thank you for all of the kind comments about our "things i wish i had known" post. i felt great about sharing those things after (seriously) years of contemplating them. thank you for being so kind.

a few quick shares…


the poster for Mr. Larson's upcoming show. i can hear them practicing downstairs as i type this… sooo exciting! it's going to be wonderful. 

and it's been a little while since i did one of these….

My bag

the famous "what's in my bag?"
here's my list: 
(a new one… i finished my previous one yesterday!)
-lots of pens
-flower ring
-perfume (Body by Victoria)
-fingerless mittens (thank you Vivianna!)
-utility bill 🙂
-nerd glasses
-to-do list
-assorted fruit flavored gum
-sunglasses x 2 

i have been stitching on this thrift shop bag (inspired by Orla Kiely). I'll share more pics when it is %100 complete!

well, i have finally had a chance to conquer a few more home decor projects. I will share pics tomorrow. this is the most inspiring place i have ever lived. i really need to share more photos of the street. it's wonderful. and i am really pleased that my loft is taking shape because this lovely one is coming to stay next week….


our friend, sarah (who jeremy often calls "the coolest girl ever"). hopefully we will take plenty of photos and do lots of thrift shopping… oh yes, and making crafts!

ok… back to work for me.
xo. els

  • i love everything in your bag!!!! especially all the glasses!! that’s the best way to accessorize!! have a wonderful day…..working!!! xoxo. b

  • elsie,

    thank you so much for taking the time to put that post together about your work. it was inspiring and so informative.

    i think i related to rachel’s schedule the most bc i have a son sebastian’s age, but everyone gave great insight.

    i dropped out of art school 5 years ago, and have just always made art here and there, giving it to friends and family, or hoarding it in my home. i am now working part-time at starbucks, which i actually kind of love, and tutoring….but i have always wanted to find small ways to contribute to our income with my art. anyhoo, thanks so much!!

    you are a dear heart. ox

  • i have been listening to Mr Larson on his my space page for awhile…can you pass on how much I am loving his music please, and I would love to say a big thank you to you too Elsie I have loved your stuff since reading an old copy of creating keepsakes…you are so cute and such a gorgeous couple…any way ..tonight i listened to Jenny Lewis as I have seen her on your fave lists and I had never heard of her before but I am mesmerized truly I played her 3 songs over and over and I love it, just like Mr Larson . If it wasnt for reading your blog I would never have known…

    thank you

    have a great weekend (its friday night here)


  • your purse/bag is so cute!!! I love it!! That’s a great idea to do a shot of what’s in your bag….that would be kinda scary!!! 😉 I don’t even know what’s in there right now! 😉 Love that new Wrigley’s gum though…the cinnamon is my favorite!!! 😉

    Cute blog Elise! You’re so creative!

  • Oh, man. Your ‘what’s in my bag’ makes me feel like a loser. I just did a ‘what’s in my bag’ while sitting at my desk, and there are about 3 uneaten granola bars, 15 coffee receipts in various crumpled stages, a dozen ink pens, etc, etc. Yours looks so tidy! 🙂 Mine is somewhat humiliating.

  • it was totally you wasn’t it?? yesterday at joAnns. I was getting fabric cut and look over to see no other than miss elsie herself getting some tulle and dino fabric. I thought “oh man! say something! like how you read her blog and ordered her super cool Autumn Loves kit..” and yet, shy me, just stood there and broke a sweat. darn. and if that wasn’t you it was seriously your twin! But I recognized the vintage purse and phone you were texting on…i swear I am not a stalker!! 🙂 So anyway, Hi from Lexi in Nixa who was too shy to say it in person!!!

  • A long time ago – I think on your old blog – I remember you writing about what you do to photoshop your pictures to make them look so awesome and grainy and edgy. Not the words I’m quite looking for, but I hope you understand! Would you be willing to post that again?


  • Wow! Love the stitching on your bag; that is such a great idea and the outline leaves is something that I totally love right now. You are so creative! Have a great weekend!

  • Love the stitching on your bag!! The outline of leaves is my favorite right now and I would never think to stitch on a bag; you are so creative!! Have a great weekend and thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love how the poster turned out. It’s great. Oh how I wish I lived near you guys, I’d be there in a heartbeat for that. I love Jeremy’s music and to hear him in person would be wonderful. Maybe I can go to one of his concerts one day when he makes it down South to Lousisana.

    And your bag! I love it, what an awesome idea to stitch on one like that. I love Orla Kiely & Betsy Johnson too.

    I couldn’t do a what’s in your bag, it wouldn’t all fit in the photo.

  • you’re bag totally inspired me! i found one like it at a thrift store that i am hoping to dress up some!

  • aww i have fingerless mittens too! except that they’re longer than yours are and they’re goldenrod. I don’t get to use them as much since it’s not really that cold out in california. LOVE!

  • girl, you are SO perfect, my God. when I grow up I want to be like to you. : D I’m from Brazil, but I dream to meet you. kiss :*

  • Just found your blog from a pretty roundabout way – and was cracking up when I saw those great pictures of Sarah Sherwood. I know her too, we used to attend the same church, and i agree that she is super cool. She must know a heck of a lot of people! Great blog!

  • I like that saying, thanks!
    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

  • Ah, que fofo!!!! Tudo lindo, Nathalie, as fotos, as cores, as roupas Adoro Matilda Jane, sei que tem uma trunk kpeeer perto de onde mora minha me3e, quando eu for visitar quero comprar algo pra Lilla! =) Ah, e sim, o blog da Elsie e9 apaixonante eu ne3o sabia que era top 10 do mundo! O_O Uau!

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