Nesting: Simple Song Lyrics Painting

Simple painting with Queen Lyrics (A Beautiful Mess)I talked recently about my own struggles with adding art to our walls. DIY art has become my best friend. I have always loved art with handwriting or type. I've always wanted to make one since I saw Elise's awesome painting

I made this painting with some Queen lyrics (wedding song—awweee) in about 30 minutes one night. It was 30 minutes well spent, because this simple painting will live in my home for a long time. I love it!Simple painting with Queen Lyrics- methodThe method is simple. Choose lyrics that you love, gather black acrylic, small paint brushes paint and white canvas, paint the words on in a messy cursive font. That's it. It's the perfect project to do while listening to records or watching a movie.Simple painting with Queen Lyrics (A Beautiful Mess) Handwriting paintings group really well with other paintings. I like using them to add a bit of pattern to my space. Next, maybe a whole wall? xo. Elsie

  • I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and I am in love. I tackled this particular project last weekend using lyrics from a Ben Fold’s song that is significant to my husband and I. I love the way that it came out, and it was the perfect “starter” DIY project for a relatively new DIY-er! It gave me some confidence to try other things! Thank you for sharing!

  • inspired by your painting i’ve done it…but on a pillow! 🙂
    hope u like it (i’ve linked you on the blog as inspiration!)


  • Gorgeous! I’ll share it on, if you don’t mind of course 😉

  • that is such a fun idea and it will be something very close to the heart… and it would take some guts for world to see my handwriting and my choice of song. But then again, its for me and thats what matters 🙂 thanku for this awesome share.

  • Wow! This is such a cool idea. So simple too!! I’m definitely going to try this out. 🙂

  • This is so creative & cute!


  • This is such a great idea!

    I’m a photographer and Ive been wanting to put art on my walls, but didn’t want to put a bunch of my photographs, since it’ll just look too vain so this is the perfect little idea to do for my bare walls!


  • I love this, and I really love the colors of everything together, very cheery, puts me in a good mood!


  • this is a ridiculously brilliant idea! i just wish i was artistic enough to try it myself.
    i’ll save this post in my favourites in case one day i decide i’m the next van gogh and wanna give it a go.
    (also, good choice with Queen. That’s the song i want for my wedding song as well so it appears we are one and the same!)
    have a lovely day!

  • I love the idea that you can personalize it to your own style. Different song lyrics, or even a poem that you love.
    Thanks for reminding me of the original post!


  • Super cute! looks easy too 🙂


  • Pinning this for later! I love that it is totally unique & personalized with unlimited possibilities for lyrics and handwriting.

  • Wow! This looks amazing! This gives me tons of ideas for my apartment next year!

  • Yeah Elsie, you have really cute handwriting. I’d have to have one of my friends do it that has cute handwriting.. lol

  • That song is very special to me 🙂 Reminds me of when I got my dog…the rescue page had this song playing on a loop… makes me smile!

  • Lovely. I did something similar recently using a favourite Bible verse that inspires me. I used a black sharpie but it didn’t cover the canvas very well so I’d like to try black paint as you have next time I think.

  • It’s a great idea but I have rubbish handwriting and my attempt would look so silly. Yours is awesome though!

  • Really inspiring, certainly if you have some canvasses laying around without knowing what to do with them!

  • I am going to do this with the song we danced to at our wedding. What a good memory and a great way to remember it.

  • I really love this but I think if I do it I’m going to use a passage from a book.


  • So pretty! I love that this gives a personal meaning to the space and how you paired it with other bold accents is gorgeous.

  • DIY art is my favorite. Art should be personal and meaningful, and these lyrics are the perfect choice. I love the painting beside it, too.


  • Haha like others mentioned, I think you forgot one key tool needed: fabulous handwriting!! My handwriting looks like an 8 year old boy did it, so these projects are lost on me. *sigh* it’s so pretty though!

    Strive to Thrive,


  • This is gorgeous, and absolutely just what I need for my room! I’ve been looking to add some new art to my room with a black and white color scheme and this is so perfect, thank you!

  • I love handwriting art pieces too! I don0t know it just seems always old school. It reminds me always the scaves from my home city*twjRN5xav2oRRt91DsOJv19dkCQm*1j8Fnt7R2g2ifKnlSsX18x4hkmOD8PFk/lenodenamorados.jpg

    I believe in the bedroom it would look amazing!


  • I feel the same way about words as art! I love the simplicity of it. I am a minimalist in that sense.


  • I love this! And you have such beautiful hand written cursive font, it looks great.

