new art, new season & inspired thoughts on a Sunday night….

i have a new girl to share with you…

Belle. She is a mix of vintage & new….
and she has a secret message on the back…

Rachel & I started our new online class today. i love to start a new project with a new season.

If you signed up, be sure to log in and start creating! πŸ™‚
and speaking of a new season, i saw these fashion photos atΒ design is mineΒ and they stole my heart….
spring colors?
ummm.. yes, please.
Oh, side note: i really need a cute day planner. One with lots of room to write, but still purse size. I guess I am way to late in looking for an ’09 planner because the only one’s left at stores are ummm (ugly!). Anyone know of a cute one I can order online and quick?!
a snap shot from last week…


I am so in love with it. I’m gonna have to get one and probably beg her to make a girl version so they can be in love on my bed (pleaseplease, rach?).
this gorgeous pink bedroom.Β *sigh*
a print i recently purchased for my entry way.
and a little peek at something i’ve been working on, coming to our shop Wednesday….

a new art print, screen printed on fabric!!!

well, i am going to do a little bit of painting and have an early bedtime.
it’s going to be a wonderful week!
feeling so inspired.
Happy Sunday. E

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