’ve been wanting to try it in rainbow colors as soon as I get around to it.

  • Great little diy roundup! I always love how crafty this season is.<3
    You and Jeremy are the cutest couple…you two are so meant to be together. :]

  • Everything you posted is so cute and fun. I adore the pic of you and hubby from your first Halloween–amazing!! You are the best for always supplying us with fun ideas!
    Hope you have a spook-takular Halloween!

  • Have a great weekend!

    Thanks for sharing these. We don’t really ‘do’ Halloween in the UK (unfortunately for me!), but I am going to a birthday party tonight so I am going to take some cupcakes with those brilliant toppers! Thanks!

  • Yes, that ragdoll costume is so cute!! Love the mommy and me matching.

    Have a great weekend! I’m off to a huge murder mystery party. That should be fun!

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