  • This is such a great Idea! I think it will take me a lot longer then you elsie because my handwriting isn’t beautiful as effortlessly as yours is xx

  • i love this idea! thanx for sharing:)

  • Love the idea AND so easy to customise and make really personal. Thanks!

    xo adela

  • So perfect but would look awful with my messy handwriting!

  • Such a great idea! This will definitely by my next DIY project!

    Jenna, Prima Haven

  • Oh I just love!! I have been wanting to add something to our wall that is more DIY and now you gave me a great idea! Thanks!!

  • I love the contrast with the two paintings next to each other! I wish I had more of a steady hand with the paint though. Yours looks flawless, but I feel like I’d come out with scribbles. Great post as always!


  • I was planning on printing a canvas with the lyrics of a favourite song for a little present for the hubby…but now you’ve got me wishing I could paint!

  • This is so great. And I really love when people pick classics to be their song (whether wedding or, you know “our song”). They’ve already stood the test of time, you know?

    My husband and I love Sinatra. Might have to do something like this!

    Oh! And I love the painting it’s paired with. What a great look!

  • I love this idea. I have been looking for a good quote or verse to put above the fireplace with my deer antlers.

  • WOW Gorgeous !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog :: healthy food meets glamour at Teresa Carles , Barcelona

  • I love personalized art for my walls too! This is such a good idea to use lyrics!!! I have been using my old artwork from high school that I think I got an A on… =)

  • Awwww, that is so cute! I love that shiny piano too – I hope Jeremy serenades you often:)

    Our two wedding songs were by Jimmy Eat World and The Police! Awwwww wedding memories circa 2001!

    Stephanie May*

  • This made my day – I adore it! I have put lyrics on canvas bags in the past, but having some on my wall seems so very tempting. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Love, love, love this idea!!! How do you come up with these ideas!!! Our walls are completely empty and this could be a perfect option to cheer them up a bit!!
    tahnks for sharing! you are always an inspiration!

  • Such a nice idea, and seems simple!

    <3 Val

  • Very pretty, it looks brilliant. The song was one of mine and my husbands wedding songs – brought a smile to my face when I saw your post.

    Charlotte x

  • That so nice and I love creative things. Have a nice day.

  • Wow, such a beautiful piece of personal artwork. Gorgeous interior as ever!
    Katie xx

  • Ohhhh I love this! Handwriting is my favorite kind of wall art (and the only kind I can do:) Thanks for sharing!

  • Ohhh…I have so many lyrics in my mind that I would like to paint on a board. I want to do it. It’s just that my handwriting is so terrible, I need to find someone who can do it for me!

  • That’s so cool! I was also inspired by Elise’s painting and did one of my own a few months ago! You can check it out here:

    I love the black and white next to the pop of color as you have it here!

  • That is much better than painting on the walls. You can change it up.

  • so simple and cute! its a good way to personalize your home 🙂
    -deana, from birdsandoxfords

  • I really love the idea of the words canvas. I found that canvases an economic and eye-catching way to fill a small display window. I may have to do one of these for our next window display at the shop!

  • Love the simplicity of it!! I will definitely do this, but until then I will have to decide on one favourite line.
    Btw, I love your choice!! Queen, this song, and this line – goosebumps! 🙂


  • This is so pretty. It came out so good! Me, paint, and typography doesnt work out to well but i’d love to give this a try!


  • I love simple paintings like this that have a lot of impact. I really like your grouping, with the other painting and all the pretty containers in front!

  • Oooh, a whole wall! Tempting. I have a blank canvas lying around. i think I know what to do with it now 😀

  • This looks great! I tried it myself recently (also inspired by Elise) but my fonts look very messy because of the cheap brush I used. What kind of brush do you use?

  • i. love. this. its so much more beautiful than some of the other similar painting diys ive seen!! thank you so much! p.s. i’m attempting your diy headboard this week!! i’m scared and excited!

  • So beautiful! Love this! And I have THE perfect song lyrics for one in our home. Thanks!

  • Yes, yes, oh yay. I have a small canvas lying around, it´s been in my drawer for ages. I guess, I´ll give it some Kings of Convenience tonight.

  • This is a really great idea. I will definitely be doing this when I have my own place.
    Such a simple way of making a home look nicer.

    Sophie x

  • Wow, I love that handwriting. Beautiful! Would look great in a downstairs bathroom I reckon

    Celia x

  • A whole wall like this would be AMAZING! I love that you’ve placed it with black and white objects with a few pops of colour. It looks beautiful, and such a simple project- love it!

  • Very nice! One of my new year’s resolutions is to paint once a month and i’m also into DIY art!! This is a great idea for future pieces that I can create!

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