Needle Felting 101

DIY Needle Felted BlanketI've been seeing swiss cross blankets all over Pinterest and I decided to DIY one for our home. My first thought was to stamp it (similar to this blanket) but I wanted to try something a little different. This was my first adventure in needle felting. Have you tried needle felting before? It's easier than we thought. Here's how it's done… 

Needle Felting Steps1. Supplies Needed: Clover Felting Needle Tool, Clover Felting Needle Mat, Wool Roving, contact paper, stock paper, scissors. 2. Begin by cutting out a stencil from the stock paper. Take your time to create the perfect design to repeat throughout your blanket. 3. Then, use the pattern to cut out stencils in the contact paper. 4. Apply this stencil to the blanket in the spot you want your first design to be. 5. Next, place the felting mat underneath the blanket, under the exact spot that the contact paper is placed. 6. Fill the stencil with felt wool. Don't worry if it doesn't cover every area perfectly when you're laying it down. Once you begin needling you can arrange the felt to fit better. 7. Once the felt is in place, begin to repeatedly needle it in place. Just press the needle tool through the Roving and blanket and the Roving will begin to become a part of the blanket. 8. Continue this process in a pattern throughout the blanket. When you are finished, set the design by spraying with water and ironing on the wool setting. 

Needle Felting DetailNeedle Felting DetailHere's what your completed design will look like! 

Needle Felted BlanketNeedle Felted BlanketNeedle Felted BlanketI love my new fluffy swiss cross blanket. The best part is, you can make any design with needle felting! xo. elsie

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