My new home…


this is my favorite color green of all time, i think. i love it so much. there are 2 green walls and two white in my bedroom. πŸ™‚  

Paint by number display

here's a small peek at my collection of vintage paint by number paintings. it's still a work-in-progress, but it's been so much fun. you can also see the pretty yellowish-green color that we painted the living room. 


records, records and more records. mine are on the top. i'm sorta picky about which ones i buy because i want them to all be special… like a family. 


and one of the best things… my new bedroom has huge windows and a ton of natural light. i realized when snapping this photo with Suki how perfect the light really is. yay! i strongly prefer natural light photos… it's so flattering and pretty compared to an on-camera flash. 



hmmm… i still have things everywhere. soon enough, everything will have it's own home. 

thanks for letting me share a little peek. XXO, els    

  • love the green! and the paint-by-number wall is to die for. and, um, ahem, this wouldn’t happen to be the “larson/flannigan residence” would it? πŸ˜‰

  • it’s my dream to have a house with lots of huge windows to let in a ton of natural light! makes for excellent photos & a brighter home in general! lucky you :]

  • my bedroom has 2 green walls, and 2 white, and i swear the green is the EXACT same shade!

    Though i have a cute black tree painted on mine, with apples and flowers growing on it, and an owl perched at the top. It’s my favourite part of the room:) i am in love with you owl beanie/hat in the first pic. Did you make it, or buy it?

    <3 taylah xx

  • I don’t like light/lime green too much but the color on your walls look great! You might have just changed my mind about add this color green into my wardrobe `=)

  • I lucked out that my home has such great natural light… now I’m so spoiled by it that I would probably be a diva about it when future-house-hunting!

  • Great pictures! I love that green.

    Suki looks great in natural light. πŸ˜€

    Hooray for the new home it looks like the perfect sanctuary.

  • really liked to see your new home, wish happy and light for always.
    i’m loving your blog too!!

  • Green is my favorite too! Your place looks adorable, can’t wait to see more peeks.

    Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us, your humble blog readers.


  • Oooo – natural light is so important! I can’t stand on-camera flash 99% of the time. Suki looks lovely in that soft, flattering light (hehe).

    The green walls are fab, too.

  • How are you able to tell which is a vintage paint by number? The horse one in the bottom left corner of that photo is definitely not vintage, unless you’re considering the late 90s and early 2000s, because I definitely painted that one as a kid!

  • yes, jeremy and i are living together.

    Kristen, i guess i don’t know the difference between current and vintage paint by numbers. i was just guessing.

    THANK YOU for all the super sweet comments. :)) you made me smile.

  • I hate flash-light too. But sometimes you need it.

    I’m a student photgraphy in the Netherlands, and yesterday we had a very inspiring seminar of this English? photoshop-expert I already have some dvd’s of him. His way of working makes you don’t need hours to fix something. Also you can rescue a good photo who maybe had needed a flash.

    Wish you all the luck in your lovely new home.

    Happy Wednesday.

  • Wow this move happened so fast – it’s so amazing how quickly you moved out of the one place and into the other. But it seems like moving in the US is a bit faster than round here. Even the decision to move takes me months/years πŸ˜‰ And the moving takes ages!
    How long did you live in your previous loft? I had the feeling that wasn’t for very long.

  • You are fast!!!
    Beautiful, happy colors!!!
    I hate packing but love unpacking!!
    last time i moved i spent about three weeks to put everything in place!!! hehe
    New beginnings!!!
    My only wish is CREATIVITY!!!
    xxx ladybug

  • very nice! did you have to paint all of it yourself? we’re moving next month and Im thinking of painting the lounge green too!

  • Love love love your owl hat! I can’t wait to see more of your new house. πŸ™‚

  • Hey Elsie! The home is looking fabulous!

    When Joe & I moved in together it was overwhelming but in the past year it has been so much fun to reorganize and renovate and meld together who we are! Congrats and much love.

    sidenote: That pbn looks like a Royal & Langnickel called Thoroughbred. The company has been around for 22 years. Barring a date added to yours; I would say it definitely qualifies as vintage! Keep up the great work!

    Hugs! xo

    Stace and Joey

  • That green is EXACTLY the colour I plan on painting my diningroom. tell me, do you have it on all 4 walls? And if so, is it “a bit too much” or is it perfect?



  • You have such a great eye for quirky wonderful things. Loving the vintage paint by number paintings!

  • Oooh…your lighting + wall color + records + pug + paint numbers (jealous of your collection!!) make me so happy. πŸ™‚ Your new home looks so lovely already!

  • Love the new place. I painted my son’s nursery a green close to that by B.ehr called grape leaves. We’ve moved since and seeing yours makes me miss it so much. Enjoy the new place.

  • Your new home looks so lovely! πŸ˜€ My laptop is that color green – it was absolutely worth the wait and the extra money.

  • Oh I love your paint by numbers! I recently posted on mine as well, but the way you have yours displayed is so beautiful. I need more! πŸ™‚

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  • Mustard yellow is a good choice for room color. It gives a lighter feel and makes the room look bigger. Big windows also make the illusion of a larger house and it saves energy. A little more fixing and everything will be nice around there.

  • Oh I love your paint by numbers! I recently posted on mine as well, but the way you have yours displayed is so beautiful. I need more!

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