Elsie’s Wedding Day: Getting Ready


Hello There! I’m so excited to share a few photos from the morning of my wedding day. The mood in the room was incredibly relaxed. We were all giggling and helping each with eye liner and faux lashes. We played the playlists from the wedding (would you like to hear them?) and smiled a lot….






I call it my “married finger”… glitter nail polish only on the ring ringer.




Holly giving Katie an epic beehive. There was a LOT of hair teasing going on…








I painted Hope’s nails with glitter, per her request. She made her own headband in these photos (she’s the coolest, EVER!)


Sarah did the other half of the bridesmaid’s beehives. She did a beautiful job.


happy thoughts…. be back soon with more! elsie

Photos by Arrow & Apple

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  • She painted Hope’s nails with glitter, per her request, amazing! I have been wondering about your wedding music too!

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  • You looking so loving in the above picture. Wedding day means a lot to a girl. best of luck for your future. Its fun watching your pictures.

  • Nice nail art shown above. I would really ask my girlfriend to apply the same shiny nail paint stuff on her beautiful nails….

  • Lovely pictures you are looking great ,I adore your nail paint it is superb .Thanks for sharing lovely photographs.

  • These are very beautiful pictures.your idea for the sparkly ring finger is great.I like it very much. thanx for sharing such a cute idea….

  • All the pictures above are looking so pretty and beautiful ones… i liked that nail art!Little princess is looking so cute…and all the other stuff too is so amazing..

  • This day is a dream come true for all the girls and every girl looks forward for this day. The girl looks so happy and cute while doing before the marriage!

  • Awesome, my sister remembered about her marriage when she saw the pictures!

  • Wow the day of wedding is very special for everyone..I must appreciate your blog..Very well explained. One can get inspiration with this read. Thanks for sharing.

  • Looking at these pictures it feels so nice! I too want to get ready like this!i loved the nail paint and heeled sandals! wow!

  • all i have to say is that these awesome pictures can excite any woman on this earth! Thanks for sharing!

  • I too love to get ready! and especially if its wedding day! wow! all the above photos are so lovely! i liked that nail art!Little princess is looking so cute.

  • Wow it’s really heart touching…I like the married finger which means glitter nail polish only on the ring ringer…Nice concept..

  • Wow! This is quite exciting. I’m sure you gals will do great — your work is always so inspiring. 😀

  • so dam sweet, wow.
    this post was really a great idea to share. really loved the concept. impeccable post!

  • I LOVE the married finger! What a cute way to highlight the most important finger of the day!

  • Yeah I noticed all the beehives. How did you guys get their hair to do that? I’ve always been curious about style. It seems to defy gravity!

  • you be up with the dawn with hte excitment so enjoy it start as early as you can that way you can stop for a coffee or a bit or relaxing time between them good luckyou be up with the dawn with hte excitment so enjoy it start as early as you can that way you can stop for a coffee or a bit or relaxing time between them good luck

  • Voting YES for hearing the playlist!
    These photos are absolutely lovely!
    And the choice about your “married finger style” is beyond cute!

    Whish you a lovely day!

  • I would love to hear the playlist!i wish i could have a wedding like this..It was just me and my hubby..But here in Ny we have no family.I hope one day i can have a warm and lovely wedding with all my loved ones is sicily..

  • YES! i would love to hear the playlist! i’m in the midst of making the playlist for my wedding & would love to hear what made it onto yours! 🙂

  • Such lovely details! I love your married finger. 🙂 Also, Hope is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! She is rocking that hair. Please share the playlists!

  • YES ! Please give us your wedding and preparation playlist! 😀

  • Fun pictures you have here. Weddings are so beautiful and exciting at the same time!

    Enjoy 🙂

  • How amazingly beautiful and refreshing! Your wedding photos are stunning. I’ve been viewing your blog for a while now and decided it was probably time to comment, and your wedding pictures seemed like the time to do it!! Thank you for a blog full of beautiful things 🙂

  • your wedding was full of original and nice ideas but to change color of your ring finger is the most!!

  • what a wonderful feeling to have all your girl friends and friends around you- so jealous. My husband is military so we live on the total opposite side of the country from my familia 🙁

  • What beautiful pictures! It looks like you girls had a lot of fun. I love your “married finger”!! I want to do that when I get married!!

    I also love the lace on the bee-hives, the flower girl’s headband, and your color scheme. It’s all so inspiring!! <3

  • wow, how exiting. can´t wait to see more! 🙂

    la tiquismiquis

  • so many beautiful pictures, and happy thoughts going your way 🙂

  • I like your married finger.

    ♥ sécia

  • I love this. So much. This low-key hang out and laugh together vibe is my favorite part of wedding mornings. The two weddings I’ve been in so far have been super laid back and full of friendship and fun times. I love that you painted your own nails and helped out with Hope’s too. I like brides that can be relaxed enough to help and do some things themselves. 🙂

    And yes, the wedding playlist would be great.

  • I love your blog and congratulations on your wedding! I love all the decor and personal touches!
    Haute In The Morning

  • I think it’s so sweet you guys did each other’s hair instead of having a professional do it. When my close friend got married last year, the maid of honor did her hair and it was really nice for us bridesmaids to hang out just us (along with the photographer, who was also a friend). 🙂

  • Love the glittery nail on your ring finger. Cute detail. You have to make sure he puts the ring on the right finger.

    – Meredith


  • I’ve been following every step of the wedding- great to see the photos:)
    And yes, pleeease share the playlist.

