Needle Felting 101

DIY Needle Felted BlanketI've been seeing swiss cross blankets all over Pinterest and I decided to DIY one for our home. My first thought was to stamp it (similar to this blanket) but I wanted to try something a little different. This was my first adventure in needle felting. Have you tried needle felting before? It's easier than we thought. Here's how it's done… 

Needle Felting Steps1. Supplies Needed: Clover Felting Needle Tool, Clover Felting Needle Mat, Wool Roving, contact paper, stock paper, scissors. 2. Begin by cutting out a stencil from the stock paper. Take your time to create the perfect design to repeat throughout your blanket. 3. Then, use the pattern to cut out stencils in the contact paper. 4. Apply this stencil to the blanket in the spot you want your first design to be. 5. Next, place the felting mat underneath the blanket, under the exact spot that the contact paper is placed. 6. Fill the stencil with felt wool. Don't worry if it doesn't cover every area perfectly when you're laying it down. Once you begin needling you can arrange the felt to fit better. 7. Once the felt is in place, begin to repeatedly needle it in place. Just press the needle tool through the Roving and blanket and the Roving will begin to become a part of the blanket. 8. Continue this process in a pattern throughout the blanket. When you are finished, set the design by spraying with water and ironing on the wool setting. 

Needle Felting DetailNeedle Felting DetailHere's what your completed design will look like! 

Needle Felted BlanketNeedle Felted BlanketNeedle Felted BlanketI love my new fluffy swiss cross blanket. The best part is, you can make any design with needle felting! xo. elsie

  • Insert the needle and thread into the seam and reemerge in an insignificant location. Pull the thread so that you can snip the thread at the base of where it comes out the fabric. The thread end will be lost inside the project.

  • I love the actual blanket! Where is it from? Do you need a special blanket to do this?

  • My boyfriend saw a felting tutorial via Ornementa and has been dying to felt ever since. This looks so awesome!

  • You dont need to felt against other wool? Looks like that blanket is Chennile-

  • Thank you for your posting! I think your post is very helpful for me.

  • This is brilliant! Must be my favourite project of yours yet! The blanket really looks straight out of an expensive shop! Well done!

  • Thanks for the GREAT tutorial, please stop by and leave a comment 🙂

  • This looks so much simpler (and fun!) than I would have imagined. I will be trying this soon!

  • This looks so nice!
    I’ve still tried this technique and made some flowers and little animals 🙂

  • Wow!!! this is so much more effective then the bookmarks we made at school during handcraft lessons.
    And your needle is so much more effective then the ones we used that were easily broken in the hands of Primary aged children.
    I may need to get back into my felting.
    Love it thanks for the memory reminder.

  • i got my issue today in the mail (seventeen is a guilty pleasure haha) and nearly had a heart attack when i saw this! so glad you guys are getting more recognition for your AMAZING creativity and talent.
    much love!

  • Needle felting seems so scary to me. I haven’t had the guts to try it… BUT this blanket is pretty cute… and it did sound a lot easier than I expected. Hmm, we’ll see. =)

  • I love it! Adding needle felting to my list of things to do as soon as possible! 🙂

  • This turned out better than I would have thought. I’ve dabbled in felting before, but that was dolls. This looks much simpler! 😀

  • Q: Elsie! I notice a lot of your DIY project pictures are taken on beautiful wood grain.. is that from a table inside, wood flooring, or an outside table?
    A: It’s the floor in our store. :))

    Q: Do have to use a wool blanket too?
    A: Nope! Any kind of knit will work.

  • You get the best pictures of that little pup. And I love the blanket.

  • looks so simple! 🙂

  • Your blanket looks beautiful! I love the colors you chose. I’ve wanted to try this technique for a long time, but I didn’t know it was this easy to do. I’ll definitely be giving it a try soon.

  • SO cool, really effective – i’ve just come accross needle felting recently too – its fantastic, everyone should have a go, there’s some fab YouTube videos to help …

  • So cute! I’ve tried felting before, but it was too expensive for the results achieved {roving on etsy might be cheaper, I’ll have to check it out}– this blanket idea is so cute though, I may have to give it another try!

  • What cool idea for a rustic blanket! And your puppy is so cute!
    ~ Jillian

  • Aw your dog is too cute!
    I love how the blanket matches perfectly with the sofa without being to matchy-match


  • How sweet! I have a plain blanket in need of some color so I’ll have to try this asap!

  • Love that idea. What a beautiful and fun blanket that makes.

  • Okay, I definitely want to try a needle felted blanket.

    …but I really just wanted to comment and say how absolutely ADORABLE that last picture is!

  • Oh super fun! I’m thinking Christmas gifts…
    & your dog is deliriously cute in that last pic!


  • Sorry but your cute little doggy just totally stole the show there!!

    Blanket? There was a blanket?!!


  • This is so cool! I love DIY’s and this one looks liek a lot of fun! 🙂

  • This looks super versatile! I think it will definitely be worth hunting down all of the supplies to try this.

    I can’t wait to put a big sunburst on some fabric to turn into a big cozy throw pillow.

    Actually, have you tested washing this? I would love to find some thrift store sweaters to decorate this way!

  • The last picture is so adorable! <3 Love your work Elsie and Emma. Thank you for so much inspiration and a heavy dose of pretty! 😀

  • What a cute idea, I’m not sure where to get the tools but I can sure think of some fun ideas for this, I might try a smaller project first though!


  • What a great idea! I’d love to do this to some sweaters.Rx

  • that is so amazing! I actually have a swiss cross ottoman I just recovered, which would go perfectly with such a blanket! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  • I had no idea this was possible. I LOVE it. Gee, you ladies are clever.

  • Girls,

    Could u make a DIY for rainbow cut off jeans? ^^
    Love u guys!!!!

  • Elsie! I notice a lot of your DIY project pictures are taken on beautiful wood grain.. is that from a table inside, wood flooring, or an outside table?

  • I’ve got the same needle tool! Like it!

  • Wow actually sounds easier than I was expecting! I’d love to try this.

    xO, vicky

  • you may already know this, but anthopologie just posted some pics of your husband’s band on their facebook page 🙂

  • I LOVE IT! it looks So cool! 🙂

  • Love this! What a great result!

  • This is so lovely! I really want to try it.

    I’m a little confused about what you do with the contact paper though. Does it stay on the blanket between the wool and the blanket?

  • Beautiful! & you’re right, it seems so easy! Thank you for sharing the awesome how-to!
    Question, would you be able to wash it later on? Like will the wool come out if you do??

  • That’s such a cool idea! I’ve literally never heard of this until now, I can’t wait to try it! 🙂

    Xoxo Sarah

  • Oh WOW! That looks great! I’ve never tried it before 🙂 Looks easy enough. I’ve got too many projects going on right now, haha. ♥

  • never felted because it looked intimidating now it looks fun and easy must try by girls

  • Looks super fun! I love trying new things. And the colors you picked are gorgeous!!

  • So wonderful. I want it as quickly as possible also try!
    A nice day and greetings from Switzerland.

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