New #CandyMinimal +pack for A Color Story!

Bananas-@mattcrumpedited w/ Bananas from Candy Minimal by @mattcrump

We are super, super excited to announce this new filter +pack and collaboration for A Color Story! A while back, we reached out to the creator of the #CandyMinimal photo movement and avid A Color Story user, Matt Crump, to gauge his interest on designing a filter pack focused on his beautiful photo style.

He was all for it!! 🙂 We got right to work, and after months of working with Matt to get it just right, we now have a new pack of 13 filters available in A Color Story called Candy Minimal.

A Color Story Candy Minimal Pack edited w/ Dinner Mint from Candy Minimal by @mattcrump

For any of you that may be unfamiliar with #CandyMinimal, it’s a photo style that focuses on bright pastels and neons—photos that have at times completely transformed the colors into a candy-colored daydream. As the name would suggest, the compositions are often minimal, letting the bright colors tell the story.

Candy Minimal on A Color Storyedited w/ Jelly Bean from Candy Minimal by @williamgeorgeiii

So we set out with Matt to make a pack of filters that gives you quick access to his editing styles to make it more fun to participate in #CandyMinimal.

These filters are best on things like skies, beaches, palm trees, neon signs, buildings, fun colors or minimal compositions. But make no mistake: These filters are intense, and they strongly manipulate color! So they probably shouldn’t be your first choice for a quick self portrait or group photo.

A Color Story Candy Minimal Pack edited w/ Dreamsicle from Candy Minimal by @mattcrump

Anyway, we hope you have as much fun with this pack on your photos as we do. Hop over to the app and purchase the pack now! Also, be sure to follow our friend @mattcrump as well as his @candyminimal account where he features his favorite photos from #CandyMinimal.

Cinnamon Roll-@mattcrumpedited with Cinnamon Roll from Candy Minimal by @mattcrump

xoxo. Elsie + ACS Team

ps. Last week we reached a HUGE milestone, 1 million installs of A Color Story. We couldn’t have done any of this without YOU. Thank you for your support, feedback and for spreading the word about A Color Story!!!! We love you guys!

iOS users: If you aren’t seeing the +pack, make sure you’ve got version 1.1, and then just restart the app.
Android users: Ensure you’re updated to 1.1.2. Update may take a few hours to propagate in your store.

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