Nesting: Mismatched Cloth Napkins

DIY Cloth NapkinsDIY Cloth NapkinsSo, you probably already knew this but… matching isn't really my thing. I love patterns. Too many patterns. Give me all of the patterns, I say! 

We have a set of matching, simple white cloth napkins that I bought one time for a dinner party. They're ok, but I wanted a fun set. And they're SO easy to make. So I started fabric shopping and this quickly became my favorite nesting project ever.Cloth NapkinsChoosing fabric was my favorite part. I love picking out random textiles. But since I don't quilt (yet) I usually don't get to pick out a whole bunch of patterns for one project. I decided to go with mismatched napkins, so I could add to my stash over time. They will be useful for foodie photos we take for the blog too. Plus, who needs to match anyway? 

I ordered all the patterns I liked from an Etsy shop (Stash Modern Fabric). I bought a half yard of each one. I used a large square from each pattern and still have leftovers for more future projects.Cloth Napkins To sew each napkin, just cut a square and stitch a double hem all the way around. For the record, this was the first sewing project we learned in Jr. High Home Ec class. Still using that education. 😉Cloth Napkins  Done and done. Easiest project ever! I can't wait to add to my collection of mismatched napkins over time. If you know any Etsy shops with an amazing (vintage or new) cotton fabric collection, let me know! Have you ever made your own napkins? xo. Elsie 

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