New Hair Tool I’m Loving

This is extremely random, but I just thought I’d share a new (to me) hair tool that I’ve been using and loving for the past few months. I recently decided to try a hot air brush, although it seems they are sometimes called a few different things (brush dyer, blower brush, etc.). I have very fine hair and I tend to keep it pretty long. It takes me a fairly long time to dry my hair after showering, so much so that I often just let it air dry. I don’t love spending that long drying my hair, since it’s usually the morning and I’m wanting to get going on work stuff. But I also don’t love using heat on my hair for that long (I do use heat, I just try not to overdo it as I think this keeps my hair looking healthier). But during the colder months, I really don’t like to leave my hair wet to let it air dry because it’s just so cold.

Anyway, I decided to try a new product. I honestly never try hair gadgets so I’m embarrassed to say this didn’t really occur to me for a while. Ha. But finally I decided to try something to see if it could cut back on the amount of time needed to fully dry my hair. I’m happy to report that my hot air brush does significantly cut back on the amount of time I used to spend drying my hair. It also acts like kind of a straightener. I am not able to “curl” my hair with it, although from the photos online it seems to be advertised like you can (maybe I’m just not skilled, IDK).

If you’re interested, here are a bunch of different options I found: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

I bought #3 and I really like it! The first time I pulled it out Trey laughed just because it is quite big—it looks like a giant round brush. I do wonder if the smaller versions might be better for curling your hair while also drying. This is the only one I’ve tried so far so I don’t know, but that would be my guess.

Would love to hear if any of you have used a hot air brush and what you thought. Or, if you have any other suggestions for cutting back on drying time for gals with long, super fine hair, I’m all ears! xo. Emma

P.S. Just to be clear, this post isn’t sponsored. This is just something I started using that I like, so I’m sharing it. We always disclose when things are sponsored to you all. 🙂

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  • The Revlon version literally changed my life! I am not into beauty products either but it really is a game changer!!

  • This was very helpful! I was looking for something like your review, now I’m not afraid to get it. Thanks.

  • I received the Revlon one mentioned above for Christmas and love it! I leave my hair (mid-back length and medium thickness but naturally curly/wavy) in a microfiber towel for 30 minutes or so. Then I dry my hair in sections. The first day I used it, six people complimented my hair (and I was only related to two of them haha). Definitely a keeper.

  • I have been using one for years. I let my hair air dry a bit and then blow dry with my head upside down, flip back up and and finish with the brush dryer. Takes about 15 mins.

  • I’ve been using the smaller versions for years and they are better at curling but my hair is naturally curly anyways but this helps control where I get the curl. I use the larger one you have when I want straighter hair. These are also great for second day hair to smooth it out after sleeping on it!

  • I have the John Frieda one and also have very thin hair. I feel like it takes twice as long to dry my hair as a good blow dryer, and I don’t find it to change too much about the appearance or body of my hair. Overall feel pretty meh about it, but maybe I should try another one that has more power?

  • I have never used any hair tools like these, but I have always wanted too! Great post!

  • Blow dry sprays cut drying time in half! Kristin Ess has one at Target. Game changer

  • I got the John Frieda one (number 2) on Prime day and I’m not a huge fan. My hair is thick and curly so I still need to straighten it afterwards but I also might not be using the brush dryer right, I have zero patience when it comes to my hair.

  • Do you find that it tangles your hair at all? I love the idea of this if it cuts down on the time it takes to get ready, but big barrel brushes always seem to tangle my hair. Also, complete side note, but where is your robe from? I would love to find a simple cozy looking one like that!

    • I have hair to my mid back and have found no issues with tangling when I use the Revlon one. It’s cut my hair drying time in half. I love it!

  • I had a thinner barreled one years ago and gave it away because all it did was wrap up and tangle my hair. What’s the secret for longer hair? Does the big barrel take care of that? I’d love a video in the future on how you use it. 🙂

  • I just bought the Revlon version of the one you bought and it is awesome! I’ve only used it a few times, but its been great! I have very thick hair and a lot of it. I let my hair get about 50-60% dry before I use it and it has cut my drying time in HALF! Love it!

  • I used to hate blow drying my hair, but a few years ago I decided to read a book while doing it. It makes it so much better! Maybe I should look in the mirror, but reading a book instead makes the task go faster and makes it so much more pleasant. It turned my worst task in the morning into one of the best.

  • This is hilarious! My mama has used a hair brush thing like this since the 90s!! I’ve only ever seen one used on dry hair, so using it on wet should have been a no brainer. ????

  • I have the John Frieda version (#2 above) and I really like it. I, too, have long, thin hair, and I like that the brush gives me some volume and a little wave. I’m also not great with hair gadgets, but this is easy to use!

  • Yes! I recently got one of these a few months back and I love it! I used to let me hair air dry and then straighten or curl it but now I don’t need to use those any more. I also love not waiting hours for my hair to dry and getting everything done in 15 min. I wish I’d discovered one of these a long time ago. My hair looks so much shinier with this method

  • I’m glad this isn’t another review of Dyson products – I’ve had enough of those to last a lifetime, haha! I’ve never tried a curler like this before… intrigued! It sounds great! 🙂

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  • As random as you think this post is it’s very helpful because I have been wondering about these!! I feel like this could be a huge time saver and I am with you with wet hair in the winter I feel like I tense up and I give myself a neck ache because it’s so uncomfortable ???? Thanks for the info!!

  • I have the Revlon version of the one you bought (the Dryer & Volumizer) and I love it! My hair is pretty straight anyway, but if I let it air dry it sometimes has a few random waves in the back. This thing is quick and my hair gets stick straight! It is heavy, so my arm gets a little tired by the time I’m done. I have also used it on my 7-year-old’s hair (super long…down to her butt! and it takes awhile, but also works great on her! No flyaways, everything is smooth and super shiny. Love it!! I also haven’t gotten it to curl my hair at all, despite a bit of a curl on the ends when my hair was shoulder length.

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