• Awesome art work! Love it lots! :)))
    Sweet pic of you and your mum too!

  • Elsie, now I can understand where u have taken the DNArt!!! Your mom is so cool!!
    Giuli (we were in the Paper & Co Show Italy teacher group)

  • the lady has talent. any art that makes a guy smile has to be good.

  • Hey, Elsie, I dnt know if my comment got through, Im posting this on my moms account.

    We are going to be in Springfield on the 19th of June, Friday… and we are gonna be visiting your RVA store! I really really hope that you will be there, so I can finally meet you. *hopes*

    every yours,

    Emily Elisabeth

  • your moms paintings are sooo beautiful.. wish i could have been there. PS. did you know there is a BIG picture of you and your tattoo on a blog called tattoo blog colours of freedom… thought i’d let you know.. carmen.

  • Your mom’s stuff is amazing! It makes me want to go take a painting class!!

  • Now I see where you got your creativity from 😉
    I love stopping by your blog!

  • Wow!!! Her work is so beautiful. What an exciting year for both of you!

  • Lovely to see where your mom and you share the love! A-r-t rocks!

  • Wow! You’re Mom’s stuff is amazing! Does she have a website where I could look at things she has for sale?

  • Wow Els the talent around you is never ending! Your mum’s work is incredible.

  • good for her! It all looks so fantastic! It must be a great feeling to see your Mom’s art displayed this way. 🙂

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