Nesting: Salt + Pepper Shakers

DIY salt + pepper shakersTrue story: On my kitchen counter is a giant container of table salt. You know, that giant navy blue cylinder with the little metal spout that's not exactly a decor statement. Yeah. And really, that's totally fine. It's great for cooking and measuring out larger amounts of salt.Cute and simple diy salt + pepper shakersRight now my kitchen is undergoing a little cosmetic surgery. I've been using my sister's kitchen and making huge messes to bring you random creations like peanut butter sticky buns. There is something about being away from your home base that makes you sort of long for it. And then, if you're weird like me, start dreaming up now projects or changes you want to make the minute you can! Through this process I realized that I don't have proper salt and pepper shakers. It was time to remedy that.Tips for glass etchingI decided I wanted to do something simple and modern. I was not looking to make salt + pepper shakers that would be a big statement piece or scream DIY necessarily. I just wanted something cute that I liked. I made these in about 15 minutes with supplies I already had (except the salt + pepper shakers-I bought those at good ol' Wal-mart). If you've never done glass etching before check out this project and this one too for instructions and tips.Glass etched salt and pepper shakersCute and modern salt + pepper shakersI really love how these turned out. You could make your own stickers from contact paper and create any shape, like letters, if you're into that sort of thing. xo. Emma

P.S. Can you spot me in some of the above photos. Gotta love reflective surfaces as you photograph. Especially if you look particularly pretty at the moment. 🙂

  • this is beautiful. How can i do it with etching liquid and make it not to smudge or run off like tears?

  • Such a cute idea! Love the way the shakers turned out.

    Kate xo

    • I’ve been looking for an easy quick diy project to do. Thanks for sharing your salt & pepper shakers. I really like them.

  • I love all of the ideas on your blog for making patterns onto everyday items, so clever!

  • Love these! So simple and sweet! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This is so cute and so simple! I collect salt and pepper shakers; making some would be a super cute addition to my collection!

    xx Kait


  • So cute! I just happen to have a brand new jar of Armour Etch from one of my recent projects, and a little free time on my hands. How lucky is that?


  • Wow! When I first saw these, I thought they were an item from kate spade’s home decor line!

    Such a great idea! I will definitely be doing this. 🙂

    Thanks Emma!

    – Riann <3

  • I love those, so simple & cute !!
    thanks for sharing…

  • Nice idea! Like the stickers, makes for perfect circles 🙂
    Check out my brand new blog, blogging vintage design and daily life from Norway 🙂

  • lovely..very pretty! so simple yet such a big difference to the dining table…DIY at its best 🙂


  • Super cute! I will be trying some etching soon for sure x

  • Such a cute, easy idea to make something as small as a salt and pepper shaker adorable! I would smile every time I saw them!

  • I’m so glad you shop at walmart! hint: they removed the dash years ago. I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT TO ETCH S+P SHAKERS! Super cute, I can also see the geometrical shapes on them too! great easy post!

  • Seriously, so cute! I may have to buy some of that etching cream!


  • How easy and so cute!!! I have to do this!! I have tons of these lil jars for different spices everywhere! They need a lil splash of color!

  • SO original, please take a minute to check out my blog, I’ve only just started!

  • I am in love with these! I love how subtle it is.


  • Love the salt & pepper shakers. Great use of hole reinforcers (I’m starting to realize those things are very handy!)

  • Too fun!! I am trying to think of fun etching I can do around here now! Going to have to try this!

  • how simple and still special. a really neat idea, I’m already thinking about how to incorporate this into my next project.

  • So funny… I JUST finished replacing all the ugly plastic containers in my spice rack with baby food jars. I plan to paint all the lids turquoise and make cute script labels for them sometime this week. I love this idea though, so simple yet such a different look. I might try making something like this on drinking glasses – thanks for sharing!

  • you always come up with such cute decor ideas!

  • I hate reflective surfaces when I’m taking photographs but usually I look a state at the time. You look pretty though! This tutorial is cute. I think I would go for tradition ‘salt’ and ‘pepper’ labels on mine.

  • These are super cute! Lovely tutorial and post!

  • I like how these polka dots aren’t very noticeable, so the design is more subtle.

  • seriously the cutest idea ever!! i keep seeing people doing all these glass etchings and i have yet to try it!
    xo Deanna |

  • Oh this is so cute !

    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog

  • So simple and it looks so adorable. Definitely going to keep this in mind, would love to try this.

  • I LOVE these! The etch glass is so cute and so subtle, just the right balance.

    ♥ Talia Christine

  • simply adorable!
    and, i actually went back and looked for you until i spotted you:)

  • i love how clean and simple they look, which is perfect for transitioning decor time to time.

  • I saw something on Pintrest where you take the blue cylinder and empty it into a mason jar then use the lid to trace and cut out the metal spout!

  • love the simplicity! DIYs dont always need to be huge and amazing…they can be small and amazing 🙂

    xx Ashleigh

  • oh wow, super cute! what an easy way to change and cutify something you use everyday.

  • So cute! I absolutely love these!

    Juliette Laura

  • Super cute! I really want to try this!
    Have a lovely day! xo Eva

  • i’m newly engaged and currently planning my wedding…the glass etching tutorials will come in handy for some fun table decor!

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