Nesting: Simple Song Lyrics Painting

Simple painting with Queen Lyrics (A Beautiful Mess)I talked recently about my own struggles with adding art to our walls. DIY art has become my best friend. I have always loved art with handwriting or type. I've always wanted to make one since I saw Elise's awesome painting

I made this painting with some Queen lyrics (wedding song—awweee) in about 30 minutes one night. It was 30 minutes well spent, because this simple painting will live in my home for a long time. I love it!Simple painting with Queen Lyrics- methodThe method is simple. Choose lyrics that you love, gather black acrylic, small paint brushes paint and white canvas, paint the words on in a messy cursive font. That's it. It's the perfect project to do while listening to records or watching a movie.Simple painting with Queen Lyrics (A Beautiful Mess) Handwriting paintings group really well with other paintings. I like using them to add a bit of pattern to my space. Next, maybe a whole wall? xo. Elsie

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