  • i would so love to listen to your wedding playlist! and i wish one of my friends would be able to make a beehive like that, these are incredible 🙂

  • … what happened to my comment?

    my complete thought what that i loved your “married finger” so creative & lovely… also your dress (!!) very you, very awesome!

    you looked beautiful <3

  • FUN! is it weird that i want to copy hope’s headband? cuteness!

  • married finger! <3 you are so thoughtful… i love it! you looked gorgeous… what a beautiful dress, very you!

    xoxo erin jessie


  • I would be willing to beg for a beehive hair tutorial. Yes, beg. I’m in a wedding in August, and I would LOVE to be able to practice before then!

  • I’d love to hear the playlist. I bet its as colorful and cheery as the pictures 🙂

  • Wonderful! Love the 1 glittered nail. LOVE the playlist idea! Aaaaaand, a beehive tutorial sounds awesome too! 🙂

  • I love that you did your own nails and love the one sparkle nail :-)Cute idea!! I would love to hear your wedding day playlist. I need to create one too.

  • The married finger is adorable, and I would love to hear the playlist!

  • I love most two things about this… 1, your married finger with the glitter polish, what a lovely idea, and 2, that your bridesmaids had all the colored tights! Fantastic.

  • Oh my gosh, I totally paint my ring finger all glitzy, too! Except I call it my “Bling Finger.” 🙂


  • love the glitter ring finger nail, idea and the beehives were so perfect!

  • Just absolutely lovely!

    Of course we want to hear your playlist!

    Brilliant idea with the glitter finger!


  • Would we want to hear your wedding playlist? Is that even a question? Of course we’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear your wedding playlist! I love all the big hair and the glittery nail polish. Also, Hope’s headband making skills rock! Looks like a you had a lovely time getting ready! <3

  • so pretty elsie! i love the bee hive hairdo’s and I think katie’s daughter is the cutest thing ever!

  • What a special time this must have been for you and all the girls. The relaxed atmosphere is definitely something I’ll strive for “one day.”

    And of course, playlist us soon!

  • Your wedding has to be the cutest in history! That beehive looks incredibly cool, but I can’t even imagine trying to brush it out.

  • Your idea for the sparkly ring finger is just adorable, and Hope is just as sweet! Your day just sounds more fabulous as you post more about it!


  • aww cute! i love the glittery wedding finger! the beehives came out so gorgeous and flawless! 🙂 -Lo

  • I would love to hear the playlist! Oh and all the pictures are great and the beehives are amazing! 🙂

  • your nail polish is always perfect! i’m jealous of your skills. the more details of your wedding you share, the more i’m convinced it is the best wedding of all time. 🙂

    ps yes playlists would be magical.

  • How lovely! I have very much been enjoying these wedding posts of yours. Yes, please do post the music playlist. 🙂

  • LOVE the idea of a “wedding finger.”

    Also, I emailed you about the holga giveaway. I just wanted to make sure you got it and that it didn’t go into your spam box.


  • Beautiful pictures! Your updates are always such a treat. And a big YES to the playlist 🙂

  • i keep running into your wedding pictures all over the blog world- love them! . . . and your “married finger” paint job- adorable.

  • Digging the one glittered finger 🙂 Relaxed is he best way to be pre-wedding. I was a bridesmaid for a friend recently and it was cruisy and relaxed at her folks house while we were getting ready. So much fun!

  • I like that you werent in a bridezilla mode and everything was kept simple and happy. 😉

  • i always LOVE the “getting ready” photos the most :o)


  • Ooh, I have been wondering about your wedding music! It would be lovely to know some of the soundtrack for your gorgeous day. 🙂

    You all look for happy (and pretty)!

  • Your attention to detail always astounds me, you truly are amazing!


  • thank you for sharing!in this artcile i learn a lot knowledge!the Wisdom is very important part on our life!!

  • Thanks for sharing all this with us!

    Love the one glittered finger x

  • The ring finger glitter idea is so adorable!!! Wish I had thought of it for my wedding (June 4th)! 🙂

  • Oooh – so much fun!! 🙂 Love these little peeks – and your beehives + glitter polish!

  • Ah such a great idea with the ringfinger nailpolish! Would love to hear your wedding playlist! 😉


  • Wow nice photos !! looking so beautiful, I’ll wait for more pics, thanks for sharing and keep posting…

  • love the beehives! I wish i knew how to do them!!


  • OOOOhhh Thanks for sharing these intimate moments ! Smooches from Belgium

  • Now I want glittery nail polish. Which I haven’t worn for 15 years!

  • So fun! I love your glittery “married finger”, that is such an adorable idea! Hope is a doll, I love her blue hair. <3

  • Although i’m planning not ever to get married i’m collecting songs and music for ‘my’ wedding playlist ;-). So I would LOVE to hear your wedding playlist!
    Lovely Photos again. And i love you put only glitter on your wddingring finger 🙂 it looks so sweet!

  • Great about the playsuit! <3 And I love love love the first shot of you!


  • i WOULD like to hear your wedding playlist! 😉 Your glittery finger is way too cute! <3

  • i love the beehives and your pretty nail polish color with the glittery married finger!! 😀 congrats again…wish u all the happiness in the world!! xx

  • You are too too cute! That wedding finger is so brilliant! What a declaration of your love!! I see future fashion blogger in Hope’s forecast 🙂 so

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • I’m super excited that this is wedding week. You’re adorable.

  • I thought all of the bridesmaids wearing beehives was such a cute detail! And they were all so perfect! 😀 (Tutorial maybe?)

    And the married finger is adorable!!!!

  • such beautiful photos!
    I would really love hearing the playlist from your wedding!

  • YES for the playlist! Agreed about the “married” finger. Too cute…

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