my studio…

i took a few photos today of my (newly organized) studio. i really love this space. i feel lucky to be here. hope you enjoy…. 

this is where i paint.
and stitch.
and draw. 
Buttons Studio12
there are lots of little collections everywhere.
i like reorganizing because i always find a ton of cool stuff that i forgot about. :) 
vintage fabric. 
a few (new & old) RVA photos… my best friends.  
Oh, and Jeremy. he took that polaroid today in the car while i was in the post office. :D 
the beloved typewriter. 
random supplies.

i'm running out of ink for it. they always take forever to arrive from Japan. 
anyone know a place in the US that sells gocco inks? 
i painted the top of one of my tables with chalkboard paint yesterday too! i like it a lot. 
(thank you, Ashley, for the adorable panda!!) 
and one of our many 'in progress' projects… :D 
that was fun. hope you had a lovely day. XO. elsie

PS. i have a couple spots left for June sponsors. If you'd like to place a little ad here, e-mail ([email protected]) for full details. 
  • Oh Elsie, you’re studio is my dream! I paint, I stitch, and I draw too, so I would love to have an area for each of my passions like you : ) I don’t have a gocco, but it’s on my wish list!

    Feeling super inspired by you today!

  • i would be as creative as you probably if i had this mini castle! this is a dream come true and yes, you are very lucky! <3

  • I am lucky that I also have a space of my own for creative things, yay 🙂 I enjoy it every day!
    Your studio looks amazing & inspiring 😀

  • Thank you so much for sharing these pictures – your workspace is so inspiring. Like fairy land. I would love to have a workplace like this. Will there also be a video of your loft like from the last one? I would love to see that “live” 😉


  • Love your studio! it’s totally amazing. super inspiring for what i want the second bedroom of my apartment to look like.

    I second Aimee suggestion of the paper source. They do carry the inks. i know cause i lust after them every time i go in I just need to make the jump and buy a machine!!!

  • So inspiring! I love it!

    I would also love a videotour of your loft, in fact of the street outside as well. It seems such a cool place to be and very exotic to us Swedes who never have been stateside 😀

  • Paper Source (I use to work and teach there…) use to have the ink and I saw the printer at of all places Michael’s a month or so back? thanks for all your inspiration.

  • Elsie
    I love those four wonderful pink basket at the top mixed to your randon supplies.
    Everything looks so great to the eyes.
    It might be so easy and pleasure work in such great and organized place.
    How long can you keep it like that?
    My place changes in seconds then it´s so difficult to work.
    I adore your studio.
    Daniela Faillace

  • What an awsome, awsome space you have!!! I love it!!! The jar with the beads(?) is so cute. I love jars with buttons in them, too! I have quite a few myself:)

  • Els! your newly decorated and organized studio is perfection! love love love. i need to get my room under control too. haha

  • Hi Elsie!
    I’m sure you get these all of the time but there’s an award for you on my blog! Check it out if you have time!

    Much Love,

  • you are oh so lucky to have that space…i am eternally jealous of it! i have one desk and a cupboard stuffed full of my supplies and that’s it. one day…one day i’ll have a lovely home like you (i hope) until then, keep posting photos so i can get lots of ideas for when that time does come and i do get my very own loft/studio!

    ps: what are those birds? they look soooo cute.

    xo, carly

  • People say you are what you surround yourself by, so you are awesome just like your studio is!

  • im soo jelous our your studio it looks so cute and clean and just makes me want to go and play in it all day! 🙂

  • Your studio is gorg! Absolutely fantastic.

    I buy all of my inks from Judy Funk of Tripod Studios out of FL. Just tripod, gocco…voila. She’s super duper nice and reasonable.

    Keep up the colorful posts as they make my day job much easier to deal with. 🙂 Cheers!

  • i love the studio! especially the little things like the dinos and displaying your photos with masking tape…thanks for the peek!

  • I sold my Gocco because I never used it. Now I’m regretting it!

    You can buy paints on ebay for a reasonable price.

  • Your studio is creative and full of color. I love to see where people to their magic at.

  • wow~~ I love that chalkboard wall and table!!!! awesome studio!!

  • I’m drooling over your space right now… great org and colours, and the kissing dinos are precious. I’m envious! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Any chance you could share some sources for fabric in a future post?

    I love all the fabrics you have in these photos!



  • “i like reorganizing because i always find a ton of cool stuff that i forgot about. :)”

    Exactly my thoughts, every single time I clean my messes!!

    Where do you find the faux bois fabrics? Up here in Maine, we’re limited to Jo Anns, Michaels, and AC Moore, but I’ve recently found a local shop that sells fabric too, I should probably take an adventure in there soon.

    ANNNND, my school store sells gocco ink! If you want me to pick you up ANYTHING just let me know. They might also have a website which would probably easier for you..*checks* No website..but this is the address and phone number if you want to inquire!

    Art Mart

    522 Congress St # 1

    Portland, ME 04101

    (207) 775-4244‎

    Good luck, let me know if you need any help!

  • ohh wowww Elsie !!
    haven’t been visiting for quite some time and… gee your studio is sooo aweeesome !! and sooo neat and tidy !! (is this always like this ?? 🙂
    it looks like …PERFECT !! just like in the magz !!!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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