New E-Course: Video Basics

We are beyond excited to share our latest e-course with you all today: Video Basics. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to get started creating beautiful, high quality videos with a DSLR camera. You could learn to create engaging marketing videos for your small business, add video content to your blog, or just create beautiful family videos to document your life. The course also teaches you the basics of creating and editing videos on your smartphone as well, but the majority is focused on DSLR videos and editing with Premiere Pro.

This course is taught by Jeremy and Elsie Larson. Jeremy has been creating videos for A Beautiful Mess as well as his own personal family videos for years. He is self-taught, so he understands the challenges that new videographers face. With nine (plus two bonus) lessons, Jeremy and Elsie will walk you through everything you need to know to set up your camera properly, shoot great video in natural light, record quality audio, and edit it into something great.

See the full list of lessons and what you need to get started.

This course is go at your own pace, taught mostly through videos, and is only $99. If you have ever wanted to learn to make and edit videos, this is the course for you! Learn more and purchase here.

We can’t wait to see what videos you create! And let us know what questions you may have about our new course. Thanks! xo. – The ABM Team

  • excellent but what are the pre-requisites we should have (ie: camera and video editing software)?

    • Hi! Here’s what you’ll need for the class-

      -a DSLR camera that can shoot video
      -SD card
      -Premiere Pro to edit footage

  • Hi there, I work on a WordPress-sponsored blog (so I don’t add any plug-ins, etc, myself); would I be able to upload finished videos (film and audio) to this kind of sponsored format? You mention taking videos in natural light but I’m assuming it’s not a problem to use artificial light during video shooting as well? Is it possible to download the teaching videos to save on my computer, and how long does access to the course last (lifetime?). In addition to Premiere Pro, is their other equipment that I would need to purchase? I’d like to have an idea what other expenses might crop up for the course. Finally, I usually ask lots of questions, so is support ongoing or for a fixed period only and how accessible are the teachers? Thanks!

    • Hi Elena! We also use WordPress and upload finished videos to our posts. You’re welcome to use artificial light, but we don’t cover it in the course. The lessons will always be available to you once you purchase the class, and the material can be accessed via our course site. Other than Premiere Pro, a DSLR camera is the only other item that’s required. As far as support, we have a Q&A board that Jeremy and Elsie will be reviewing weekly. Let me know if you have anymore questions!

      • Thanks, Jacki! I suppose I’m a bit concerned, because WordPress sponsored blogs don’t have as many independent features (plugins, etc) that a non-sponsored WordPress blog does. Unless you can assure me that I’ll be able to upload the videos, I’ll have to contact WP support to make sure it does. I’d hate to take the course and not be able to load the videos 🙂 . Thanks again. Elena

  • Hello,
    Would I need to purchase special editing software with this video course or am I able to use a free editing site?

    • The only editing software the course covers is Premiere Pro (it’s a subscription, similar to Photoshop but for editing video) so you would need that as well in order to utilize the course it it’s fullest.

  • Sounds like a great course! Will look into it as I’m interested in dabbing into video work too! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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