New Design Team Layouts!

new layouts using the Roxie, Betty and Toby collections…

Elsie 2Elsie 1(elsie)

Rachel 2Rachel 1(rachel)

Kendra 2(kendra)

Brenda 1(brenda)

Suzy 3(suzy)

Amber 1Amber 2(amber) 

Thanks for taking a peek at these layouts with my new products! So, any fun plans for the weekend? Hope you have a good one! Love, Elsie

  • Love, love, love the new layouts! Plans for the weekend…waiting for my husband to come back from Afghanistan. Hope you have a great weekend. Oh, have you checked out The Fratellis? Their music always makes me want to get up and dance!

  • Hey Elsie!

    I am loving the new layouts, your design team is amazing. And your products rock too.

    I actually just got my hobby lobby stuff in the mail (lola & riley) so I am hoping to scrap this weekend! I live in Southern California so I have to layout out and enjoy the weather too.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Hi Elsie…thanks for posting some layouts…these are super! I really love the little peeks of your house! Low-key weekend for me, just a party at the next-door neighbors house. Have a good one!

  • oh wow!! Those all look sooo awesome!! BTW, great job on Doren’s senior pictures! Where were you like 5 years ago? Cuz, I wish you had taken mine!! LOL! You’ve got great style – I LOVE IT!! 🙂

  • My weekend plans consist of SCRAPBOOKING with my mom and best friend. Have a GREAT weekend Elsie.

  • Wow, these layouts were great! Such an inspiration…

    The papers and stuff you make are just wonderful! I LOVE IT!!!! 😉

  • I don’t know if anyone else thinks this is fun but… my boyfriend and I’ve been getting up super early lately – we’re talking at 6:20am (I’m used to sleeping in until 7:20am) – for work. So, this Sunday we’re going to sleep in until noon, and not get out of bed until 3pm. Then, we’ll get up, shower and head over to my parents for supper. I can’t wait!

  • I love Amber’s second layout! The green paint in the background makes such a good combo with all those colorful buttons. And your home sweet home layout is definitely my fav! Look at aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall those shoes. So cool. HiHi :)!

    Oh, my plans for the weekend are: finish my sock monkey(thanks for sharing at redvelvetart!) and make a new layout.

  • Hey! I am so glad that you showed these LO’s this evening…I am about to start a Mini Book using your lines this weekend, so these are a real inspiration! Thank You!

  • yay! i saw your new photos on flickr and was wondering how you were going to scrap them! i love all the layouts, you have a very talented design team!!! so jealous of all your shoes too!!


  • I am lovin’ these layouts! I’m cropping at the scrapbook store i work at tonight, so they definately inspired me! And I’m getting sushi tomorrow night! No other big plans!

  • Hey Elsie and Co!

    Your products are ab fab!!!

    I’m so loving the new layouts, your design team is rocks!!!


    I’m totally in love with Ambers pink LO!!!


  • Amazing layouts! Elsie you and your Design Team are amazingly talented! Makes me want to run right into my craft room to scrap! Plans for this weekend are low key, hanging with friends and working on some projects around the house. Have a great weekend!


  • Thanks for sharing. I love the inspiration. Many ideas that I will be scraplifting.


  • Beautiful inspirations! Your DT ROCKS!!

    This weekend consists of India Fest at the Agricenter, here in Memphis, TN. Should be quite interesting. I’m looking forward to all of the bright colors and food….and, of course, the henna!


  • I love these pages! 🙂 You girls are so very talented 🙂

    And Elsie, your home sweet home page is a new fave of mine!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  • You DT Rocks! You have the DT Dream Team there Elsie. Especially Suzy! (Her designs are such an inspiration for me and she’s super sweet too!)

    Awesome layouts. And Doren’s pics are really cool. My sister wants me to take Senior (college) shots of her soon. I hope I can do my sibling as much justice as you do yours! LOL!

  • I love ya, Elsie. Your posts always make me so happy. And yeah, your DT rocks… Brenda in particular… I have been a big fan of hers for SO LONG!

  • I don’t know you, you don’t know me but you should know that I am watching you. =)

  • love all your wacky and creativeness…I wish the world was as bright as you….

    I so love your stamps but it is very hard to get exactly what you want over here in Australia…could you please pleaase please tell me where I can see and purchase your full range………..thanks so much.


  • A question – – –

    I see those same backgrounds ina lot of your pics: doors, stairs, etc., Do you just always use that as a go to backdrop, or are there certain palces you take people to be photographed? I love these shots, and I think they are great for a young guy. Can’t wait to try similiar stuff with my 15yo DS.

  • The LO’s are AWESOME! The one of your brother in the shopping cart is histarical! You crack me up! 🙂

  • They are all fab!!!..

    I think your line is perfect for all the 70’s/80’s photos that Im afraid to scrap in this day and time… Thank you! Have a grand weekend! 😉

  • i TOTALLY AGREE that you rock as a designer, and an artist, BUT … I think you are missing your calling as a photographer. Seriously, every time I see your shots I think of advertisements or even better yet Music photography, like band photos and stuff like that. I don’t know, but, everytime I see your photos I think Ooooooh, who is that *person*, should I know them?! Just a random thought.



  • I love Doren’s pictures. So much fun. And as for the plans for the weekend… Andy and I totally rocked out at an Earth, Wind & Fire concert last night! What fun sibling bonding. 🙂

  • elsie, i absolutely love that pic of doren in the shopping cart! so awesome! digging all the different lo’s too. have a great weekend!

  • Omg, your brother is SO adorable! Is he sad about leaving highschool?

    LOVE the lo’s and your prints. Im seriously thinkin about snatchin one of RAchel’s houndstooth totes. I L<3VE houndstooth this fall. In fact, Im wearing a houndstooth belt right now,lol.

    Anyway, This weekend all the school football teams in our county got together for mini games to kickoff the season. We won our game. Go panthers! Then, youth service sat. night was fun. ALways fun. Well, God Bless and a happy Sunday to you. Peace.

    MAdi 😉

  • you have a great design team!! such fun layouts!

    i spent the weekend pretending i was 13 again… i wrote about it on my blog.

    hope your weekend was great!!

  • Great layouts!!! Shawn has had me in a headlock and given me a noogie before . . . I don’t think Kendra has really escaped this just because she had kids.=)

  • SUPEr layouts!!! You def. picked a cool team! I just love stopping by your blog–makes me so cheerful to see such bright happy things in such a dull world sometimes. Just the other day I overheard a lady in her mid-30’s tell a co-worker that he was crazy for still watching cartoons–how dull is that? So the guy watches cartoons–so what? Live life a little ya know? 🙂 You do that so well…live life for what is has to offer. And now look…I act like I actually know you or something HAH but no really just through what you say and your pictures I can tell. I know your prob. going through a rough time right now, I’ve been there and it’s hard but God will help you persevere, will give you strength and guide you. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your art and inspirations with us all…I only wish I had got the courage to actually come up to you at CHA and say Hi but I was too shy LOL. Maybe next time 🙂 Loved the Zoe line.



  • I commend you for including different styles of scrappers on your design team. It shows how versatile your line can be. Awesome!

  • great layouts! i love rachels with the heart… great idea to write first and attach later. keep on keepin on!

  • Luved seeing all the amazing stuff!! Your DT stuff just sparkles!!! I hate to say it but I can’t wait to get yr stuff from HobbyLobby (2 days). It’s hard to find papers/product that pushes yr creativity, and yours does, so I luv it!!! I love the colors and me and my hubby come from musical families, so a lot of it is perfect. Just funky and nostalgic at the same time. 🙂 Yay!!

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