A Beautiful Mess 2.0 and Android Release!!!

A Beautiful Mess App now on iOS and Google Play!This update has been 6 months in the making, and we are so, so, so excited we finally get to share it with you all.

A Beautiful Mess 2.0 is now available in the iTunes store (iOS 7 highly recommended) and it should be available in Google Play for the first time ever later today! (insert dance party here) Both versions have all the classic features AND all the brand new upgrades! So without further ado, here's what the new app can do!#ABeautifulMess App now makes collages!#ABeautifulMess App now makes collages!COLLAGES: Looking through #abeautifulmess, we noticed so many of you were using collages in conjunction with the ABM app. So we thought, why not help you all skip a step? So when you launch the app, you now have the option to build a collage right there in the A Beautiful Mess app! Exciting, right? We set out to make the best experience for doing the things you actually want to do with your collages. It has all your go-to collage layouts plus a few cute, unexpected shapes for you to play with!#ABeautifulMess App now with more crop sizes!#ABeautifulMess App now with more crop sizes!CROP SIZES: Instagram may be everywhere, but it's not the only way you're sharing your photos! So we wanted our app to think beyond the square. So in addition to the traditional square crop, you now have the option to create 4×6 and 6×4 photos to print, post, share!#ABeautifulMess App now with more crop sizes!  #ABeautifulMess App now with more crop sizes!  The new crop sizes work with collages and borders too! 

A Beautiful Mess now with printable quality!HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS: In the past, you may have noticed photos you created with A Beautiful Mess would reduce the resolution of the photo. Like Instagram, the app was reducing the image size to increase the speed of the app. And that was fine for photos you wanted to share on most social media, but what about printing or posting on your blog? So it was a big priority on this update to output a high resolution photo. And we're happy to report through some savvy backend development work, your photos are now outputting at printer- and blogger-friendly resolution (full resolution for iOS and 2048x2048px for Android users!) High fives!#ABeautifulMess App now with more colors!NEW COLORS: It was DEFINITELY time for some new colors, right? So we added over 20 new colors including my personal favorite: NEONS!!!

DOUBLE-TAP TO EDIT: The app had an undo/redo option, but what if you don't want to delete a doodle? Maybe you just want to scoot it over, change the color, or make it a little bigger. Well, now if you place a border, doodle, phrase or text, you can just double-tap it to edit or remove it. Simple as that!#ABeautifulMess App now with changeable opacity! #ABeautifulMess App now with changeable opacity! OPACITY: All borders, fonts, doodles, and phrases now have the option to change the opacity! This is helpful because you can use heavier elements in a lighter way. It's great for layering!#ABeautifulMess new geometric border pack! #ABeautifulMess new geometric border pack! #ABeautifulMess new geometric border pack! #ABeautifulMess new geometric doodle pack! #ABeautifulMess new geometric border pack! NEW FONTS, BORDERS, AND DOODLES: We've added a few doodles and fonts that come with the update for free along with a couple new packs for you hardcore #abeautifulmess users! The new packs are Geometric Doodles, Geometric Borders, Crafty Doodles and Font Pack 2 which includes 19 new fonts!

NOTE ANDROID USERS: The app is still populating in the Google Play store, so it might not be searchable just yet. It should be within the next few hours. That's what Google is telling us.

Also, for the few of you who may have found a version of the app in Google Play this morning, there was a glitch in the store, and it temporarily put up a beta (read: not fully functioning) version of the app. The glitch has been resolved, so try finding it in Google play again and updating it.

If you're having device compatibility issues, please e-mail the Android support e-mail below with your exact device and carrier. There are so many carrier-specific Android devices that can slip through the cracks (e.g. AT&T HTC One is technically a different device than Verizon HTC One). And we'll get your device added hopefully within the week. We're adding more devices by the hour.

Android Support: abm.android.support@rocketmobile.co (.co, not .com)

iOS Support: abm.ios.support@rocketmobile.co

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! We can't wait to see what you do with the new app. Watching you guys get creative is by far our favorite part of the whole experience!! xo. Elsie, Emma and the ABM team

  • I am looking for the Android App on Google play and it is not showing up. Is this available? I am typing “A Beautiful Mess” and “A Beautiful Mess 2.0” and it is not showing up. Do I have the correct name? Thanks!

  • No he podido descargarme la app ¿Os importaría decirme cómo la consigo?

  • How sad. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this app on Android but my device is v2.0 so I can’t use it. Sad face.

  • Super disappointed with customer service – i.e. NO response after a week. Looks like I’m not the only one having mixups when downloaded the upgrade packages. I guess it’s buyer beware. I was super excited to finally have this app on my android – but feel like it’s a bit of a scam. When you download a package (fonts, boarder, phrases) you may or may not receive what you thought you purchased. Lame. I know it’s only a dollar, but it’s the principle of the matter. Due to non-existent customer service I’ll be giving this app a low rating in the Play store. Disappointed.

