Nesting: Hand Printed Pillows

Hand Printed Pillow Collection DIY by A Beautiful MessHi friends! I thought it would be fun to share a small series of projects I am making for my new home. I will call the series "Nesting". Each project will be something that I was already going to make for our home. Some may be a little technical, most will be super easy (like this one). All of them will be items that I plan to keep and use for a long time that match the style of our new space. 

I've been loving black and white accents for home decor. Obsessed is probably the right word, actually. This week I took some time to hand print a couple simple patterns. They were so easy to mask, stamp, paint and stitch up! Hand printed textiles for pillowsAll three of these patterns were made with a base of white canvas and black fabric paint (I like Tulip Soft Fabric Paint—it's less stiff and perfect for textiles). I made the polka dot print with a round foam stamp (similar technique). The other two prints were made with masking tape made into shapes and painted over with a foam brush (similar technique). I had so much fun making these and can't wait make more. I bought some foam letter stamps, so I see some song lyric pillows in our near future. Homemade Pillow DIYHomemade Pillow DIYHave you ever painted or printed your own pillows? I love how it's so quick and easy (and inexpensive) to personalize a living room! xoxo. Elsie 

PS. Emma's boyfriend adopted this puppy this week… isn't he adorable? He's a lab + shar pei mix. 

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