My Vintage Coat Collection

1I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite collections with you today. These are my favorite vintage coats and capelets. It's so much fun to bundle up in the winter. I love layers! Here the stories behind my favorite pieces…


This vintage coat came from a lot of clothing we bought for the shop. It fit and I loved it, so I stole it! 


I picked this vintage trench up at a thrift this summer. It's a different style than I usually wear, but I love it.


This coat is borrowed from Emma. We share a lot of clothing. I might give this back, or I might not. 🙂


I love this little coat! I want to wear it with a long sleeved mini dress this winter. 


This capelet is one of my favorite pieces. I bought it at our neighbor vintage store. It was really long, so I had it cropped short. 


My mama's letter jacket from high school. Isn't it special? I have a cool Buffalo Gals sweater of hers also. These are really fun to wear! xo. elsie

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