  • I posted about this same issue but can’t seem to find my comment. Would love to see a fix or hear a workaround for this, too. Was easier to add text before the update.

  • I tried to purchase the dainty boarder package and instead I got the Phrase 1 package. Hmmm. Waiting to hear back from support.

  • I just downloaded the app today and have had fun playing with it but… there seems to be a glitch. When I clicked purchase on the dainty boarders package I got the phrases1 package. I’ve emailed the support team, but I wanted to post here as well in case anyone else has had this happen. I’d like to get a refund for the phrases 1 package.

    Hope to hear back soon!
    Thanks 😉

  • Overall love the update, but not happy about the huge text sizes. It doesn’t appear that I can make the text small anymore, no matter which font I use. I put my site’s url on my images and it’s so big now that in most fonts it breaks it up into two lines. Any way to fix this?

  • Please add Verizon Droid Pro! I emailed a week ago, and I still can’t download the app. So sad.

  • Thank y’all SO MUCH for releasing for Android! I have been patiently awaiting the app’s appearance in the Google Play store and I have finally been rewarded! Keep up the tremendous work! ♥

  • awesome! i’m loving the new updates. how did you make the one with the roses? I can’t seem to find that border.

  • Soooo excited about the Android release! I downloaded the app and LOVE it!! Thank you for all of the time, effort and creativity that was put into this app!!

  • Hey ladies, is the iphone update ava even if you don’t have ios7? I cant fit it on my small memory phone 🙁

  • I’m sooooo happy ABM app is finally available for Android! my photos will look so pretty now 🙂 thank you girls :)))

  • YAYYY!!! When this came out a few months ago I totally wanted it, but I have an android! Just bought it sooo excited!

  • The app crashes immediately upon opening…… I used this app for weekly photos of my daughter, and had to download something else for her photo yesterday. Please fix for iPhone 4S!

  • After I got the new upgrade, I bought a new font pack and the app keeps crashing and I can’t use it at all. Who can I talk to to figure out what’s going on?

  • You guys!I just got the app yesterday and it’s AMAZING! I’m wanting to play with every single picture I’ve ever taken lol really though, I like everything about it. Thank you for letting us on the Android platform join in the fun! 🙂

  • First I use your app ALL the time–I love its unique quality. I do have a question though–for the first time I purchased an upgrade. I bought don’t pack 1 and 2 both for $0.99 each. When I went back into the app to use it the next day it showed them as never being purchased and I wasn’t able to use them. Thus my question–is each purchase a one time use? Had I known that I probably wouldn’t have bought it. I’m bummed because I was really excited to use the new fonts!

    Please help!


  • Congratulations on rolling out ABM 2.0 for iOS and ABM for android! I know it mustve taken a lot of hard work but the end result is amazing! Thanks!

    Keep being awesome and doing awesome things. It’s very inspirational.
    (I’m sure youve heard that a thousand times, but I just thought I’d say it)

  • Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
    It’s about time and I am now the happiest person because I just purchased

  • I love this app so much! I just started editing photos and it is so easy to use! I was just curious- will it be available on windows later? Thanks so much for this amazing app!

  • I absolutely love your app but since I updated it I lost all of the extras I had previously purchased (Which was all of them). Is there any way to remedy this aside from repurchasing everything I had before?

  • YAY! I have been waiting and it was so worth it!! I absolutely love this app for my android 🙂 thank you thank you thank you

  • I’m so glad! I’ve been waiting months for the android release so yay! And thanks 🙂 Btw, this is my very first paid app 😉

  • Love the update and I’m so glad I can use it on my phone now too! I’ve been going a little crazy using the app. THANK YOU!

  • Aunt Karin here…..love it, love it, love it! Now I’ll do more pics with my phone! So proud of all of you! See you at Christmasxoxo

  • I have been waiting and waiting for this day, but apparently it is not compatible with my Android either. So sad!!

  • I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time but it’s only available for Android ICS (Android 4.0) TT_TT My phone isn’t compatible with the ICS update. Is there any hope that it would be compatible for Android 2 or 3?

  • i really love the new app. only one thing is really annoying – when adding a text you can’t decide where to break it … it’s fixed and you can’t change it. So for example i have a longer text line and i want it to be in one line and therefore in a smaller size it’s not possible. Please make that possible again. (i have the ios version)

  • YOUPIIIII !!!! thank you thank you thank you thank you !!! I’m so so so happy !!!!

