• i, along with everyone else, love your shoes! i’m getting married in 6 months and am having a hard time finding epic shoes…where did you get them?

    help! 🙂

  • Please tell us the brand/where we can buy those glittery shoes! Beautiful photos !

  • Your black and white images are quite amazing.

  • Wow! This is quite exciting. I’m sure you gals will do great — your work is always so inspiring. 😀

  • You all look so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your special memories!



  • Oh Elsie…thank you for sharing such beautiful, intimate moments! All your wedding posts bring tears to my eyes. I am getting married in September & you have inspired me so much to tackle on even MORE diy projects than I have currently planned ;]

    ps….link to those gorg sparkle bridesmaid shoes! I think everyone is dying to snag a pair ;]

  • The moments that were captured, seemed to have really caught the essence of your Special Day! Congratulations! xxoo


  • You all look so beautiful and I keep thinking about how lucky that little girl is. What an amazing memory she’s going to have. I bet her wedding will be incredible someday!

  • Love your blog!!! 🙂


  • Love photos – they let you relive the special moments. =)

  • Love this! Love the happy, girly, giggly feeling everyone seems to share! Such a joyous time, I’m glad you didn’t seem to share the stress most brides feel pre-wedding. 😀

  • I was waiting of part 2, It’s really awesome pics, yor are looking fabulous, thanks for sharing..

  • I love these photos, MRS Larson!! The excitement and bonding was capture very welling these photos, its very infectious <3
    congrats again!

  • what gorgeous photos of gorgeous things, it’s just making me want to throw a wedding!

  • I have only recently found your blog and completely fallen in love with it! You are living my dream (shop wise) and your wedding posts are making me feel so loved up, it looked like it was such a beautfiful day. x

  • ♥Aww…what a memorable day! Congrats i loved looking at all your wedding photos and i need to get myself a pair of sparkle shoes♥



  • twenty years from now you will be looking at those photos and thinking – well, that was a beautiful wedding.:)


  • Beautiful. my friend had a dress very similar to yours. i love that vintage feel.

  • It’s really been an incredible pleasure that you’ve shared so much of your wedding with everyone online. It’s so beautiful, and its obvious that you everyone was deliriously happy. It’s also wonderful that you’ve been blessed with such loving friends and family!! So, thank you! It’s been so much fun to look through everything 🙂

  • The sparkle shoes and the first picture of you and the veil are all too lovely! Thanks for letting us into your special day even more! <3

  • i love the bridesmaid’s hair. and your dress. oh and shoes. really, i love everything!

  • Those beehives… simply amazing! You’re wedding makes me so excited to get married and diy it all! It all looks soo beautiful, thanks for sharing!


  • everything is sooooo beautiful.


  • I love everything about your wedding! I adore all the getting ready pic’s. Especially the first pic and those glitter shoes! Thank you so much for giving all of us a peek at your special day:) xoxo, Monika

  • Sooo gorgeous. I especially love that first one!

  • Ahhhh I have wedding fever and this makes me so excited to get married (once he eventually pops the question, ha)! I love getting a sneak peek at all the behind the scenes stuff when people are getting ready. 🙂



  • I just love the intimacy of a woman getting ready on her wedding day, it’s so beautiful.

  • eeep i love it all 🙂 I definitely think you should do a tutorial on how to do a beehive, i’d love to try the look!

  • its all so very beautiful elsie. your photographer really captured some wonderful moments and details. love…

  • I love all of these pictures so much! The whole theme of your wedding was so perfect, and those beehive hairstyles are wicked! xx

  • I loved everything about your wedding…but most of all the looks on everyone’s faces. That place was so full of love on that day, its lovely to see and kind of you to share your joy! Hearts, Janna Lynn

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