New Disco-Inspired Effects from A Color Story!

Let’s get ready to DISCOOO!! (That’s how that phrase goes, right??) We are SO excited to introduce our newest effect +pack inspired by dancing and—you guessed it—disco! This +pack is stacked with 15 effects that glitter & glow. Let me show you!

If we could name a singular inspiration for this effect +pack it would be the way the light from a disco ball refracts onto walls. It’s such a simple beauty! We love the trend of using a disco ball in interiors, and these effects use multiple blend modes to mimic that natural light perfectly.

From there, we added effects that sparkle & shine! There are some real party vibes in this +pack, which of course, we’re not able to do right now, but these effects are giving us hope for the future. We love seeing how the different effects look with all sorts of photos and they are really fun to add to images of nature and florals, as well. So dreamy!!

We are in love with these lightning bug-style effects too, so you can expect to see many different types of shimmery goodness from Disco. We can’t wait to see what create with this +pack!

Please share your edits using #AColorStoryDisco—we would love to see them. And as a reminder, ACS+ subscribers will get this for free! 💜

xo, Team ACS

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