Mylar Pom-Pom Garland

Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial) I’ve been lucky enough to have fireplaces at our last two houses, which are not only good for actually making a fire in and feeling cozy, but also come in especially handy during the holiday season for decorating purposes. I’ve been doing a light up sign and other mini decorations each year on the mantel, but a fireplace is a prime spot to hang a garland as well. I saw a party decorating kit with giant gold mylar pom-poms, and I thought if I made my own and scaled down the size a bit, they would be perfect for the garland this year. These are really quick to make and there are lots of ways to use them in your holiday decor.

Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial)Supplies:
gold mylar tissue paper
-thin wire
-straight pins or paper clips
-yarn or string

Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial) First, open your tissue paper and cut your layers of sheets in half down the long fold (you should have about 4-5 sheets of mylar). Fold one of the tissue halves over again lengthwise and use a few straight pins or paperclips to temporarily keep the layers together.

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Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial) Use your scissors to cut 1 1/2″ long slits into the non-folded edge of your mylar about every 1″ or so. Open up the folded sheet and accordion fold the tissue at each slit mark until the whole sheet is folded.

Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial) Use a piece of wire to secure the middle of your folded sheets (keep the ends a little long so you can make a hanging loop from the wire). Flatten out one side of the tissue fan.

Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial) Pull apart each layer to separate the sheets. Repeat on the opposite side and your fluffy pom-pom is complete! Repeat the process with smaller sized sheets to make smaller pom-poms for variation.

Use the excess wire from securing the middle to make a loop, and tie your yarn or string through each loop to make your garland.

Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial) Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial) Love this holiday garland DIY! (click through for tutorial) Since you can do this technique and make giant or tiny poms depending on the size of sheets you use, you can do lots of different things with them! Hang large ones over a table or buffet, make tiny ones into tree ornaments, fill a decorative bowl with them—whatever you want! I love how fluffy and shiny they look, and they really pop against the white fireplace. If you are looking for a DIY garland, check out some other ideas here, here, and here! Happy decorating! xo. Laura

Ps – You can find the DIY for my light-up marquee right here.

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Beautiful!! And yes, please share the source of the unicorn fireplace tools….!! They are so cute. could I find mylar at target?

  • OMG!! This is so pretty!! Love the white and gold and the pom-pom accents are so fun!!

  • I love this idea!! It looks so smart yet so festive!! Xx

  • Again, what an amazingly simple and stunning looking project! And as I am in love with gold it would just be a perfect addition to my decoration!

  • I think I will be making these for our christmas eve get-together with friends. They’re so fun and festive.

  • Love it. Your deco is really beautiful

    ❤ Kisses from ❤

  • This is such an simple yet beautiful idea. I love the all the items on that mantel, especially the sign!

  • I envy your fireplace, it’s so rustic but edgy! Thanks for sharing with us, it’s always more fun in my opinion to create your own decorations. The gold and the white look brilliant together!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  • So beautiful! I love the whole fireplace as a display, the gold just looks stunning.

    Lucy xoxo

  • That looks amazing, love it. I’m decorating for Christmas right now so I’ll have to try this DIY, I think it’ll look amazing in my house. Lovely post, your photos are amazing like always <3

    Valentina from

  • I love your gold theme! It looks amazing on your painted fireplace! <3

  • Everything looks so amazing! Love the tutorial

  • Are those UNICORN fireplace tools I spy?! Beautiful tutorial as usual, Laura!

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