  • HELLO your guys. The first thing is I’ve been reading all of the #ABeautifulMess feed backs in the history. I want to say this I seen lots of photos of the A Beautiful Mess app of photos on Instagram and I didn’t have the money in my accout at all soo I had to reallly bug my parents to get me an iTurnes card well my mom gotten me one and finally gotten that app on May 25, of this year, I just thought what an cute app and i sooo much love it sooo much..

    I read the interview of the #afterlight app I soo love it. I soo like sooo much like your guys app alsoo!!! 🙂

  • Love the app, thanks! Just 2 comments:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. ABM doesn’t seem to interact with other apps, for example if I’m looking at a photo on DropBox, the share button doesn’t give me ABM as an option, so I had to download the photo to my phone and then open it within ABM app. Is this only happening on my phone?

    I’d like to be able to write the text for the photo and see how it looks with different fonts. Currently I only see the final result and if I want to change the font I have to start the text over.

    Hope the feedback helps. Cheers!

  • Omg! I loved it! As soon as I found it I instaled on my cell phone.
    Itvs a wonderful experience and I’m sure it’ll add to the promotion of my company, Meu Pintinho Coloridinho. 🙂

  • Unfortunately, I am boycotting iOS7 (at least for the moment). There is just something about the new designs/features I don’t like, plus 3 GB space – hello??! But I did order your book on Amazon, and I LOVE it. 🙂

  • I love it.
    I was sooooo excited yesterday when I saw it on my feed.

    Thanks guys sooo much!!!!

    (How about some cooking doodles & maybe puppies??) The possibilities are endless!!!

    Happy thanksgiving all! ♥

  • This is so exciting! I’m so glad you guys got this all set up for us Android users before the holidays. My celebrations are going to look so much more exciting now 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work!

  • I just downloaded the Android version and am excited to start playing with it properly!! :o)

  • I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded an app so quickly! So glad us android users got the chance to use your amazingly gorgeous app. (Now I just have to remember to not go over board with details on my photos.) xo Kristina

  • Just downloaded and took my first photo. Love the app. Let me be creative in just the way I want with my photos! Yay! and Thank you.

  • My droid is also not compatible. I emailed the development team, but no response yet……

  • I purchased your app yesterday for android (Samsung Note 2), then I purchased for extras borders (sketch) but when I tried to used them I can’t, it sent me back to the purchase option. How can I update it?

  • This is my favorite of all my photography apps! So excited to try out the new features!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • People have been suggesting I use this app for months now and I couldn’t since I switch from my iPhone to an Android. I’ve had it for like three minutes and already love it! I think it will be great for when I’m posting blog posts directly from my phone. And for just $.99!?!?! Who can beat that? Great job ladies!

  • so worth the wait…elsie, emma, trey and all others involved

    Thank you for making my holidays that much more FUN!!! ♥

  • I was so so so happy when I read this because it’s like….. FINALLY ON ANDROID!!!

    But my heart sinks when it’s not compatible for my phone 🙁

  • I just want to post and say thank you soooo much for your hard work in getting the app to us Android users also. It’s so nice that we can use the app too now instead of drooling over everyone’s photo. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • OMG! I am SOOO excited. Today, I actually bought my very first smartphone (an android phone) and now I know what’ll be the first thing I’ll do with it!!

  • It’s the first app I’ve ever purchased (apart from Whatsapp), and I love it! Thanks for all the hard work put into the app 🙂

  • The Android release was well worth the wait and iOS 2.0 is also awesome. What a lovely Thanksgiving Eve surprise! Thank you!! ♡

  • YES YES YES YES!!! Bought it!
    #rightintimefortheholidays! I am beyond excited!

    Love from a Belgian android user,
    Saar xx

  • I am beyond ecstatic about the Android Release!! I’ve lived away for the last 2 years in Brazil with a terribly old jailbroken 1G iPhone that’s operating system would not update. So needless to say, when I found out about your iPhone app I was mildly heartbroken. When I got back to the United States, I was without a phone and because I was moving back, money was really tight. My dad had bought a Galaxy S3 a while back, but with a little persuasion, he decided to give his phone to me since he hardly ever turned the thing on. I’m an avid A Beautiful Mess reader, it’s like my daily routine when I get home to see what you girls are up to, and someday I dream of having a full blown blog. So I saw when you had mentioned the Android release. Needless to say, I’ve been checking the Google store, everyday if I remember and usually it’s the first thing I do when I go on my lunch break. I love all that you guys do. You inspire so many to make life a little more beautiful! Thank you so much!

  • I’ve been reading the reviews and think I will wait to get the app till the bugs are worked out. Read some reviews that were not impressive. Might wanna check out the reviews to get a feel for what people want. Most want to pay more up front instead of getting nickel and dimed to death for the entire app. I’m a faithful ABM reader, congrats on your success!

