Nesting: Kitchen Organization Time

Labeled kitchen drawers… sweet, spicy, snacks!Since moving into our new home, food and spices have been piling up and sometimes it's hard to find what we need. Yesterday, Jeremy and I spent some time purging and organizing. It was fun. Every once in a while we really enjoy getting geeky about organizing.

First we took everything out and threw away any expired or unusable food. We separated the non-perishable foods into drawers beside the fridge. I labeled the front of the drawers with paint. In the future it will be much easier to find things and put them away correctly. 

Snacks drawerSnack storage was a big problem in the past. Since a lot of people work from our home we needed a designated spot to keep quick snacks for working hours. Everyone always makes fun of me for not having any food (except cheese!), so I'm hoping this will help! :) 

Labeled spicesSpices were another problem area for us. Since Jeremy started cooking (mostly Vietnamese and Indian dishes) we've acquired a pretty big collection of spices in a short amount of time. They looked cluttered in the drawer and you had to pull out every single spice jar to see if we had something. This caused a lot of accidental repeat purchases. We used Martha Stewart for Avery labels to organize the tops of each spice. SO helpful! Now we can find what we are looking for at a glance! 

David's TeaThe last area that we tackled was my tea collection. I've shared about my obsession in the past. Buying and trying new teas is one of my guilty pleasures. They have added up. I frequently go through and clear out flavors that aren't my favorites and pass them along to friends to try. Even still, it's an insanely stuffed cabinet. To make it easier to find the tea I am looking for I labeled all of the tops of the lids, and organized them by container. I hope to have a more beautiful system in the future, but this is an improvement for now. :) 

I love organization!Yay! Labeling stuff makes me happy. 

I still have quite a few kitchen organization projects to tackle, including storage for pots and pans, a solution for small kitchen tools (like cookie cutters, can openers etc) and inside the fridge organization. If you have any tips and tricks that have worked for you I'd love to hear them! 

Happy Sunday, Elsie 

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