Nesting: Salt + Pepper Shakers

True story: On my kitchen counter is a giant container of table salt. You know, that giant navy blue cylinder with the little metal spout that’s not exactly a decor statement. Yeah. And really, that’s totally fine. It’s great for cooking and measuring out larger amounts of salt.

Right now, my kitchen is undergoing a little cosmetic surgery. I’ve been using my sister’s kitchen and making huge messes to bring you random creations like peanut butter sticky buns. There is something about being away from your home base that makes you sort of long for it.

And then, if you’re weird like me, start dreaming up now projects or changes you want to make the minute you can! Through this process I realized that I don’t have proper salt and pepper shakers. It was time to remedy that.

I decided I wanted to do something simple and modern. I was not looking to make salt + pepper shakers that would be a big statement piece or scream DIY, necessarily. I just wanted something cute that I liked.

I made these in about 15 minutes with supplies I already had (except the salt + pepper shakers, I bought those at good ol’ Walmart).

etching cream
reinforcement stickers
-sponge brush
-glass salt and pepper shakers

1. Apply the stickers to the salt and pepper shakers.

2. Next, following the detailed instructions of the etching cream when applying it. You want to pay close attention to the instructions on the cream since it can be extremely dangerous if it comes in contact with your skin.

Follow all safety guidelines. Here’s a link to the instructions we used to learn. We left our cream on for about three minutes.

3. Then, remove the stickers and wash cream off in running water. Use a sponge and don’t be afraid to really scrub it until the cream is completely gone. 

I really love how these turned out. You could make your own stickers from contact paper and create any shape, like letters, if you’re into that sort of thing. xo. Emma

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