Nesting: Personalized Pet Art

DIY Personalized Pet ArtNow that it's January I am ready to hit the ground running on home decor projects. I am hoping to start sharing our home tour very soon, and I still have mile-long list. There's nothing like a fresh new year to motivate! Are you feeling that? 

Ok, so before I begin, a little word about wall art. Collecting art has been a struggle for me. I love browsing it on Etsy, but actually choosing prints, sizes, frames and hanging them on our walls is another story. I have been procrastinating big time and I am determined to tackle several rooms this month. Part of what has been difficult in shopping for art is that I want stuff that it personal, not just pretty. Because of this, DIY options are very appealing! In addition, art can get expensive(!!!), so DIYs free up money for other things on the decor wishlist. (hello, new light fixtures!) That's a win-win.Supplies NeededThis project is so easy that it's almost fun. Yet, I like the results more than a lot of expensive prints I could have bought. I love it because it's personal. You will need: Paper, Pen, Frames. That's it!DoodleAll I did was sketch my dogs over and over again. These are just silly doodles. I spent about 20 minutes filling each piece of paper. If you don't feel confident about your own doodles maybe you have a family member (even a tiny family member?) who would enjoy it?Cut To SizeNext, use the cardboard inside of your frame as a template to trim your sketches to size. 

FrameFrame them. You're done! 

DIY Pet ArtI displayed mine on my shelf, but I intend to hang them in a larger gallery wall soon. I'm really happy with the results. They are personal and cute and did I mention under $20? 

I hope you are having a wonderful New Years Day! We're in the studio today (and Emma's in the kitchen) working on a big list of projects. The creative energy is high! Life is good. xoxo. elsie 

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