My Favorite Tips For Working From Home With a Dog!

My favorite thing about working from home is hands down being with my dog, Lily, all day. I can just tell how happy she is to have company, and since my husband Michael has been working from home since last March, she seems even more thrilled! What does that mean exactly? Well, she’s not always lounging around and snoozing peacefully. She definitely shows her excitement to have us home by asking to play quite a bit throughout the day. As sweet as that is, we are working, so sometimes the timing is bad—maybe we’re on a call or really in the thick of a project and need to focus. We started taking a more proactive approach to meeting her excitement throughout the day, and it’s been awesome! So today, we’re partnering with Furbo and I’m going to share a few of my favorite tips for keeping your dog entertained when you’re trying to work from home. We seriously adore the Furbo Dog Camera, and they’re having their biggest holiday sale ever with 46% off! Make sure to check it out here before the sale ends, as it would be such a great gift for your pup or other dog parents!

Keep them entertained in another room

Sometimes a phone call pops up when Lily’s in a playful mood and privacy is necessary. When this happens, Lily hangs out in the other room with her Furbo so we can always be “with” her. I get on my Furbo app and check out the video stream to see what she’s up to, and I love that we can send her some treats with the press of a button to reward her when she’s being a good girl—it’s so cute to see her run toward those treats, haha.

You can even customize the sound the Furbo makes when treats are dispensed so it’s a voice message from you. When we’re not at home, we absolutely love being able to talk to her since there is 2-way audio, plus it will send you alerts of any important events happening at home, so you can be alerted of any emergencies in real-time. As an anxious person, I really appreciate that function!

Walk it out

One of the perks of working from home is that if you need to take a 10-minute break from looking at your screen(s), you can run out the door for a quick walk and get some fresh air. I love taking Lily with me on these quick jaunts because she gets lots of good stimulation from whatever she gets to see and sniff outside and it tuckers her out a little bit, so it’s a great activity to do before a Zoom call. Just like physical activity benefits our physical AND mental health, it’s the same with your pup. I know sometimes it’s really hard to find a moment to break away from your desk, but it’s so worth it for you and your dog.

Human-initiated or planned play time

We take a handful of play breaks throughout the day, and while some are initiated by Lily, it’s great to initiate play when you have a few moments to spare. That way it’s on your time. If you’re the kind of person that really needs a schedule, you could even plan these out at certain points throughout the day. Usually, our dog only wants to play for around 5-7 minutes, so if your dog is insatiable for play and needs more like 10-15 minutes or more, planning it out could be helpful, especially on a day that’s jam-packed with projects and calls.

Since we’ve started implementing the above strategies to keep Lily occupied throughout the day, we’ve noticed a big difference! I can tell she feels more stimulated and content, and really enjoys her naps and chill time instead of the constant restlessness I saw in her sometimes. I hope this has been helpful for you if you also are working with a precocious pup in your life. 🙂 xo, Keely

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Credits: // Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Amber Kelly. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • Cuteness overload with matching sweaters!

    I take my dog for a walk twice a day (or he takes me, as I like to joke), have playtime with him every afternoon (he is especially happy when my boyfriend joins in as well), usually have one meditation together in a day (him lying peacefully next to me while I meditate, it is the best feeling, his sense of peace and calm breathing is what I aspire to achieve someday for myself) and I usually give him a back massage once a day (he enjoys it so much). Yet still I sometimes feel like he looks at me with disappointed look, as though life with me is so boring. I need to move and get another dog, so they can play. I really have to remind myself he is actually a happy dog and me a happy dog mum as we get to spend so much time together.

    • Anita you sound like a great dog parent, but I totally get you! I think dogs are genetically hardwired to have the most guilt-inducing eyes so you play with them more 😀 My dog certainly does, even though he gets so much attention!

      • Alex, that’s for sure! Quoting BBC “Researchers have found that dogs have evolved muscles around their eyes, which allow them to make expressions that particularly appeal to humans.
        A small facial muscle allows dog eyes to mimic an “infant-like” expression which prompts a “nurturing response”.”,

        But even with knowing the facts I fall for the tricks 😀

  • My pup is absolutely spoiled from attention as my husband and I have been at home since March! We’re trying to encourage him to be more independent. We’ll try some planned play time 🙂 he does love a routine.

    PS You are TOO MUCH with those matching sweaters and I love it!

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