  • Shut up and take my money!!!! Except you already did. LOL! This is great – I’m one of those who was using a collage app + ABM. Off to investigate the new features…

  • Ok, the above write up and pics look amazing- downloading now and can’t wait to try!

  • i am loving all this new stuff it has easily become my favorite iphone app yet again!

  • Sad that it needs ios7. I have an iphone 3 and have been using the app since it came out and have made most of the in app purchases. Kind of super bummed right now

  • hello there!

    i’m so glad i finally have your app on my phone, I was waiting for it to ba available on google play! thank u girls!
    I just have one questions for u: How can I buy the extra features????

  • Oooh, yay! I’m especially excited about the higher resolution for printing. 🙂 Yay!

    P.S. Elsie I miss you sweet girl! I hope you’re doing great!


  • Yey! Just downloaded it. So excited to try it out. Love the new neon colours and the double tap to edit feature.

  • Apple has actually made it VERY difficult to create a backwards compatible app. They’re trying to get everyone to update. Pretty annoying, I know. So sadly this update is only compatible with iOS 7. Which phone are you using? I will say I had no complaints on my 4s. I did hear some folks with a 4, who had a really hard time though.

  • Wow! I just wanted to tell you guys how awesome you are. I have an android and have been looking forward to getting the app! You both are so talented. I enjoy looking at your blog on a day to day basis plus looking at your instagram photos. Congratulations! You both deserve the best! Thank you!!

  • It’s staying that I *have* to have iOS7 for this update. Any way around this? I’ve been putting off doing that update since I’ve heard so many negative things about it.

  • This is AWESOME. Especially the collage feature. It’s a pain to have to use a different app to configure collages, so I never do, even when I want to. It’s so great that you guys really pay attention to what your users are doing and run with that.

    Can’t wait to get started with the updated version!

  • Hi, I would like to know if you guys are considering releasing the app to BB Z10?

    It would be great, because I loooooove this blog and I know I’m not the only one that would like to get the app for our BB!

  • YAYYYY! So excited that I can finally get it on my Android! Thank you for all of your hard work to make this possible! My jealousy can finally go away 😉

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  • This is one of my favourite apps to play around with photos. Congrats on making it amazingly user friendly and even more fun to play with!!

  • I have never ever bought an app before in my life (I only used the free ones – I know I sound cheap) but this is the first app I have bought and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! only used it for 2 minutes and I am in complete love!
    Thank you for finally bringing this out for android all my patience has paid off! <3

  • This is one of my favourite apps to play around with photos. Congrats on making it amazingly user friendly and even more fun!

  • I am so excited about this! I’ve been dying for it to come out on android since it first got announced on ios! I’ve just had a play around with it and its so much fun so far! Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Omg!! I love it. I use your app everyday for my blog and my business, adding in cute patterns and words. I LOVE the update!!

  • Yay yay yay! You guys rock my socks! Thanks ladies and, especially, Trey for making this happen for us anti-apple folk! 🙂

  • I LOVE IT. So glad I get to support you guys for such a brilliant price. This is absolutely amazing!

  • SO GREAT!!! Such great updates & ideas integrated in the new version. You guys are steps ahead in imagining what we want, can’t wait to download it on my droid phone & update on the ipad! ( I try to operate in the best of both worlds 🙂 )

  • The new update is beautiful and it’s definitely my favorite photo app to use. Thank you guys for all the work you do!

  • Loving the new colors the most! I have a question, though. Does the text not resize automatically anymore? Instead of making it smaller, the leftover letters of a longer word just get moved to a second line and break up the text. Or am I just totally missing something? Very possible. 😉 I also can’t seem to resize text anymore. Help! Hahaha!

  • Yay!! I’m so excited for the Android release! 🙂 I’ve been patiently waiting/was slightly regretting my recent switch to Android…

  • Yeah, v4.0 and up. Means about half of the people with Android don’t get to use this app.

  • You guys! Ya’ll put so much work into this. And this is one happy Android user.. You made my day 🙂

  • AAAHH! I’m so excited and just in time for the holidays! I better go stalk the google play store now!! Thank you so much!!!

  • This is awesome! I’m actually “new here” and i just installed your app for my iphone yesterday 😉

    P.s. I’m addicted to your blog! Spent 3hrs just reading you guys last night when I came upon it.

    Great job girls! You’re both very inspiring!

  • Woop woop! Thank you guys so much for all of your hard work! I am so excited! 🙂


  • awe. It’s not compatible with my phone. I’ve been waiting for this day for so long! 🙁

  • I almost started to dance around the house because of the android version but i didn’t cause it requires android v4 and up and my version is not compatible *goes in a corner to cry*

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